Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Theres Someone Delivering a Pillow When Taking a Nap!
Chapter 219: Theres Someone Delivering a Pillow When Taking a Nap!
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Ceng Yu struggled to crawl up from the ground. He rubbed his faintly aching chest, and the gaze he had toward Ye Yuan with was filled with hatred and rage.

He originally thought that a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm brat was easy to bully, but he did not imagine that he would fail right after coming up.

This time, he lost a great deal of face. Truly a major setback due to carelessness. He did not think that this punk's speed was so fast!

Luckily, Ye Yuan was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Otherwise, that blow just now would be him lying in bed for half a month.

The way he saw it, it was naturally a moment of carelessness for him earlier. He did not think that he would be taken in because Ye Yuan's speed was fast.

"Stinking brat, you're the one who said it. Brothers, there's no need to be courteous. Give him a proper greeting!"

Although Ceng Yu felt that it was him being careless just now, he did not dare to be negligent, so he directly called the others to attack together.

Ceng Yu and his gang were only five men. To Ye Yuan, it was no different from one person.

Under everyone's eyes, Ye Yuan became nine people just like that.

"Nine Swords Stance!"

A faint voice sounded. Nine streaks of force vanished after a flash. Following which, heart-rending cries sounded out here and there. Five people were struck at the same time!

Of course, the most miserable one was still Ceng Yu. He sustained five streaks of force alone.

While this force could not kill, he was currently badly battered, contorting his face in agonizing pain.

"Can you begin now, Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng?" Ye Yuan took two steps in front of asked lightly.

Ceng Yu was startled by Ye Yuan's actions. He quickly scrambled backward and hurriedly said, "Can, can. I . . . I'll give you 200 points right now. Don't attack anymore, Junior Apprentice Brother!"

Ceng Yu speedily fished out his token and swiped 200 points into Ye Yuan's token. Ye Yuan's points instantly became 300.

At this point, if he still thought that Ye Yuan was a soft persimmon, then he would really be a fool.

How was this a soft persimmon? This was clearly a metal plate!

He really kicked a metal plate today!

Ceng Yu was currently regretting until his intestines were green. He heard just now that the newcomer was only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, so he brought people over to collect protection fees without even thinking about it.

Who knew that he would fail to collect protections fees but had protection fees collected instead!

How black-hearted!

Collecting 200 points a night, that was the same price as an A-grade cultivation room!

He only had 2 thousand points in his token. If this brat were to collect protection fees every day onwards, didn't that mean that his points would be finished in 10 days?

This was the type of situation where whatever a person feared, it would happen. After Ye Yuan finished collecting the other people's points, he opened his mouth again to say, "In future, report here every day. Remember to bring points! You can still choose to stay in the woodshed. It's very cheap; only 100 points a night. Well, if you don't come, bear the consequences yourself!"

"Ah? H-have to come every day?" Ceng Yu enquired with a bitter face.

"What? Need me to repeat again?" Ye Yuan looked at Ceng Yu and asked with a grin.

"No no no, definitely come. I will definitely come! This . . . Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, can we . . . leave now?" Ceng Yu asked weakly.

"Of course, you can. Don't tell me you still want me to keep you guys here to have a meal?" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Ceng Yu and the rest felt immediate relief from heavy pressure and hurriedly rolled and crawled away.

Afterward, under silence, Ye Yuan brought Lu-er into his little court.

With a bang, the door was shut, startling everyone awake.

"Where . . . Where did this Junior Apprentice Brother come from? I-is he really Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm?"

"Isn't that nonsense? Don't you have eyes? From the start till end, his essence energy undulations has always been Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm!"

"But . . . isn't this too sick? A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm can defeat Ceng Yu. Isn't this sort of leaping ranks to battle a little too exaggerated?"

"It's not a little exaggerated! I've never heard of crossing four minor realms to do battle within the sect before! This sort of situation only happens in the secular world, right?"

"However, this Junior Apprentice Brother is still too rash. He beat Ceng Yu until this manner and even snatched their points. Ceng Yu definitely won't let this matter go!"

"Yeah. Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng is estimated to return to the sect soon, yeah? Once he returns, there will be a good show to watch! I wonder if this Junior Apprentice Brother will remain so bold when facing Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng!"

These people were discussing Ye Yuan but did not know how great the shock Ye Yuan gave Zhang Jing was.

He was dead sure that Ye Yuan absolutely showed mercy just now!

Among the people present, Zhang Jing's cultivation was the highest. Furthermore, he was the same as Mo Yuntian; they both cultivated in the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art!

While Zhang Jing's attainments in Sword Dao could not compare to Mo Yuntian, it was still quite profound.

Just now, that force appeared to have been struck out with finger skills by Ye Yuan. But Zhang Jing clearly sensed a familiar sword intent!

It looked like, yet was not really the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent!

An absurd idea suddenly flashed past Zhang Jing's mind. Although Ye Yuan's Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent seemed to appear correct, yet was wrong, it was even stronger than it!

It was just that Ye Yuan was limited by his strength and could not unleash the true might of this sword intent.

Even so, this was plenty for him to leap ranks and battle!

If Ye Yuan was holding a sword in his hand just now, even the most ordinary sword, wanting to kill Ceng Yu was as easy as turning his hand!

While finger skills could imitate sword intent, compared to a real sword, it was lacking in some parts of killing qi and sharp intent. The attack power would naturally be much lousier.

Also, Ceng Yu's realm was much higher than Ye Yuan's. Hence, it was quite taxing for Ye Yuan to want to break his protective essence energy.

This was the source of why Ye Yuan was lamenting about his realm being too low.

He finally understood now why Senior Apprentice Brother Mo would hesitate on where to place Ye Yuan.

He was not undecided on whether to place Ye Yuan in the Earth Barracks or Human Barracks, but uncertain on whether or not to put Ye Yuan in the Heaven Barracks!

Ye Yuan's talent was not the slightest bit inferior to those freaks in the Heaven Barracks!

Incorrect, it should be even higher!

Among those freaks in the Heaven Barracks, which one of them could crush fellow disciples four minor realms higher than them when they were at Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm?

With Ye Yuan's talent, challenging those freaks in the Heaven Barracks was only a matter of time!

At this current moment, Zhang Jing felt that everything that was illogical become rational.

Mo Yuntian's hesitation, Long Tang's indifference, Nanfeng Ruoqing's calmness. Before this, Zhang Jing thought that it was very abnormal.

Only now did he know that they simply felt that it was natural and right!

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan obviously could not be bothered with other people's astonishment. He was currently feeling quite satisfied.

He was still worrying that getting points would be very troublesome and very taxing on time. He did not think that there would be someone delivering a pillow when he wanted to take a nap.

Right after entering the sect and someone delivered 1000 points!

Adding the original points, he already had 1100 points in this short work.

Nice one. Now, he could train in the A-grade cultivation room for five whole days.

To Ye Yuan, the most pressing issue on hand was raising cultivation realm. Ever since the breakthrough when battling with Black Crow Old Man the previous time, a month's time had already passed.

During this one month, he experienced several major life and death fights and had consolidated his realm long ago.

Presently, his breakthrough in cultivation realm was already at hand. It was only waiting for him.

After settling down in his lodging, Ye Yuan prepared to go to the A-grade cultivation room to cultivate. He planned on breaking through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm in a single go!