Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Talk of Destiny
Chapter 212: Talk of Destiny
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"Ye Yuan's talent is indeed monstrous, but to say that the sect losing him will be equivalent to a catastrophe? I'm afraid that it's a little exaggerated, right?" Hearing Mo Yuntian had such high appraisal of Ye Yuan, Jiang Yunhe was surprised.

Mo Yuntian shook his head and said, "That's because Dean didn't see the confrontation between him and Yao Qian! Just now, when he was facing off with Yao Qian, he used a sword move. This sword move was released through communicating with heaven and earth essence energy!"

Jiang Yunhe was greatly alarmed as he said, "What did you say? Communicating with heaven and earth essence energy? Did you see wrongly?"

Huyan Yong did not see what happened inside either. He was also dumbstruck hearing what Mo Yuntian said currently.

Mo Yuntian shook his head and said, "How can I? In reality, I initially wanted to intervene earlier, but when I saw Junior Apprentice Brother Ye use that move, I had the thought of observing the result. Also, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's fighting talent is extremely outstanding. He could grasp the flaws of his opponent accurately and unleash his strength to the limits. That battle looked like Junior Apprentice Brother Ye lost, but the way I saw it, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye was the victor! If Junior Apprentice Brother Ye possessed Crystal Formation Realm strength, the one lying on the ground might just be Yao Qian."

Jiang Yunhe exchanged a glance with Huyan Yong and read the astonishment in the other person's eyes!

What concept was Mo Yuntian saying?

Sea Transformation Realm was an invincible existence above the Crystal Formation Realm!

Even if Yao Qian was the crummiest type of Sea Transformation Realm, he could absolutely sweep through Crystal Formation Realm powerhouses as well when facing them!

But Mo Yuntian said that as long as Ye Yuan had Crystal Formation Realm strength, he could defeat Yao Qian! Wasn't this sort of leaping ranks to battle too exaggerated?

"Also, if I saw correctly, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye must have obtained the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art complete inheritance on the Nine Heavens Road! However, his sword intent is not the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, but is even higher rank than the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art! He should have completed a type of sword intent fusion! Such talent is likely no worse than Founding Father You Wuya!" Mo Yuntian continued.

Jiang Yunhe and Huyan Yong were horrifyingly shocked!

If it was really as Mo Yuntian said, then doesn't Ye Yuan already possess the potential to shatter the void and ascend to the Divine Realm?

To a sect like the Tranquil Cloud Sect, this was absolutely a tremendous lucky chance!

Everyone understood the logic of when a man attained the Dao, even his hen and dog became immortals too. If Ye Yuan could rise up, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would become one of the strongest sects in the entire Endless World!

Jiang Yunhe's expression suddenly became grave as he said, "Yuntian, if Ye Yuan truly has such talent, it might not be a good thing to the sect!"

Mo Yuntian was stunned when he heard that and could not help asking, "Why does Dean say so?"

"Talk of destiny is fleeting and ephemeral. But regardless whether it's to sects or martial artists themselves, destiny really exists! Whether a martial artist can have great accomplishments, first, we have to look at talent. But destiny is also very important! Back then, Ancestral Father You Wuya was said to have obtained a certain ancient inheritance, that's why he could rise against the heavens and become a legend of the Endless World."

Jiang Yunhe paused for a moment and continued. "It's the same thing for sects! A heaven-defying genius might be able to bring the sect to rise up powerfully, but the growth of a genius will surely incur many, many powerful foes! And these foes might not be something that the sect can withstand! A single misstep and it could very well be a cataclysmic disaster! This is the sect's destiny being insufficient to support the rise of this genius!"

Mo Yuntian kept silent and did not speak when he heard that. He nodded a short while later and said, "Listening to Dean saying this, it's true! Ever since Ye Yuan's sudden powerful rise, all he provoked were foes much more powerful than him! At present, he had just broken through to the Spirit Condensation Realm not long ago and actually provoked such a powerful figure like Yao Qian. Truly can't tell what kind of terrifying adversary he will incur in the future!"

"Even so, the sect can't abandon this chance! Everything is foreordained by the heaven! I believe that when ancestor passed Junior Apprentice Brother Ye the Canghua Sword, he also did not imagine that this sword would actually save his life, right? Or perhaps, this is Ye Yuan's destiny, and also the fate of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!" Mo Yuntian said firmly.

"En? How so?" Jiang Yunhe asked in puzzlement.

Mo Yuntian smiled and said, "Do you know why Master sent me to the State of Qin?"

"Isn't it because Hall Head Xiao heard that Ye Yuan has astonishing talent, that's why he sent you here?" Jiang Yunhe said perplexedly.

"Haha, Master is the dignified Martial Hall Hall Head. There are many matters he needs to attend to every day, and he also has to cultivate. How would he have the energy to bother with the affairs of two geniuses from the secular world? Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is extraordinarily talented, so the sect sent Yao Qian over. But why would he make an unnecessary move like sending over Mo Yuntian?"

"Yeah. Putting it this way, it's indeed a little strange!"

"Do you all know the history of that spirit artifact in Ye Yuan's hands?"

Jiang Yunhe and Huyan Yong shook their heads at the same time. How would they know?

"That sword is called Canghua Sword. It's the lifeblood spirit artifact of the previous, previous generation Martial Hall Hall Head, Lu Yan! And Ancestor Lu Yan is Master's master! Tell me, how can he maintain his composure upon hearing the news of the Canghua Sword coming into being?" Mo Yuntian explained.

The pair came to a realization. Turns out that the sword in Ye Yuan's hands had such an origin!

"Then how did Hall Head Xiao know that Ye Yuan has the Canghua Sword?" Jiang Yunhe asked in confusion.

Xiao Jian did not even pay attention to secular world geniuses, so how could he pay attention to what kind of weapon was wielded by a State of Qin's genius?

Mo Yuntian gave a meaningful smile and said, "Speaking of that, it's all thanks to the Su Family!"

"Su Family? What's it got to do with them?"

"If my guess is correct, the Su Family members must have coveted the spirit artifact in Ye Yuan's hands. That's why they would inquire about the source of this sword. And Master just happened to find out about this matter and asked in detail, confirming that the spirit artifact in Ye Yuan's hands is the Canghua Sword! After Master knew about this news, he was unbelievably agitated. Hence, he sent me here to the State of Qin. As Ancestor Lu Yan's successor, Master naturally would not let him enter the Pill Hall. But he also didn't think that so many things would actually happen in the State of Qin."

"Su Yubai! Haha! The Su Family really lifted a stone to smash onto their own feet. It's clear that Ye Yuan is indeed somebody with a great destiny. Nobody can stop his rising momentum!" Jiang Yunhe shook his head and said with a laugh.

He truly did not think that there was actually such an intricate story in between.

Su Yubai's greed saved Ye Yuan instead. It was evident that everything was foreordained by heaven! Ye Yuan was not meant to die!

Mo Yuntian nodded and said, "Regardless where destiny and fate really exists, the sect has no reason to reject such a genius. Martial Uncle Sect Master, as well as many sect upper echelons, have not given up on their desire to return to the Northern Domain. Now that we can see hope for the sect, we naturally have to foster Junior Apprentice Brother Ye with all our power! I think that this ambition might not have been absent when Ancestor Lu Yan passed the Canghua Sword to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye!"