Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Are You Talking About This?
Chapter 225: Are You Talking About This?
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A great majestic hall at the main peak of the Spirit Blessing Mountain.

Xin Lie led Ye Yuan along and stood in the center of the hall.

"Sect Master, Ye Yuan has been brought here!"

Xin Lie finished this sentence and retread.

Ye Yuan unwittingly sized up the imposing looking middle-aged man in the middle of the great hall. He should be the current sect master of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, Luo Qingfeng!

Luo Qingfeng's person was not equal to his name. His entire being's sharp edge was withdrawn. If not for sitting in the middle of the great hall, he would be like an ordinary person, which gave people a fleeting and ephemeral sensation.

Luo Qingfeng was also sizing up Ye Yuan. He was clearly very interested in this little fellow who feared nothing and no one.

This was the first time he saw a youth that could still remain so calm and unworried when facing the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing.

"Insolent Ye Yuan! Why haven't you paid respects seeing Lord Sect Master and the various Hall Heads?" said a person sitting before Luo Qingfeng.

"Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulder and said, "I wanted to pay respects too, but I've just entered the sect and don't know a single person. How do I pay respects? This Lord, do me a favor, how about giving me an introduction?"

That person was stunned when he heard this, but could not do anything to Ye Yuan. Ye Yuan entered closed-seclusion right after arriving. He most likely did not even recognize the roads, let alone the sect master and these hall heads.

"Humph! Indeed sharp-tongued! As a sect disciple, to not even recognize the sect master and various hall heads is already committing a blasphemous offense!" The person who spoke was none other than Ye Yuan's old acquaintance, Yao Qian.

Ye Yuan snickered and said, "Mobilizing so many people today, could it be to cross-examine my blasphemous crime? Also, even not recognizing people is a crime, Elder Yao, your ability to list crimes is much stronger than your alchemy and martial art abilities!"

Yao Qian was just about to explode when another person stepped in, saying, "Alright. Ye Yuan, everyone here is your senior, don't be unbridled. Why haven't you paid respects to Lord Sect Master yet?"

Beneath Luo Qingfeng were three people sitting side by side. Ye Yuan actually guessed long ago that these were the three great hall heads.

The person who spoke just now appeared strict, but his intent to shield was already very clear.

Furthermore, the other party addressed himself as senior when talking. If his conjectures were right, that should be the incumbent Martial Hall's Hall Head, Xiao Jian.

Ye Yuan naturally would not fail to see what was good for him. He gave a bow towards Luo Qingfeng. "I've seen Lord Sect Master!"

"I heard that you went into retreat for five days and broke through two realms consecutively?" Luo Qingfeng asked a question instead.

Ye Yuan was brought here by Xin Lie right after exiting seclusion, yet, he actually knew already even though Xin Lie did not report this matter to Luo Qingfeng. It could be seen just how great his control over the sect was!

This sort of matter obviously could not be hidden. Ye Yuan answered honestly, "Yes."

Luo Qingfeng nodded and said calmly, "Not bad."

Just two words, no joy nor sorrow. Everyone did not know what it meant either.

However, quite a few people's faces changed, plainly stunned by this unexpected news.

Even Xiao Jian had a trace of delight flash past his face.

Unquestionably, just based on this aspect, Ye Yuan would gain points and not lose any. It would be greatly advantageous to the results of the hearing later!

"What kind of joke is this? Consecutively breaking through two realms within five days? How's this possible?"

"Since Sect Master already said so, can this matter be fake? This Ye Yuan was actually such a monstrous existence?"

"But, what to do if he really stole the sect's pill formulas?"

"This . . . Such a genius, isn't killing him too regrettable?"

Many elders started to debate on the spot. Towards the end of the discussion, they were clearly still very conflicted.

Xiao Jian coughed drily, interrupting the crowd's discussion. He continued the introduction. "This is the Disciplinary Hall's Hall Head Ling. This is the Pill Hall's Hall Head Ouyang. I'm surnamed Xiao, Martial Hall's Hall Head."

"Ye Yuan has seen the hall heads." Ye Yuan gave another bow.

"Enough nonsense! Let the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing begin! Ye Yuan, let me ask you, where did you get this True Rising Spirit Pill from?" Ouyang Yu asked directly.

At his level, he was obviously not very concerned with the struggle for the State of Qin's imperial authority. He was more concerned about where Ye Yuan got his medicinal pill from.

The pill formulas were the foundation of the sect's survival. If the pill formulas were to leak out, the impact it would have on the sect would be utterly enormous.

This matter, it was not overboard no matter how seriously they took it. Otherwise, they would not have set up such a powerful front.

The medicinal pill in Ouyang Yu's hands was that pill which Ye Yuan threw to Yang Hao back then. That fellow directly took it back to the sect.

Ye Yuan replied nonchalantly, "Of course it was refined by me."

"What a joke! This True Rising Spirit Pill is my Tranquil Cloud Sect Pill Hall's agglomerated fruit of labor. How would you know how to refine it? Speak! Did you, or your father, or the State of Qin's Imperial Family collude with members of our sect to steal it?!"

Ouyang Yu looked down from high above, his aura imposing with overwhelming might.

If an ordinary disciple were standing here, their legs would have turned into jelly long ago.

But Ye Yuan was immune to this tactic.

"Whether I know how to refine or not, just test and you'll know. Is there a need to make things so complicated?" Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

"Humph! The difficulty of refining the True Rising Spirit Pill is extremely high. Even a middle-rank Alchemy Master would find it hard to refine. You, a low-rank Alchemy Master, can refine it?"

The one who spoke was Ouyang Ming, also Su Yuting's husband.

If one were to talk about who wanted to mess Ye Yuan to death the most, it had to be him and Yao Qian.

And this Tri-Hall Joint Hearing also originated because of the two of them.

Ye Yuan lifted the two-star badge on his chest and said smilingly, "Are you talking about this? Hur hur, been too busy recently. Just didn't have the time to take the exam."

Finishing, Ye Yuan released his soul force outside. A wave of commotion sounded out inside the great hall!

"This . . . This is the soul force of a high-rank Alchemy Master! This brat is only Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and already has the soul force of a high-rank Alchemy Master!"

"Just where did this boy pop out from? His talent truly too astonishing!"

"Yeah! Cultivation speed is so fast, and his natural divine soul is powerful. This is simply a natural-born alchemist! Why did he run into the Martial Hall?"

"No way! This elderly self must take him in as my apprentice and pass all of my Alchemy Dao skills to him! A genius like this, not becoming an alchemist is too wasted!"

The ones with the most discussions were undoubtedly on the Pill Hall's side.

A powerful divine soul was the prerequisite condition to become an alchemist. Ye Yuan just broke through to middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm and actually already possessed high-rank Alchemy Master soul force. Such conditions, going to cultivate in the Martial Path was too wasted!

They were unaware that Ye Yuan did not even release all of his soul force! What he released earlier was merely the soul force of a newly broken through high-rank Alchemy Master. There was still quite a relatively huge gap from his full soul force.

Even so, his conditions already moved many Pill Hall elders.

The conditions to become an alchemist was extremely harsh. A good disciple could be encountered but not hoped for.

Ye Yuan only displayed the corner of an iceberg and already moved quite a few Pill Hall elders.

Even Ouyang Yu's gaze when looking at Ye Yuan became unrestrainedly scorching.

In comparison, a trace of worry flickered past Xiao Jian's eyes.

Ye Yuan was his master's successor. How could he enter the Pill Hall?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan's martial talent was absolutely much more formidable than his alchemy talent!

Of course, this was only his wishful thinking.