Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Ye Yuan Is Under My Protection!
Chapter 221: Ye Yuan Is Under My Protection!
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"But even if a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm were very heaven-defying, being in the Human Barracks was already at the limits, right? Isn't being in the Earth Barracks too exaggerated?" The disciple on duty still did not dare to quite believe it.

"What the hell do you know?! Heh heh, looks like a very interesting fellow has arrived at the Martial Hall. I want 10 days of A-grade cultivation room. Once a room is available, notify me."

Finishing, Dai Zichen directly swiped 2000 points on the red-colored light column.

Although A-grade cultivation rooms were expensive, because there were few in number, it would frequently be in a saturated state. This swipe from Dai Zichen was equivalent to waiting in the queue.

Dai Zichen was just about to wait in the rest area when five disciples entered the door all at once.

"I want B-grade cultivation room, 10 days!" The person at the front said to the disciple on duty.

"Me too, 10 days!"

"Also me!"

"D*mn, I also want 10 days! Even if Your Father spends finish all the points, I won't give these points Ye Yuan, that stinking brat either!"

"That's right! After Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng returns, we'll definitely give that stinking brat a good one!"

These few people were Ceng Yu and his gang who were beaten up mercilessly by Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan made them report to hand over points every day. This was seriously wretched. Ignoring that it was humiliating, they even had to hand over their hard-earned points with both hands.

The few people put their heads together and thought of a plan, which was to hide in the cultivation rooms.

The cultivation rooms forbid other people from disturbing. No matter how powerful Ye Yuan was, he also would not dare to enter the cultivation rooms to drag them out, right?

Ceng Yu's elder brother, Ceng Cheng was going to return very soon. As long as they endured until he came back, would they need to be scared of one Ye Yuan?

Dai Zichen was originally disinclined to bother with these people. When he suddenly heard Ye Yuan's name, he could not help becoming curious.

Could it be that the Ye Yuan in their conversation was the same person as that boy he encountered just now?

"Hey, you people. Who is this Ye Yuan you guys were just talking about?" Dai Zichen asked right in their faces.

"Ah, so it's Senior Apprentice Brother Dai! I pay respects to Senior Apprentice Brother Dai. Last time, I even heard from Big Brother that Senior Apprentice Brother Dai is an alchemy and martial dual prodigy. Even he admires very much."

Ceng Yu clearly recognized Dai Zichen. The Pill Hall disciples were all in great demand. In order to get closer to him, Ceng Yu even pulled out Ceng Cheng.

Dai Zichen waved his hands in irritation and said, "Answer my question!"

Recalling Ye Yuan, the expression on Ceng Yu's face instantly became embarrassed.
"Ha . . . Haha, he's just a mere nobody. How is it worth Senior Apprentice Brother Dai's attention?" Ceng Yu gave a chuckle and tried to smoke things over.

"A nobody? What's with the injury on your face?" How can Dai Zichen be so easy to hoodwink? Seeing the expression on Ceng Yu's face, he knew that there must have been some unpleasant incident that happened between them.

Furthermore, these few people were clearly injured. It was evident that they were the ones who suffered a loss.

"This . . . This . . ." Ceng Yu stammered and could not speak.

Dai Zichen's face darkened as he said, "I am asking you again; is this Ye Yuan from your conversation is the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm who had just entered the sect?"

"Ah? Yes! Could it be . . . that Senior Apprentice Brother Dai has met him before?" Ceng Yu did not know how Dai Zichen knew Ye Yuan.

Dai Zichen nodded and said, "Not only did we meet, we even exchanged blows!"

"Exchanged blows?" Ceng Yu was stunned when he heard it at first and immediately be overjoyed as he said, "Haha, that punk is really unbridled, to actually dare provoke Senior Apprentice Brother Dai! He must have been had the crap beaten out of him by Senior Apprentice Brother Dai, right?"

Dai Zichen snickered and said, "Nothing like that. I failed!"

"Wha-What? Senior Apprentice Brother Dai attacked and actually failed? This . . . How's this possible?" Disbelief was written all over Ceng Yu's face.

"Enough crap! Failed means failed! Don't tell me I'll even deceive you? Hearing your intentions just now, are you planning on making Ceng Cheng find him to settle the scores?" Dai Zichen asked threateningly.

"Ah . . . Ahh?" Ceng Yu's brain could not quite process it.

Didn't Dai Zichen say that he exchanged blows with Ye Yuan earlier? Why was he protecting him now?

This was all rather baffling!

"Ah? What ah? I asked if you heard me?" Dai Zichen said with a glare.

"H-Heard it! We . . . We won't find any trouble with him!" Ceng Yu said weakly.

Speaking of which, Ceng Cheng's strength was around the same as Dai Zichen. But he could not compete because he was a Pill Hall disciple!

Pill Hall core disciples, which one of them were not flourishing with each passing day? Not for anything else, but because they could affect the Martial Hall disciples' monthly salary!

The so-called monthly salary was the medicinal pills that disciples collect from the sect every month. It was given away for free by the sect for disciples' cultivation use.

However, these medicinal pills were only the most basic medicinal pills. Furthermore, there wasn't much of it.

If they wanted to use better medicinal pills, they still needed to use points to exchange.

But which martial artist would mind having more medicinal pills for cultivation purposes?

This was also the reason why Pill Hall disciples were arrogant!

"If you heard it, then good. Now, scram inside and cultivate! If you let me find out that you dare to cause trouble behind the scenes, you know the consequences!" Dai Zichen returned to the rest area.

Ceng Yu and co exchanged glances. The originally unbridled arrogance instantly vanished with a trace.

They were still hoping to regain face after Ceng Cheng returns, but now . . .

Ignoring all other things, Ceng Cheng definitely would not offend Dai Zichen just for a Ye Yuan!

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan did not know that the burly man just now actually helped him block a wave of trouble. Of course, even if he knew, it did not matter.

After entering the cultivation room, Ye Yuan directly started to impact the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

After experiencing several major battles, Ye Yuan's realm was also incomparably solid. It was just that he always did not have time to breakthrough.

Presently, Ye Yuan just lightly prodded and broke through this layer of window paper straight away.

A wild essence energy tempest formed inside the cultivation room. After being refined via the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, it finally formed nine spirit liquid drops inside Ye Yuan's Dantian!

The Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan currently already possessed 27 spirit liquid drops inside his Dantian!

While the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm Long Tang currently only had 25 spirit liquid drops!

Following the rise in realm, the gap between Ye Yuan and other Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists would become increasingly greater!

"Hmm, this Spirit Gathering Formation is pretty good. It can actually withstand my consumption. These 1000 points were not wasted." Ye Yuan who had a breakthrough in cultivation realm was rather pleased with this A-grade cultivation room.

The heaven and earth essence energy he expended when breaking through realms was more than double of the average person. Yet, this spirit gathering formation could provide essence energy unceasingly. These 1000 points were naturally well-spent.

Of course, even if it was not worth it, he did not feel any heartache either. It was given by other people anyway, no big deal.

Just like that, Ye Yuan spent an entire day to consolidate the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

The second day, he took out a medicinal pill from the storage ring and directly swallowed it into his abdomen.

This was the transcendent-grade Essence Spirit Pill that Ye Yuan refined before coming to the sect. He planned on breaking through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm in one go!