Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 223

Chapter 223: The Divine Text Reappears!
Chapter 223: The Divine Text Reappears!
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Dai Zichen was already infinitely close to half-step Crystal Formation Realm. He entered a closed-seclusion this time because he planned on consolidating his realm even further so as to breakthrough to half-step Crystal Formation Realm.

Currently, Dai Zichen's condition was very good. He felt that he could roughly break through cultivation realms after another one or two attempts!

"En? What's the matter? Why did the essence energy in the cultivation room become weaker?"

Dai Zichen who was in a cultivation state the whole time was suddenly startled awake by this situation which occurred suddenly.

Shutting his eyes to sense things, Dai Zichen discovered that the essence energy in his cultivation room was weakening rapidly as if it was being plundered by something!

"Damn it! Damn it! Right when my training reached its critical point. Why did something happen to the cultivation room? This sort of situation has never happened before!" Dai Zichen was very annoyed.

His training just now had just reached the critical point, with some signs of an imminent break through.

Dai Zichen knew that once these signs appeared a few more times, he should be able to break through successfully!

But such an abstruse state was forcefully interrupted. It could be seen just how depressed he was. He could not understand just why this kind of situation would occur in a perfectly fine cultivation room?

Under the current situation, Dai Zichen evidently could not continue cultivating anymore.

That sort of mysterious state was not something that could be entered every time. Once the state was interrupted, wanting to find it again was as hard as ascending to heaven.

Fortunately, people who exited seclusion in advance can refund the unused points. At least it was not wasted.

Dai Zichen walked out of his cultivation room dejectedly. When he arrived at the hall, he discovered that this place was already in a mess.

"What are you doing? I already found the feeling of breaking through just now. Why did the essence energy suddenly disappear? Points is a small matter, but who will compensate for my condition?" exclaimed an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm disciple.

Hearing these words, Dai Zichen's mood instantly became much better. Indeed, it was much nicer to have others sharing in the suffering!

However, he also felt miserable at the same time.

He thought that it was his cultivation room which encountered issues. Looking at it now, it was far from him alone!

There were many people shouting and clamoring in the hall. They were clearly complaining about the essence energy which suddenly vanished.

Just what on earth happened? This kind of situation had never occurred in the cultivation rooms before!

Dai Zichen suddenly cast a glance sideways. His expression could not help changing when he saw a person. He went up to greet. "I've seen Senior Apprentice Brother Xin. Why is Senior Apprentice Brother Xin here? Could it be due to the issue of the cultivation room's essence energy vanishing?"

This person was precisely Xin Lie who was waiting for Ye Yuan to exit seclusion.

However, he did not manage to wait for Ye Yuan to exit seclusion, but he waited until problems arose with the cultivation rooms' essence energy.

Xin Lie replied lightly, "No. I'm waiting for somebody here."

Although Dai Zichen was not an elite disciple, his status in the sect was still very high. Xin Lie evidently recognized him too. If it were some other person, Xin Lie would not even be inclined to answer.

However, his words made Dai Zichen become more doubtful. What kind of person could afford to have Senior Apprentice Brother Xin personally wait at the cultivation rooms?

Presently, the disciple on duty was already covered in sweat. He had never encountered this sort of outbreak situation.

"Everybody, senior apprentice brothers, don't panic! I've already reported the problem here upstairs. Elder Peng is currently rushing over. Ah, Elder Peng, you're finally here!" When that disciple on duty saw Elder Peng, he immediately behaved as if he had suffered greatly.

Elder Peng saw all the disciples flooding this place until even water could not flow. He frowned and said, "What do you all think you're doing, kicking up such a fuss! All get lost outside for me and wait there! If anyone dares to cause a disturbance, they will be barred from using the cultivation rooms for a month!"

With Elder Peng blowing his top, everyone immediately lowered their banners and muffled their drums, and scrammed outside meekly.

Nobody wished to delay a month of cultivation time!

After everyone left, there were only Xin Lie and several top character core disciples left in the hall. They went up to pay respects to Elder Peng.

Elder Peng could not help being involuntarily stunned when he saw Xin Lie. But he did not say anything. Instead, he asked the disciple on duty, "What in the world happened? Explain in detail."
"Replying Elder Peng, 15 minutes ago, the cultivations rooms were all fine. But no idea why, all the essence energy in the cultivation rooms suddenly started to disappear rapidly, like they were being emptied out," the disciple on duty replied.

Elder Peng mused for a minute, clearly thinking about the various possibilities for this kind of situation to occur.

"I'll go take a look at the Spirit Gathering Formation," Elder Peng said.

Elder Peng's name was Peng Liming, a Tier 4 array master in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. His Array Dao cultivation was very incredible.

The Spirit Gathering Formations inside the cultivation rooms was a mid-sized array. It relied on the sect's grand array. The formations in the cultivation rooms would siphon a portion of the heaven and earth essence energy absorbed by the sect's grand array. Then, it will send it to every cultivation room through the array formations.

This array formation had someone maintaining it all year round, and there had never been problems that occurred. Today's circumstances were truly quite unexpected.

Elder Peng inspected the array formation carefully and said in bewilderment, "There's nothing wrong with the array pivot. The grand array itself is also fine. Could the problems have occurred over at the cultivation rooms?"

Elder Peng went to the relevant array formations for controlling the cultivation rooms and inspected it carefully.

This inspection immediately revealed that something was wrong.

"En? So this is it! All the essence energy are actually heading into one cultivation room! It's just that . . . who has such great capabilities to actually be able to plunder so much essence energy?" Peng Liming became doubtful again.

Returning to the hall, Peng Liming asked the disciple on duty, "Who's using the A-grade cultivation room, No. 43?"

"Uh, it's a disciple called Ye Yuan," the disciple on duty revealed.

Not that the disciple on duty was very responsible to remember the cultivation rooms for every disciple, but because he had a very strong impression of Ye Yuan. Hence, he reported it right away.

Elder Peng had no special feelings when he said that, but Xin Lie's and Dai Zichen's expression changed.

"Oh, that so? I want to see just what kind of deity this Ye Yuan is, to actually have such capabilities to absorb so much heaven and earth essence energy!" A thick curiosity welled up in Peng Liming.

. . . . . .

Causing such an incident was naturally unintentional on Ye Yuan's part.

In reality, he also did not imagine that his breaking through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm would actually need to absorb so much heaven and earth essence energy!

The initial breakthrough was very normal and also under Ye Yuan's control.

But when he broke through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and stepped into the Middle Stage Spirit Condensation Realm, that sort of feeling like the divine soul was rent asunder appeared once again!

Every breakthrough in a minor stage, there would also be a minor transformation for the divine soul. It was just that the pain during Ye Yuan's transformation process was far more agonizing compared to ordinary martial artists.

However, the torment this time was still far from comparable to when breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm.

Ye Yuan no longer wished to recall that feeling.

As expected, the golden characters in his sea of consciousness emerged once more, like that time when he broke through to the Spirit Condensation Realm!

Once the divine text appeared, they began to absorb heaven and earth essence energy frenziedly!

Luckily, the cultivation room was pretty capable and could provide essence energy unceasingly.

After a long while, the cultivation room finally became peaceful again, and Ye Yuan also successfully broke through to Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!