Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 213

Chapter 213: Might of a Single Finger!
Chapter 213: Might of a Single Finger!
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Several days later.

Barely any student was seen around the Dan Wu Academy; almost all of the students gathered at the plaza.

Ye Yuan had already recovered. This also represented that he and Long Tang were going to leave the Dan Wu Academy and officially enter the sect!

Ye Yuan initially want to leave low-key, but Jiang Yunhe suggested to organize a grand sending off assembly.

After all, this was the greatest event in the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy in the past ten years. As the academy's dean, he naturally felt honored because of this.

Ye Yuan did not wish to put a damper on Jiang Yunhe's enthusiasm, so he agreed,

"I've long known that Ye Yuan was going to leave, but I didn't think that this day would arrive so quickly!"

"Yeah, this fellow is too terrifying. Simply in a different world from the rest of us. Only a larger stage can better showcase his talent."

"Ye Yuan entering the sect is something within expectations. But did you notice a strange phenomenon? Virtually all those who walked close with Ye Yuan remolded themselves completely!"

"Hearing you say this, it's really true! Teacher Feng, oops, should be Teacher Nanfeng has already broken through to the Alchemy Grandmaster realm. Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng has already broken through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and became the number one on the Martial Roll. Although Senior Apprentice Brother Long isn't that close with Ye Yuan, he himself also acknowledged that he could only make it through the Nine Heavens Road because of Ye Yuan. The most frightening is still Elder Huyan Yong. He actually broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly! Simply mind-blowing!"

"You missed out two other people! One is the rising new genius figure among the Earth rank students called Tang Yu. These few months, this Tang Yu advanced by leaps and bounds, breaking through from Fifth Level Essence Qi Realm all the way to Ninth Level Essence Qi Realm! I heard that he's going to take part in the Earth Rank Advancement Test very soon to become a Heaven Rank student! And he is the person who got to know Ye Yuan earliest! Another is Ye Yuan's father, Pavilion Lord Ye. Not only did Pavilion Lord Ye break through to the Second Level Crystal Formation Realm, he even broke through to middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster! Could it be that Ye Yuan's body has some magic?"

"Hearing you say this, I really regret it to death! If I knew it would be like this, I should have hugged Ye Yuan's thigh tightly! For all we know, I might also be able to become a Heaven rank student now, or maybe even become a Martial Roll expert!"

"Keep dreaming!"

Ye Yuan's rise could already be said to be a legend in the Dan Wu Academy.

Especially for those aristocrat students. Many of them knew that Ye Yuan went on a massacre in the capital and confronted a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse face-on.

This courage and vigor, this strength, they could only look up to it in their lifetime.

Additionally, Huyan Yong had already succeeded Su Yubai's position at this time and became the Disciplinary Hall's First Elder!

Initially, with Huyan Yong's age, he had the opportunity to enter the sect. But he still chose to stay in the academy to assist the dean all the way until the dean returned to the sect.

Ye Yuan knew that Huyan Yong was brought up by Jiang Yunhe, so did not say anything. But he secretly made a resolution to help Jiang Yunhe get the Purple Center Soul Incantation as soon as possible.

One had to say, Jiang Yunhe had been completely absorbed in being the dean.

Throughout the entire process, each and every one of the students was like on stimulants. They treated Long Tang and Ye Yuan as idols and were determined to become a sect disciple!

The power of a role model was boundless, especially the role models by the side of the students.

The sending off assembly was coming to a close. Jiang Yunhe was about to announce the conclusion when Long Tang who had kept silent the whole time opened his mouth to speak at this time.

He went in front of Ye Yuan and said seriously, "Ye Yuan, I knew that you would eventually surpass me one day. But I didn't think that this day would come so quickly! Although I know that I'm not your match right now, I still wish to issue a challenge to you! I wonder if the agreed upon battle we had before is still counted?"

Towards Long Tang's actions, Ye Yuan was also somewhat surprised.

Indeed, Long Tang's current strength was already inadequate to threaten him. However, fighting with Long Tang was just exchanging pointers. Ye Yuan obviously could not bring out all of his cards like dealing with Su Yubai and Su Yulin.

However, regarding Long Tang's fixed match, Ye Yuan naturally had no reason to reject. Hence, he nodded and said, "It naturally counts! I've also been looking forward to this match with Senior Apprentice Brother Long!"

"Haha, now it should be me who's calling you Senior Apprentice Brother!" Long Tang said with a loud laugh.

"Haha, Senior Apprentice Brother is indeed magnanimous. You actually gave away this number one seat so happily." Facing Long Tang's forthrightness, Ye Yuan was also affected by it.

Long Tang shook his hands and said, "Before this, I didn't understand. But ever since watching you clear the Nine Heavens Road, I suddenly understood. This number one of the Martial Roll is actually the main culprit that was holding me back! The number one in the Dan Wu Academy; it's not about feeling cold or lonely from reaching an extremely high realm, but merely a frog at the bottom of a well! Only by continuously surpassing myself, chasing after the paramount martial Dao, that's what martial artists should do!"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Long's comprehension is exceedingly high. Just base on this aspect, it's already far surpassed most people! Come then, before heading for the sect, let us determine the number one on this Martial Roll!"

"Haha, come!"

The two of them were about to make a move when a silhouette shot up and stood in the middle of them.

Ye Yuan and Long Tang were stunned when they saw who it was. This person was none other than Wu Luochen!

Wu Luochen currently also broke through to the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm and was officially ranked in the top five of the Martial Roll. In the Dan Wu Academy, that was an absolutely domineering existence.

"This isn't right, Senior Apprentice Brother Long! Ye Yuan and my arranged battle comes first; how can you cut the queue? This fight, let me go first!" Wu Luochen said with a displeased face.

Ye Yuan was stupefied when he heard Wu Luochen. Such a long time without meeting him, Ye Yuan forgot that he still had an arranged battle with him.

It was just that with his current strength, Wu Luochen probably could not even receive a single move. Did this fellow really not even have this bit of self-awareness?

"Ye Yuan, don't look at me with this sort of expression! I know that I already don't have the qualifications to be your opponent. Even Senior Apprentice Brother Long most likely doesn't have this qualification either. I just want to see how great the gap between us is. Then, I'll head down that direction and continuously break through realms!" Wu Luochen said.

Towards Wu Luochen's words, Long Tang did not refute anything.

He had also heard about the great battle in the capital. Ye Yuan's foe was a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse! How could he rival a Spirit Condensation Realm who could cause a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse to be injured?

When Ye Yuan heard that, he snickered in his heart. This Wu Luochen was really a martial fanatic. But this person was obsessed until it was adorable.

Speaking of which, back then when dealing with Su Yishan, he owed him a favor.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan smiled serenely and said, "Fine, under these circumstances, I'll only unleash one finger! If you can receive it, consider it my loss!"

"For real?" Wu Luochen asked disbelievingly.

Although he knew that Ye Yuan was very strong now, but to only use one finger to defeat him, wasn't this a little arrogant?


"Okay! I'll let you see my, Wu Luochen's, power!" Finishing, Wu Luochen figure burst forth, shooting towards Ye Yuan with extreme speed!

Ye Yuan smiled calmly. Using his finger as a sword, an abnormally horrifying sword intent was released from his fingertip!