Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Vying for an A-grade Cultivation Room
Chapter 220: Vying for an A-grade Cultivation Room
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The next day.

Ye Yuan arrived at the cultivation venues early in the morning.

The disciple on duty looked sideways at Ye Yuan and said indifferently, "Swipe your identity token at the green colored light column over there and find the room yourself. There are still many D-grade rooms. Pick anyone you like."

"I want an A-grade cultivation room." Ye Yuan could not be bothered to explain and said directly.

That disciple thought that he heard wrongly and asked, "What did you say?"

"I said I want an A-grade cultivation room!" Ye Yuan repeated again.

That disciple could not help re-sizing up Ye Yuan before asking curiously, "Do you have so many points?"

This disciple could not be blamed for looking down on Ye Yuan. Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength was at most the standards of an outer-sect disciple.

To outer-sect disciples, points were a very luxurious item. Basically, the points they could get were only that 100 points given by the sect right from the start.

They simply could not acquire a source for points. Even if they went to do sect mission, they could only choose those missions that had very low point rewards; at most several hundred points.

And to these outer-sect disciples, the difficulty was not an ordinary kind of great. Many people would lose their lives during the missions.

Even if they obtained several hundred points after completing the mission, it was also impossible for them to bear to use them on A-grade cultivation rooms.

It was too extravagant!

Therefore, when this disciple on duty first laid eyes on Ye Yuan, he determined that he could not afford to use cultivation rooms above C-grade!

Cultivation rooms were all supported by Spirit Gathering Formations. The richness of essence energy was much greater than the outside world.

The weakest D-grade cultivation room was twice of the outside world. C-grade was thrice, B-grade was six times, while A-grade was 10 times!

In terms of price, A-grade cultivation rooms were 20 times of D-grade rooms, but the effect was only 10 times. Logically speaking, D-grade cultivation rooms were more worth it.

But for martial artists, the price was not calculated like this.

What they pursued was speed!

10 times the cultivation speed could save far too much time!

Once a martial artist's age reach a certain level, and their potential was exhausted, then no matter how much they strived, it would also be of no avail.

To martial artists, time was cultivation. Time was power. Time was status!

Towards such discrimination, Ye Yuan had long grown accustomed to it and was disinclined to fuss over it. He directly swiped his identity token on the red-colored light column five times.

The light columns were divided into red, orange, yellow and green, these four colors. They represented A, B, C, D, the four types of cultivation rooms respectively.

This swiping from Ye Yuan directly deducted 1000 points. He returned back to an era of extreme poverty.

Ye Yuan's actions stunned that disciple on duty in his place. This was the first time he had witnessed such a nouveau riche outer-sect disciple.

"I want to use five days of A-grade cultivation room. Senior Apprentice Brother, please arrange for it."

That disciple on duty was dazed for some time before coming around and said, "Uh, just right. There's one last A-grade cultivation room left. This is the secret key to the cultivation room."

This time, it was Ye Yuan's turn to be stunned. He did not think that the A-grade cultivation rooms were so popular. There was actually only one left.

Didn't people say that points were very precious? Why were there so many rich people?

However, Ye Yuan was not in the mood to be concerned about it. He took over the secret key and was about to enter to cultivate.

Right then, a burly man barged inside with much haste and said to the disciple on duty, "I want an A-grade cultivation room, 10 days!"

The disciple on duty looked at Ye Yuan and looked at the burly man before saying awkwardly, "Se-Senior Apprentice Brother Dai, sorry about this, but the last A-grade cultivation room has already been rented by this Junior Apprentice Brother."

The burly man brass bell-like eyes went wide open, and he said angrily, "En? What did you say?"

The disciple on duty jumped in fright and hurriedly said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Dai, n-none of my business. This Junior Apprentice Brother arrived a little before you and already charged his points. According to the rules . . ."

"What rules?! This Father of yours makes the rules! What the hell is he, a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, using the A-grade cultivation room for? Hey, boy, give me the secret key; I'll pass you the points you spent!" Senior Apprentice Brother Dao bellowed at Ye Yuan. It did not sound like a discussing tone no matter how one listened to it.

"This Junior Apprentice Brother is a newcomer, right? Senior Apprentice Brother Dai Zichen is one of the hottest rising star in the Pill Barracks. Give him the place. Befriending him will bring huge benefits to you in the future!" The disciple on duty also tried to chime in.

Dai Zichen was also delighted when he heard that and said with a smile, "Haha , what he said is right. Boy, give the place to me! In future, if you have any problems, come directly to the Pill Barracks to find me. I'll cover you!"

Ye Yuan originally could not be bothered to deal with this Senior Apprentice Brother Dao. But seeing that he was so arrogant, he smiled and said, "Fine. 2000 points and I'll sell it to you."

"What did you say? 2000 points? Why don't you go and rob!" Dai Zichen froze before becoming enraged.

This change of hands directly doubled the points. Wasn't this messing with him?

"Not buying? If you're not buying, then I'm going in to cultivate already." Finishing, Ye Yuan turned around straight away and prepared to head for the cultivation room.

"Halt! I'm telling you to halt!"

Ye Yuan ignored him and continued walking there.

Dai Zichen was infuriated. With a flash, he grabbed at Ye Yuan.

"Heh heh, this boy still doesn't know Senior Apprentice Brother Dai's prowess yet, right? Senior Apprentice Brother Dai is not only amazing at alchemy, but he's also extremely powerful in the Martial Path; one of the few alchemy and martial dual prodigies in the sect! A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm dare to be disrespectful to Senior Apprentice Brother Dai. Isn't this courting death?" The disciple on duty took delight in others' misfortune secretly.

Dai Zichen's figure was clearly very burly, but the movements when he made his move was extremely nimble. In a blink of an eye, he reached Ye Yuan's back.

But right then, the view in front of Dai Zichen blurred. Nine Ye Yuans appeared in front of his eyes instantly.

This grab actually missed!

Being taken by surprise, Dai Zichen staggered and nearly tumbled to the ground.

By the time he stabilized his body and wanted to look for Ye Yuan again, Ye Yuan already disappeared.

"Uh . . . Where's that punk?" Dai Zichen asked the disciple on duty rather bewilderedly.

The expression on the disciple on duty was very interesting. He was very excited about seeing Ye Yuan make a fool of himself, but in the end, it was Dai Zichen who was played by Ye Yuan. That excited expression directly froze in place.

Dai Zichen was Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. He actually failed to catch a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm?

How was this possible?

Hearing Dai Zichen posed a question, the disciple on duty abruptly woke up and stuttered, "He already went in."

Four eyes met and remained silent for a long time.

"Hey, what's that kid's background? A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually have such strength?" Dai Zichen enquired curiously.

"Uh, let me check."

Ye Yuan swiped his identity token, so his information was naturally also recorded by the light column. The disciple on duty could easily find it.

The disciple on duty inserted his soul force into the red colored light column and started to search for Ye Yuan's information.

"Ye Yuan, age 15, Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, status . . ."

The disciple on duty read out as he retrieved the information, but paused at the end.

"What about the status? Say it!" Dai Zichen asked anxiously by the side.

The disciple on duty stared at Dai Zichen and said somewhat uncertainly, "Status is Martial Hall's Earth Barracks' disciple! Uh . . . Could it be that the identity token has an error? How can a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm be an Earth Barracks disciple?"

Dai Zichen's eyes rolled, and he said with a chuckle, "How can it be wrong? If he's not an Earth Barracks student, how could he possibly evade this grab of mine?"