Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 217

Chapter 217 The Terrifying Purple Center Soul Incantation

“Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang, shouldn’t we go?” Ye Yuan reminded when he saw Zhang Jing still in a daze.

Only now did Zhang Jing startle like waking from a dream as he repeatedly nodded, saying, “Oh, okay, okay, I’ll bring you all to collect your identity tokens first.”

Zhang Jing swept a glance over the few people’s faces and could not help being secretly dejected.

Could it be that these people did not know the difference between the Human Barracks and Earth Barracks? Or else, why would there be no reaction at all?

Ignoring Long Tang, even Nanfeng Ruoqing’s niece was already Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Ye Yuan being assigned to the Earth Camp by Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, did they not have any thoughts about it at all?

Musing over it, Zhang Jing could only place this sort of abnormal reaction on their ignorance.

He even wondered if Ye Yuan had intentionally offended Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, which was why Senior Apprentice Brother Mo would use this kind of method to screw him over.

No matter what, since Senior Apprentice Brother Mo said so, he just has to do it.

Zhang Jing brought everyone to retrieve their respective tokens before sending Nanfeng Ruoqing into the Human Barracks first.

“You guys store the identity tokens well. Not only do they show your identities, but they are also an indispensable item when doing things in the sect. Not only are there detailed information about you on it, but there are also even sect contribution points belonging to you. In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, secular world wealth is utterly useless. All of your actions are closely linked to contribution points! Cultivation venue, medicinal pills, medicinal herbs, cultivation techniques, weapons, and so on, all require contribution points to exchange. In other words, without points, you’ll find it hard to even move an inch forward!” Zhang Jing expounded.

Ye Yuan inserted his divine sense into the identity token, and as expected, he saw his personal particulars and points.

“En? There are 100 points in my token. Could this be the original points?” Ye Yuan inquired.

Nanfeng Ruoqing and Long Tang also inserted their divine sense into the token and as expected, saw that they also had 100 points.

Zhang Jing nodded and said, “That’s right. No matter what rank of disciple one is, as long as you enter the sect, you’ll have 100 points. But honestly speaking, these 100 points are only a little better than nothing.”

“Oh? Why is that so?” Ye Yuan asked curiously

Zhang Jing smiled and said, “Take cultivation sites for example. The cultivation venues in the sect are divided into A-grade, B-grade, C-grade, and D-grade tiers. The lowest tier, D-grade cultivation room, requires the consumption of 10 points per day’s use! C-grade cultivation rooms are 50 points per day, B-grade cultivation rooms are 100 points per day, while the highest A-grade cultivation rooms are 200 points per day! 100 points are only enough to cultivate in B-grade cultivation rooms for one day.”

Everyone came to a realization. Only now did they know that these 100 points were simply just to dismiss beggars.

It seemed like the first thing after entering the sect was not to cultivate, but to earn points.

Or else, without points equals no cultivation resources. No cultivation resources mean falling behind others. Falling behind others means being eliminated!

This was a vicious cycle!

“May I ask Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang how do we get points?” Long Tang who remained silent the entire time asked a question.

“After all of you settle down, you can go to the Support Star Pavilion to take a look. There are detailed lists of how to obtain points. One look and you’ll know. All in all, if you want to obtain points, then you have to perform a certain level of contribution to the sect and use your contribution to exchange for points. To us, Martial Hall disciples, the way the majority of the people get points is to receive sect missions. After completing the mission, there will be a certain point reward.” Zhang Jing did not get annoyed but explained patiently.

Nanfeng Ruoqing asked with a smile, “I wonder how many points Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang has?”

Zhang Jing had a faint smile as he said, “My points aren’t considered much among core disciples, just barely 10 thousand points only.”

Even though Zhang Jing said it very modestly, anyone could sense that pride.

Although Ye Yuan did not know if 10 thousand points was a lot or not, he could tell from Zhang Jing’s tone that this was already quite a number.

Points was a consumable, meant to be spent. For Zhang Jing to be able to save so many points, it was already evident that he was very amazing.

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and asked Zhang Jing. “Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang, I wonder how many points are needed to exchange for the Purple Center Soul Incantation?”

Zhang Jing was stunned, but he still answered. “The Purple Center Soul Incantation and the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, these two sets of cultivation skills are the supreme treasures of the sect. The points required are extremely terrifying! The Purple Center Soul Incantation is split into upper and lower volumes. In total, it requires two million points!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Even if they did not have much of a general idea towards points right now, they also knew that these two million points were a horrifying number.

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed and asked again, “Does it mean that the lower volume of the Purple Center Soul Incantation requires one million points?”

Zhang Jing shook his head and said, “Not one million, but 1.4 million! The second half of the Purple Center Soul Incantation is extremely profound, therefore, the points to exchange for it is even more!”

Ye Yuan finally understood why Jiang Yunhe stayed in that sort of place like the State of Qin for over a decade.

“Many thanks to Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang for resolving my doubts.” “No need to be courteous.”

Even though he did not show anything on the surface, Zhang Jing was still rather critical towards Ye Yuan’s questions.

This young man was reaching way beyond his grasp. Only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm and he was already thinking about exchanging for the lower half of the Purple Center Soul Incantation. One had to know that it was because there were many Alchemy Grandmasters in the sect who were unable to come up with the points, that was why they remained stuck in that realm!

Furthermore, as a Martial Hall disciple, shouldn’t he exchange for the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art? Could it be that this Ye Yuan was even thinking about becoming an alchemist?

Typical case of ignoring one’s proper occupation!

He obviously did not know that Ye Yuan had long integrated the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art into his own sword intent.

In a blink, they arrived at the Pill Barracks. Zhang Jing brought Nanfeng Ruoqing and Nanfeng Zhirou to settle the relevant matters, and the group got up and left.

Then after, they sent Long Tang to the Human Barracks. Zhang Jing, Ye Yuan, and Lu-er, the trio reached the Earth Barracks at last.

But once they entered the Earth Barracks, many curious eyes started to size up Ye Yuan.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, that south-east room will be your residence in the future. The Earth Barracks have always been more tensed. The location of that house is not great, but you just make do with it first,” Zhang Jing pointed to a courtyard in the south-eastern direction and said.

“No worries. It’s been tough on you along the way, Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang. Thank you very much,” Ye Yuan said.

While Ye Yuan knew that this Zhang Jing was kind of looking down on him, he would not mind other people’s looks. After all, he worked hard the entire time, giving thanks was still necessary.

Bidding farewell to Zhang Jing, Ye Yuan brought Lu-er along and was about to enter the house when several people blocked the path.

“I heard that our Earth Barracks has a newcomer. Looks like it’s you.”

The one speaking was an 18 or 19-year-old youth, peak Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. This was already an exceedingly monstrously existence in the State of Qin.

However, Ye Yuan reckoned that his strength was likely at the bottom in this Earth Barracks.

“Move aside!” The other party clearly did not approach with good intentions, so he obviously did not need to be polite either.

“Hahaha! He’s telling me to move aside? A brat that is even inferior to an outer-sect disciple actually told me to make way! Hahaha!”

Several people burst into laughter as they clearly felt that Ye Yuan’s joke was hilarious to the max.