Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Leaving Without Saying Goodbye
Chapter 214: Leaving Without Saying Goodbye
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Sensing that horrifying sword intent, Wu Luochen face changed abruptly.

By the side, Long Tang's expression also changed.

Wu Luochen instinctively wanted to dodge this attack, but it was futile.

Wu Luochen only felt his eyes blur and Ye Yuan already arrived in front of him while he did not react at all. He only saw a sharp sword continuously becoming bigger and bigger in his eyes!


Ye Yuan's sword finger stopped at Wu Luochen's glabella. The sword intent which was originally surging till it was suffocating vanished with a trace all of a sudden as if it had never appeared before.


A drop of sweat flowed down Wu Luochen's forehead and dripped on the floor.

"I . . . I lost!" Wu Luochen said dryly.

"No way? Ye-Ye Yuan is already powerful to such an extent? Did you see how he made his move just now?"

"I completely didn't see it! It was like he teleported in front of Wu Luochen and then Wu Luochen admitted defeat! Is this really the strength of a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist? We are on completely different levels than he is!"

"This is simply incomprehensible! Ye Yuan is clearly only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, while Wu Luochen is Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Even if Wu Luochen isn't his match, then disparity should be this great, right? Wu Luochen basically couldn't fight back at all! If that were a life and death match just now, Wu Luochen would be killed instantly!"

"This non-human being simply cannot be measured using common sense."

That attack just now, the students did not even see how Ye Yuan made his move.

They were the same as Wu Luochen. They only felt a blur in front of their eyes, and Wu Luochen was defeated.

Mo Yuntian watched this scene and nodded to himself. He said to Jiang Yunhe, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's attainments in Sword Dao is far above mine. That finger just now was wielded freely as he wished. When he unleashed his finger, sword qi billowed to the skies. When he kept away his finger, the clouds were thin and the breeze gentle. This kind of wielding heavy as if it were light is not something that a young man should have. If not for Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's bone age is only around 15 years old, I might even suspect whether or not he's an old monster who has been developing Sword Dao for hundreds of years!"

"Haha, yes! Ye Yuan is already like a crane among chickens in the academy. Even the number one on the Martial Roll, Long Tang, cannot even withstand a single blow in front of him. Even if he doesn't enter the sect, being in the academy has lost all meaning," Jiang Yunhe said smilingly.

Ye Yuan looked at Wu Luochen and said with a beam, "Senior Apprentice Brother Wu's Dao Heart is firm. Truly praiseworthy! That finger just now, just take it as a parting gift that I give Senior Apprentice Brother Wu."

Ye Yuan's finger earlier did not use full strength. He was only demonstrating to Wu Luochen what was called concept!

Ye Yuan's realm was beyond Wu Luochen's wildest imaginations. He incorporated his own understanding towards Heavenly Dao in a very shallow manner into this finger. As for how much Wu Luochen could comprehend, it would depend on his fortune.

Even though it was only a very tiny portion, it was enough for Wu Luochen to use his entire life.

Wu Luochen's entire body trembled when he heard this. His mind involuntarily recalled Ye Yuan's finger just now, as if faintly grasping something, yet like not grabbing anything, akin to the moon's reflection in the water.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and did not interrupt Wu Luochen. Instead, he turned to Long Tang and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Long, our turn."

Who knew that Long Tang would shake his head instead and said, "No need to compete, I already know the distance between us. That finger just now, I simply have no way of cracking it. Also, I know that you did not use full strength! However, that finger just now is even more powerful than the concept I comprehended on the Nine Heavens Road. I also received no little benefits!"

The students were initially still looking forward to a great battle but did not think that it would actually conclude in such a manner.

From start to end, only Ye Yuan executed a finger, and the dust settled.

However, after the students dispersed, Wu Luochen remained at the plaza still, unmoving like a statue.

Every day, when people walked by this place, they would use curious eyes to size up Wu Luochen. But Dean instructed that no one was allowed to disturb him. Naturally, there would not be anybody who would go up and speak to him.

Just like that, Wu Luochen stood in the plaza for seven days!

After seven days, Wu Luochen suddenly lifted his head to the skies and gave a long howl. With a wave of his hand, he unleashed a punch, and it actually gave off the sound of dragons and tigers roaring.

Only to hear a boom, a stone lion in the plaza was disintegrated into dust by this punch of his through the air!

The students passing by suddenly saw this scene and were amazed by this.

Starting from that day forth, Wu Luochen would surpass Zuo Bugui without contest and became number one on the Martial Roll!

Of course, this was the afterward.

After the sending-off assembly, Ye Yuan returned to the capital and prepared to bid his parents farewell.

But after heading back to the capital, Ye Yuan did not see Ye Hang and wife. Instead, Manager Feng San gave him a letter. The letter was written in Ye Hang's handwriting.

Ye Yuan opened the letter dubiously and started reading.

Yuan-er, forgive us for leaving without saying goodbye. In truth, Father did not tell you this whole time, but your mother and I are not people of the Southern Domain, but from the Northern Domain. These few years, Father has always been worried about your growth, so I suppressed the thoughts of returning to the Northern Domain. To think that you'd profit from the misfortune of being poisoned the previous time and could already grow to be a man that can take charge of a front within a few short months, Father is very gratified.

Now that you've already entered the sect and the State of Qin's affairs has concluded, Father is already completely reassured to return to the Northern Domain. Your mother and I have to return to the Northern Domain because of some things. I've already handed the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion over to the Imperial Family to manage. 60% of all the income will be under your name. In addition, if you have any needs, you can raise it up to His Majesty. He will handle it. You just cultivate in peace in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. In the future, after your mother and I finished our matters, we'll naturally come and look for you .

After reading Ye Hang's letter, Ye Yuan's brows knitted together.

Although Ye Hang did not mention in the letter what he was going to the Northern Domain to do, Ye Yuan could sense that the thing he was going to do was probably not so simple.

Otherwise, Father and Mother would not use this sort of method to say goodbye to him.

Linking it to some news he heard from Nanfeng Yi, Ye Hang and Ren Hongling were being hunted down in the State of Yan back then. From this, it could be seen that they could very well have a powerful enemy. Or else, they would not have come to the Southern Domain from the distant Northern Domain.

"Young Master, something happened to Owner? When can he come back?" Seeing Ye Yuan remain silent, Feng San could not help opening his mouth to ask.

"It's fine. They have something and need to go on a long trip. They probably can't return within a short period of time. In the future, there will be nobody from our Ye Family in the Fragrant Medicine Pavilion. We'll have to trouble Manager Feng to take care of it," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

"What are you saying, Young Master. Fragrant Medicine Pavilion is just like my home to me, Old Feng. After Owner comes back, I'll definitely give him back a proper and intact Fragrant Medicine Pavilion!" Feng San said.

"Haha, then thank you very much, Manager Feng. Since Father and Mother have already left, I won't stay either. I'll set off for the Tranquil Cloud Sect right away. Till we meet again, Manager Feng!" Ye Yuan waved goodbye to Feng San.

Feng San watched Ye Yuan's distant back view, tears flowing from his aged eyes.

In a blink of an eye, the Ye Family household became empty.