Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Put up with It a Little
Chapter 216: Put up with It a Little
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"Who's that young man? A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually have to trouble Senior Apprentice Brother Mo to personally fetch him from the secular world?"

"Yeah. A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, even being an outer-sect disciple is enough for him to choke on. Senior Apprentice Brother Mo actually went to receive him personally. Most likely, it's due to ties from higher-ups, right?"

"Heh heh, for sure! But entering the sect with this bit of strength, he will probably be eliminated very soon, right? These nobility children from the secular world probably don't know the cruelty in the sects and even believe that this place is like those mediocre talents in the secular world!"

"However, those two ladies are really like celestial fairies! If I can get close to them, ask me to die and I'll also be willing! It's just, I wonder if they are going to enter the Pill Hall or Martial Hall."

"Yeah, really too beautiful. Just now, I stared until I couldn't pull my eyes away. But such ravishing beauties, it wouldn't be our turn no matter what. You'd better not think too much."

When the two disciples on duty saw Ye Yuan's realm, belittling mentality was naturally born.

In the Dan Wu Academy, Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm was already a very powerful existence. But in the sect, it was not even fit to carry shoes for others. They naturally felt that Ye Yuan only got in through some sect upper echelon relations.

Ye Yuan and co walked for roughly two hours along the mountain path before finally seeing the dense architectural complexes.

Other than Ye Yuan, the rest were filled with curiosity towards sect life and could not resist looking around.

Right at this moment, a disciple looking young man walked over and gave Mo Yuntian a salute, saying, "Senior Apprentice Brother Mo!"

"Zhang Jing huh, perfect. These few people are Junior Apprentice Brothers and Sister from the State of Qin's Dan Wu Academy. Come and get to know each other," Mo Yuntian said.

Mo Yuntian introduced both parties to each other. Ye Yuan and the others also greeted Zhang Jing.

This Zhang Jing had Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength. His ranking among core disciples was even quite near the front.

When Zhang Jing heard Mo Yuntian's introduction, he said in surprise, "Junior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng is already a high-rank Alchemy Master at such a young age. Even among the Pill Hall's core disciples, your strength is rather uncommon. Why did you only enter the sect today?"

He directly neglected Long Tang and Ye Yuan. Not that he was enamored by Nanfeng Ruoqing's beauty, but because Long Tang and Ye Yuan's realms were too low.

Such meager strength, they were basically existences at the bottom level in the sect.

And Ye Yuan's strength was most likely scrapping the bottom of the barrel among outer-sect disciples.

Hence, as he saw it, Mo Yuntian naturally went to personally fetch this beautiful junior apprentice sister.

Sect disciples were not very concerned with secular world matters. Regarding the matter of Ye Yuan and Long Tang clearing the Nine Heavens Road, there were scarcely any people who knew in the sect. Zhang Jing obviously did not know either.

Yang Hao only knew because Yao Qian played the role as envoy this time.

He ran into a stone wall in the secular world. After returning, he naturally would not go spreading it around.

Nanfeng Ruoqing smiled and said, "Because there were still some matters to deal with in the secular world, that's why I delayed for some time."

"So that's the case! But Junior Apprentice Sister don't have to worry, with your strength, you'll be able to stand firm in the Pill Hall very soon. By then, all of us senior apprentice brothers will probably have to rely on you, Junior Apprentice Sister," Zhang Jiang said with a grin.

As a matter of fact, within the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the number of people in the Pill Hall was much lesser compared to the Martial Hall, but their position supersedes the Martial Hall.

Everyone could become a martial artist, but not everyone could become an alchemist.

Especially in the Tranquil Cloud Sect which was established with medicinal pills, the position of alchemists was even higher!

The reason was none other than martial artists could not steer clear from medicinal pills. The Martial Hall naturally could not separate from the Pill Hall either as well. Even today's Martial Hall Hall Head, Xiao Jian, also does not dare to say he's not reliant on the Pill Hall.

Therefore, Zhang Jing befriending Nanfeng Ruoqing here was not only because she was pretty, but because she was a high-rank Alchemy Master with huge potential!

With Nanfeng Ruoqing's age, to be able to cultivate to such a realm in the secular world, her future accomplishments would definitely be extraordinary. Building good relations with her now was obviously not a bad thing.

However, while Zhang Jing was flattering Nanfeng Ruoqing, Nanfeng Ruoqing's gaze would dart towards Ye Yuan either intentionally or unintentionally.

If not for Yao Qian offending Ye Yuan, he would probably sweep through those so-called geniuses if he went to the Pill Hall, right?

"Senior Apprentice Brother is too kind, Ruoqing doesn't deserve it." Nanfeng Ruoqing smiled faintly and expressed humility in an impeccable manner.

Mo Yuntian saw that Zhang Jing made an error in judgment but did not expose it.

Strength had to be proven by one's self. Other people's oral narrative might not be convincing.

With the strength of Ye Yuan's talent, he would naturally not fall and die among the masses. In future, Zhang Jing will see it for himself.

"Zhang Jing, I still have to report back to Master. You arrange a place for the new Junior Apprentice Brothers and Sister on my behalf then," Mo Yuntian said.

"Alright. Just go ahead Senior Apprentice Brother, I'll settle it."

"Hmm, place Junior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng in the Pill Barracks, Long Tang in the Human Barracks. As for Junior Apprentice Brother Ye . . ." Speaking until here, Mo Yuntian fell silent for a moment, appearing to be considering how to place Ye Yuan.

"Don't worry, Senior Apprentice Brother, I'll help Junior Apprentice Brother Ye arrange for a nice place in the outer-sect." Zhang Jing followed up.

The way Zhang Jing saw it, Ye Yuan's age was too young. This cultivation realm was definitely piled up using medicinal pills, and his strength must be very appalling. It was impossible for him to be a core disciple.

Hence, the way Zhang Jing saw Ye Yuan was around the same as the disciples on duty at the gate.

He thought that Mo Yuntian was contemplating how to consider Ye Yuan's face so as not make him look too bad.

Unexpectedly, Mo Yuntian waved his hand and said, "You're mistaken. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is a core disciple. How can he be placed in the outer-sect? How about this, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye will have to put up with it a little and be placed in the Earth Barracks for the time being."

Zhang Jing was frozen in place when he heard that and did not react for a long time.

Put up with it a little? Earth Barracks? Senior Apprentice Brother Mo was not having a fever, was he?

Placing a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm little rookie in the Earth Barracks was even making him suffer?

The residences of the Tranquil Cloud Sect's core disciples were separated into three levels: Heaven Barracks, Earth Barracks, and Human Barracks.

The movements in the Human Barracks residences was the greatest because there were frequently people who were eliminated to the outer-sect among them.

The Earth Barracks was relatively stable. The strength of these people was around the middle among the core disciples. Zhang Jing was staying in the Earth Barracks.

The Heaven Barracks was the preparatory camp for elite disciples. Every one of the students here had the qualifications to aim for elite disciple!

Of course, it was just qualifications. Becoming an elite disciple was too difficult!

Even if there were elite disciples who were eliminated and entered core disciple, they could charge back very quickly. This was the gap between elite disciples and core disciples!

And within the Heaven Barracks, other than a few very monstrous peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, virtually all of them were half-step Crystal Formation Realm existences!

This Ye Yuan was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm and was going to stay in the same camp as him? You got to joking!

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you don't have any complaint about me placing you so, right?" Mo Yuntian asked.

"All according to Senior Apprentice Brother Mo's arrangements," Ye Yuan said.

"En, since that's the case, then I'll make a move first."

"Goodbye, Senior Apprentice Brother."

Mo Yuntian left leisurely, leaving Zhang Jing who was in an utter state of confusion.