Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Sect Decree
Chapter 222: Sect Decree
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While Ye Yuan was in retreat, Nanfeng Ruoqing, Nanfeng Zhirou, and Long Tang came together as a group.

They were originally thinking of inviting Ye Yuan to take a look at the Support Star Pavilion together to see if there were any ways to get points as soon as possible. But they heard from Lu-er that Ye Yuan went into a closed-seclusion. The trio could not help being dumbfounded.

After clarifying the whereabouts of where Ye Yuan's points came from, the few people exchanged glances again.

"Hehe, this fellow's cultivation realm is too deceptive. He doesn't even need to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger. Just standing there and there are people giving points." Nanfeng Zhirou was the first one who could not resist laughing.

Hearing Nanfeng Zhirou's words, the group also could not hold back their laughter.

What she said was right. Ye Yuan's Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength was indeed too deceptive. His true strength far surpassed this.

"Since Ye Yuan was in such a rush to enter a retreat, looks like his realm had reached a bottleneck long ago. After he exits seclusion, he'll probably have broken through to the Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm already," Long Tang said.

"En. With Ye Yuan's cultivation speed, he should have indeed broken through long ago," Nanfeng Ruoqing said in agreement.

"Since that's the case, we don't have the need to stay anymore. Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng, let's go down to the Support Star Pavilion." Long Tang also changed his form of address to Nanfeng.

"En, alright." Nanfeng Ruoqing naturally did not have any objections.

Right then, a voice sounded out from outside.

"Is Junior Apprentice Brother Ye present? I'm Mo Yuntian."

Lu-er opened the door and invited Mo Yuntian in, saying, "How are you, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo? Young Master went to the cultivation room to undergo a retreat. He said it will probably take five days."

Mo Yuntian was also speechless when he heard that. "Went to the cultivation rooms? Haha, that's really diligent. But him going to the cultivation rooms now isn't appropriate, right? With his talent, going to the D-grade cultivation rooms is a waste of time!"

Lu-er smiled and recounted the incident that happened yesterday once more to Mo Yuntian.

Mo Yuntian involuntarily shook his head when he heard that and said, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is really an extraordinary person. He did something like robbing points right after entering the sect. But those fellows also deserved it. It's just . . . Master finally squeezed some time out today and wanted to summon Ye Yuan. Didn't think that he entered a retreat instead. I'm afraid . . ."

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo is worried about the Ouyang Family?" Nanfeng Ruoqing clearly knew the inside information and followed up.

Mo Yuntian nodded and said, "That's right. With the Ouyang Family's influence, the news of Junior Apprentice Brother Ye entering the sect definitely can't be concealed. They have most likely been waiting for this day for a long time. Originally, Master wanted to see Ye Yuan first to think of a countermeasure after understanding the situation. After five days . . . probably won't make it."

"Then . . . Then what to do?" Lu-er asked worriedly.

Mo Yuntian remained silent.

Right then, another voice sounded from outside the door.

"Sect decree is here! Ye Yuan, receive the decree!"

Everyone's brows knitted together, thinking to themselves that it came so quickly!

The group went out and saw a youth around the same age as Mo Yuntian with an imposing manner.

"Xin Lie, you guys really can't wait!" Mo Yuntian said coolly, his words carrying derision.

"Mo Yuntian, you don't have to be so sarcastic! This sect decree is also not issued by me. I'm only here under orders! Ask Ye Yuan to come out! The sect commands Ye Yuan to immediately leave for the main peak to undergo the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing!" Xin Lie said icily.

Mo Yuntian's complexion changed, but he said, "You came one step late. Ye Yuan has already entered the cultivation room. He will only exit seclusion five days later."

Xin Lie was confused when he heard that. Wasn't that Ye Yuan a newcomer? Why would he have points to enter the cultivation rooms?

Could it be that he entered the D-grade cultivation rooms in order to hide from the sect decree?

However, one may get off today, but not tomorrow. He had to receive this sect decree eventually!

Furthermore, didn't the more he try to hide, the more it showed his guilt? Seemed like the matter of this boy stealing pill formulas was almost certainly true.

"Since that's the case, goodbye!

Finishing, Xin Lie left without even turning back.

"Who was that person? What a powerful air!" Long Tang asked.

"He's from the Disciplinary Hall, the Hall Head's direct disciple, Xin Lie. His cultivation is not beneath mine! This Xin Lie is also someone who cleared the Nine Heavens Road!" Mo Yuntian said.

"No wonder he was so powerful! It's just, he left just like that?"

Mo Yuntian shook his head and said, "The sect decree is personally issued by the sect master. The command is extremely powerful and must be passed onto Ye Yuan! And after Ye Yuan receives the sect decree, he must carry it out right away! Since Xin Lie knows that Ye Yuan went to the cultivation rooms, he'll surely search there first. After confirming it, he will return to report it and go back to the cultivation rooms to wait for Ye Yuan to exit seclusion!"

"Ah? Doesn't that mean that we won't even get to see Ye Yuan?" Nanfeng Ruoqing said worriedly.

Mo Yuntian nodded and did not say anything.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, what's the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing that Xin Lie was talking about?" Long Tang asked.

"Apart from the Martial Hall and Pill Hall, the Tranquil Cloud Sect still has an independent Disciplinary Hall. The Tri-Hall Joint Hearing is combining these three halls together to commence a ruling towards Ye Yuan's actions! If the ruling is guilty . . ."

Mo Yuntian did not continue talking. Everyone could guess the result.

"Then doesn't that mean that us coming to the sect is like sheep entering a tiger's jaws?" Lu-er's words were rather direct when talking due to concern towards her master.

Nanfeng Ruoqing hurriedly pulled Lu-er. Now was clearly not the time to be saying this.

Mo Yuntian was the only person who could save Ye Yuan now. If they offended him too, Ye Yuan was dead for sure.

However, Mo Yuntian did not mind it. Instead, he smiled at Lu-er and said, "Miss Lu-er need not worry. Ye Yuan is Ancestor Lu Yan's successor. The person Master holds the most respect for in this life is Ancestor Lu Yan. Whatever happens, Master will also defend Ye Yuan strongly! Moreover, how the final ruling is to be passed is still up to the sect master."

With Mo Yuntian saying this, everyone also felt much more reassured. But the atmosphere was still very stifling.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan remained completely focused on impacting the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm in full force inside the A-grade cultivation room!

Although the spirit liquid drops condensed in each minor realm during the Spirit Condensation Realm was the same, the difficulty was different.

This was like filling a container with water. At the start, the container was empty, wanting to fill it was naturally very easy.

But as more and more water goes in, the difficulty of storing more would increase.

The essence energy spirit liquid in the Dantian merely looked like a few drops, but it was already in a saturated state.

Wanting to break through to the next realm, one had to compress the spirit liquid once more to make space for the spirit liquid condensed in the future.

Therefore, the further down Spirit Condensation Realm one went, the difficulty of breakthrough would rise exponentially.

In comparison, Ye Yuan's difficulty of breaking through was much greater than the average Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

Because he condensed the perfect nine drops of spirit liquid!

Compressing one spirit liquid drop and compressing nine spirit liquid drops, the difference in difficulty was not as simple as nine times.

Luckily, the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art was overbearing enough, Ye Yuan's experience was sufficiently abundant, and along with the assistance from the transcendent-grade medicinal pill, these challenges were not a problem to Ye Yuan.

Four days after Ye Yuan entered the cultivation room, an essence energy storm formed once again!