Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 224

Chapter 224: Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! High-rank Alchemy Master!
Chapter 224: Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! High-rank Alchemy Master!
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Examining his soul force, Ye Yuan was overjoyed.

Indeed, this kind of soul-rending pain was not all for naught. His current soul force actually broke through to the high-rank Alchemy Master standard already!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan could sense that his soul force seemed to be that teensy bit stronger than ordinary high-rank Alchemy Masters!

The divine text was really unexpectedly powerful!

Ever since acquiring these golden characters, Ye Yuan would frequently undergo visualization in his sea of consciousness. But this one month plus, there was no progress at all.

No wonder his father, Ji Zhengyang said that he only had some superficial knowledge.

Too hard!

Each character, every stroke, all encompassed the maxim of the Great Dao. Even though Ye Yuan once stood at the pinnacle of the Martial Dao, it was also difficult to see its entirety.

However, these golden characters seemed to have a life of its own. Every time Ye Yuan broke through, they could come out by themselves and assist Ye Yuan's soul transformation!

No matter what, this was a good thing for Ye Yuan!

The present Ye Yuan was only middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm, but already had the soul force of a high-rank Alchemy Master. This was plenty for him to do many things!

Such as, refining Tier 3 medicinal pills!

Of course, to Ye Yuan, high-grade Tier 3 medicinal pills were still beyond his power. But low-grade Tier 3 medicinal pills were no longer something challenging to Ye Yuan!

Yuan Fei had helped out quite a bit ever since following him. He even fought with a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. It was time for some repayment.

"Uh, already five days. The Ouyang Family is most likely panicking from waiting, right? I'll go and meet this Ouyang Family!"

Ye Yuan was so confident not because he broke through in Spirit Condensation Realm, but because it stemmed from his tremendous Alchemy Path strength!

. . . . . .

"Ye Yuan!' Dai Zichen who noticed Ye Yuan first called out.

With his call, the atmosphere in the hall instantly became tense.

Everyone here had different thoughts, but they were all waiting quietly for Ye Yuan to exit seclusion.

"En? You . . . You actually broke through to Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm! Only used five days!" After Ye Yuan walked out, Dai Zichen's pupils involuntarily constricted as he exclaimed in shock.

"Isn't entering a retreat to breakthrough realms a very normal thing? What's there to make a fuss about?" Peng Liming said crossly.

Dai Zichen smiled bitterly and said, "Elder Peng doesn't understand. Ye Yuan was only Third Level Spirit Condensation Realm before entering seclusion! Five days time and he broke through two realms consecutively!"

"What? What did you say? Breaking through two realms consecutively in five days? What kind of joke is this?" It was now Peng Liming's turn to be alarmed.

The Spirit Condensation Realm was not like the Essence Qi Realm. Even the top disciples in the sect would require several months before they could breakthrough a realm!

When Dai Zichen said that Ye Yuan broke through two realms consecutively in five days, Peng Liming instinctively took it that he was making a joke.

Xin Lie remained silent by the side, but astonishment flickered across his eyes. This was also his first time seeing Ye Yuan. He was still unaware that he was only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm before this.

"Elder Peng, how would I dare to crack such a joke with you? He and I came into contact before he entered seclusion. He was indeed Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. That's right! If you don't believe me, ask him!" Dai Zichen pointed to the disciple on duty.

Seeing Elder Peng's probing gaze, the disciple on duty nodded and said, "What Senior Apprentice Brother Dai said is correct. Ye Yuan was indeed Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm before entering closed-seclusion."

"Hiss . . . This boy is actually so freakish. Truly remarkable! Ye Yuan, let me ask you, what did you do inside the cultivation room just now?" Peng Liming asked.

Ye Yuan instinctively sensed that things were not good, but he still answered honestly, "This disciple was naturally breaking through cultivation realms inside. Could it be that there are still other things that one can do in five days time? Moreover, the A-grade cultivation rooms are so expensive. Nobody would be willing to waste time doing something else, right?"

"Uh . . ." Peng Liming was left speechless.

That was right. Breaking through two realms consecutively in five days, what other things could he be doing inside? How was it possible?

In reality, Ye Yuan was truly only breaking through realms. Except, not only did he breakthrough Martial Path realm, he even broke through divine soul realm under the aid of the divine texts!

This point, he obviously would not tell outsiders.

The average divine soul realm breakthrough did not have such a large commotion.

"Do you know what happened while you were in retreat inside?" Peng Liming asked gloomily.

"Uh, this Disciple is unaware. Elder Peng, please clarify." Ye Yuan really did not know what happened.

Elder Peng recounted the incident for Ye Yuan, leaving Ye Yuan astounded after hearing it too. He could never have imagined that his breakthrough would actually bring about such a huge influence.

"Apologies. Because the cultivation method that this Disciple is training in is rather special, I require vast amounts of essence energy to support when breaking through. I really did not think that it would end up like this," Ye Yuan apologized.

"Haha, no worries! For the sect to have a genius disciple like you, it's the sect's fortune! Such a trifling matter is not worth mentioning. However, if you want to breakthrough realms again in the future, you can come and let me know first. I'll help you adjust the Spirit Gathering Formation to avoid affecting the other disciples' training." Elder Peng burst into laughter.

"This Disciple knows. Thank you, Elder Peng!" Ye Yuan cupped his fists and gave thanks.

Ye Yuan could sense that this Elder Peng was the same type of person as Lu Yan. As long as it was something beneficial to the sect's development, he would spare no effort to do it, even if it cost him his life!

Right then, Xin Lie who was by the sides finally moved.

He slowly walked in front of Ye Yuan. He saluted Elder Peng first and said, "Elder Peng, this disciple is here to convey the sect decree to Ye Yuan!"

Elder Peng's expression changed but did not say anything. Nodding, he withdrew to one side.

Xin Lie turned to Ye Yuan and said coldly, "Sect decree has arrived. Ye Yuan, receive the decree!"

Ye Yuan looked at Xin Lie and immediately understood. He rolled his eyes and said, "No need to block me here, right? I'm already here in the sect. Could it be that you're afraid I'll run?"

Xin Lie ignored Ye Yuan's mocking, and he repeated his words. "Sect decree has arrived. Ye Yuan, receive the decree!"

"Alright, alright. I'll receive it. So cold and frosty, what the fun in being like an ice sculpture?" Ye Yuan words made Dai Zichen who was by the side sweat heavily.

Was this punk fearless due to ignorance, or was he sufficiently rampant?

This was the Senior Apprentice Brother Xin Lie hailed as Unparalleled Sword. He actually dared to speak in this manner?

Dai Zichen was already completely speechless. The reason why he helped to shield Ye Yuan was actually that he wanted to have a match with Ye Yuan himself. He did not imagine that he was not even qualified. He was about to meet the sect master right away.

Towards Ye Yuan's attitude, Xin Lie remained unperturbed. He just casually fired out a streak of green light.

Ye Yuan reached out to receive it, but it was a jade substance token. This was presumably the sect decree.

Ye Yuan inserted his divine sense into it and said with a frown, "What the hell is Tri-Hall Joint Hearing? Do you want me to go along with you?"

Xin Lie nodded and said, "That's right!"

"Then let's go. Don't let those old fellows from the Pill Hall wait until they panic." Finishing, Ye Yuan left with Xin Lie.

Dai Zichen was already so shocked that he could not say anything.

Tri-Hall Joint Hearing!

What kind of trouble did Ye Yuan cause?