Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 218

Chapter 218: Sent Flying!
Chapter 218: Sent Flying!
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"Hahaha, could it be that nobody told you the first thing to do when you enter the Earth Barracks is to pay respects to our Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng? Want to enter ? Pay respects to our Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng first before talking!" somebody said by the side.

This Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng was called Ceng Yu, a local tyrant in the Earth Barracks!

Of course, his overbearingness was only targeted towards those disciples weaker than him, or those disciples that had just entered the Earth Barracks.

For disciples like Zhang Jing, he would obviously keep a respectful distance away.

Ceng Yu looked at Ye Yuan placidly and said mockingly, "Want to tell me to move aside? Sure. That will have to depend on whether or not you have the capabilities to tell me to move aside. If you don't have the abilities, then you'll stay in that house over there. That's the place you should be staying in."

Ye Yuan followed the direction he pointed to and looked over, but it was a hut. With any surprise, it should be the place for firewood and such.

Zhang Jing had not walked far away yet and naturally saw this scene. But he did not plan on going over to help Ye Yuan. He also really wanted to see just what areas he surpassed others in, to actually make Senior Apprentice Brother Mo send him directly to the Earth Barracks.

If things really became out of hand, he would naturally come forward to help Ye Yuan sweep away these flies.

However, if Ye Yuan was purely just a loser, then whether or not he came forward was another matter altogether. That would mean that Senior Apprentice Brother Mo was only just screwing with Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan shook his head and sighed lightly. He said with a helpless face, "Is there no third path that I can choose?"

Ceng Yu chortled with laughter and said, "Yes! Of course, there is! I'm the most reasonable!"

Ye Yuan did not speak but waited for Ceng Yu to continue talking.

"Looking at your appearance, you should have just entered, right? As long as you hand over 100 points, you can stay here tonight for one night. How's that? This price is still very reasonable, yeah? Not only today. It will be like this in the future too. Every 100 points, one night. If you don't hand it over, also not an issue. Stay in the hut!" Ceng Yu had a sincere face and looked as if he was a philanthropist.

Truthfully, students who just entered the Earth Barracks being bullied by this group of people was a recurring event.

Relying on extorting newcomers, Ceng Yu's and his gang's points had always been decent. Their lives in the Earth Barracks were rather pleasant.

Of course, only this sort of people like him that was the classical case of not desiring to move up and did not have much room for improvement would do this kind of things.

It was because Ceng Yu could not advance and could not move down that he would choose such a method.

On this aspect, the sect's management was not much different from the Dan Wu Academy. As long as one did not violate sect rules and did not cause death, nobody would bother with you being a little tyrannical.

The martial artist world had always been about talking with strength.

Ye Yuan did not get angry. On the contrary, Ceng Yu's words made his eyes light up as he asked curiously, "Points can be transferred privately?"

"Of course! As long as you're willing, you can use soul force to transfer the points in your identity token to my token. Such actions are one-way and must be out of your own willingness. How about it? Let's begin?" Ceng Yu did not think too much and just explained away.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Okay, let's start!"

Ceng Yu smirked and fished out his own identity token. He said with a smile, "A man who can recognize the present situation is a great man. I admire you very much, boy! On the account that you're so forthright, I'll give you a 20% discount in the future. One night, 80 points!"

Ceng Yu initially thought that he would need to expend some effort, but who knew that this punk was a loser who directly conceded.

But thinking about it, Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm matching up with him, one fight was enough for him to lie in bed for half a month. It was naturally not more worthwhile than just directly giving the points.

Protecting one's interest and staying away from harm was the move of a wise man!

However, Ye Yuan did not take out his identity card. Instead, he said with a grin, "Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng, right? I think you're mistaken. What I meant was that you guys transfer me the points. Well, I'm a very fair person. One night, 200 points are enough."

Ceng Yu's face changed. He only knew now that he was being fooled by Ye Yuan. He said icily, "You're very daring, punk! To actually dare make a mockery out of me, Ceng Yu?"

"Punk, you're the one courting death. Don't blame Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng for not giving you a chance!"

"Turns out that it's a tough bone. Really misjudged! Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng, I'll teach this punk a good lesson for you!"

"To actually dare to trick Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng, heh heh, I think you won't even get to stay in the woodshed."

The few people by the side also reacted at this time. Each one of them was taking delight in others' misfortune and even rubbing their hands together, itching for a go.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "I also didn't say to begin transferring to you. It was your own wishful thinking that you thought that way. From today onwards, you guys can sleep in the woodshed for 100 points per night."

The group of people looked at Ye Yuan like they were staring at a fool. Could this punk have lost his mind?

But at this juncture, everyone could also tell that today's matter would not end well.

Especially Zhang Jing. He initially also thought that Ye Yuan was a loser, laying down his arms and surrendering right away. But he did not think that this matter would have a 180-degree turn. Ye Yuan actually dared to ask protection fee from Ceng Yu!

Zhang Jing had no idea whether Ye Yuan really had some capabilities or was he simply soft in the head. If not, he was a spoiled young master.

"Heh heh, really won't shed tears until you see the coffin! Since you want to sleep out in the open, then I'll help you!"

"Wind Thunder Palm!"

Ceng Yu put away his token and attacked Ye Yuan with a lightning speed palm!

He was quick, but Ye Yuan was even faster than him!

Spirit Void Shattering Space was suddenly unleashed. Ye Yuan's sword finger arrived in front of Ceng Yu in a blink of an eye. He actually arrived first even though he moved later!

Ceng Yu's palm hit nothing while Ye Yuan's sword finger was in contact with his chest!

Seeing this scene, everyone's pupils shrunk!

This was precisely deliberate in counsel, prompt in action! A moment earlier, Ye Yuan was still frail like a tiny blade of grass swaying in the wind. The next instant, his entire being transformed into a sharp sword!

It looked as if Ye Yuan's sword finger only lightly tapped on Ceng Yu's chest and did not seem to have used much strength.

But Ceng Yu's body directly flew out like he collided with a spring, only stopping after rolling on the floor for over a hundred feet.

Ye Yuan looked at his sword finger and started frowning. He muttered to himself, "Got to make good use of my time to cultivate. This finger actually failed to even break the protective essence energy!"

Everyone collectively turned into stone when they heard this sentence from Ye Yuan.

A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm sent the peak Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Ceng Yu flying with one finger and was actually disgruntled with such a battle result?

Although Ceng Yu was kind of an ass, his strength was not considered weak. If not, he also would not be able to stay securely in the Earth Barracks.

In the Earth Barracks, even if one wanted to become a local tyrant, they also need some skills!

Those sect disciples who had just obtained the qualifications to stay in the Earth Barracks were not soft persimmon that anyone could squeeze. Without some capabilities, they might get their faces smacked by them instead.

But Ceng Yu had never failed to bully new disciples before!

He would not bully anyone who comes. Before bullying people, he would look at the other person's performance first. If the other party were a fierce character, he would give up decisively.

He did not think that he would actually be sent flying by a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm with one finger today!

"Hey, crawl up if you're not dead. All of you, come together!" Ye Yuan said to Ceng Yu who was pretending to be dead on the ground.