Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 226

Chapter 226: I Have A Master
Chapter 226: I Have a Master
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Ouyang Ming saw that the situation was not right and hurriedly said, "Ye Yuan, don't you change the topic! Even if you can refine the True Rising Spirit Pill, the truth about stealing the pill formulas is still beyond all doubt! Sect Master, the three hall heads, and elders, towards a disciple with such misconduct, no matter how much of a genius he is, we mustn't be indulgent!"

"Elder Ouyang's words are reasonable!" said the Disciplinary Hall's Hall Head Ling Potian suddenly who previously did not speak the whole time.

Ling Potian's voice dragged the imminently out of control situation back.

As the saying went, like father, like son. In actuality, like teacher, like student, also worked.

Xin Lie's coldness that pushed people a thousand miles away was inherited from this imposing master of his.

The main topic today was interrogating Ye Yuan. Ling Potian's authority to speak was naturally very high.

Regardless of whether or not he had the intent to target Ye Yuan, one sentence from him indeed made Ye Yuan's elaborately constructed atmosphere scatter.

As the litigant, Ye Yuan only shot Ling Potian a calm glance and not was surprised by this.

"Ye Yuan, where did you get the True Rising Spirit Pill from? Confess honestly now, and we can still show leniency when meting out punishment. Otherwise . . ." Ouyang Ming opened his mouth again.

In order to improve the pill formula, the Pill Hall expended enormous amounts of human resources and material resources. If the pill formula which was just developed not long ago was stolen, it would undoubtedly be a huge blow to the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Ye Yuan had a helpless face. These dregs guarded some garbage like it was treasure and even blamed others for stealing their pill formulas. Truly hopeless.

"If I say that I knew from the start, you all definitely won't believe it, right?" Ye Yuan said helplessly.

Although it was the truth, those who heard it might not believe it.

Indeed, Yao Qian sneered coldly and said, "Your meaning is that you're a prophet? You were born with the knowledge? What a joke!"

"Ye Yuan, if you keep on being glib and talk aimlessly, there's no point in continuing this hearing! We're giving you the opportunity. That's why we're letting you stand here to speak!" Ouyang Ming said coldly.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, " Haha, I saw that the atmosphere was so tense and just wanted to ease it a little. Um, actually, I have a master. A very incredible master. The kind that is more formidable than you all. Those pill formulas were all taught by him. My alchemy skills were also taught by him."

"Hahaha! Nonsense! More formidable than us? Do you know what realm we're at? You didn't even sketch a draft when telling lies!" Ouyang Ming said with a cold snicker.

Ye Yuan had a disdainful face as he said, "A Second Level Sea Transformation Realm alchemist with a power level of five. What are you being cocky in front of me for? Wait until I breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm. I can one-shot kill you instantly!"

Seeing that Ouyang Ming wanted to refute, Ye Yuan added on, "Don't doubt it. You ask that Elder Yao by your side, and you'll know whether I have the capability or not. In a certain sense, he was even defeated by me."

These few sentences from Ye Yuan caused the entire great hall to burst into commotion once again.

"What? Elder Yao was defeated by the Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan? Is this boy talking in his sleep?"

"Hur hur, how is that possible. This brat is blowing his own trumpet! Even though an alchemist's combat abilities aren't strong, Elder Yao is at any rate a Sea Transformation Realm expert. How is it possible to lose to Ye Yuan?"

"Not necessarily! Didn't you hear Ye Yuan say earlier that it was only 'in a certain sense'? It's just we don't know what this 'certain sense' refers to."

In the great hall, even if Yao Qian's skin was thick, he was also scarlet red right now.

Truthfully speaking, if Ye Yuan broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, he really did not dare to guarantee that he could beat Ye Yuan.

That last sword from Ye Yuan left too deep an impression on Yao Qian.

A Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist could actually communicate with heaven and earth essence energy to unleash such a peerlessly powerful sword. It was truly inconceivable!

After Yao Qian returned to the sect, he obviously would not speak about this sort of disgraceful matter. Now that he was exposed by Ye Yuan in his face, he hated that there was no hole for him to crawl into.

"Elder Yao, what in the world happened?"

"Elder Yao, this Ye Yuan must be talking bullshit, right?"

. . . . . .

Many people came up to whisper to Yao Qian. Yao Qian was just about to deny it when Xiao Jian said calmly, "You all don't need to doubt it. Ye Yuan did not lie. He has this capability! Ye Yuan, he . . . can already communicate with heaven and earth essence energy for his own use! After he breaks through to the Crystal Formation Realm, his strength will surely have a qualitative leap!"

Everyone sucked in a cold breath.

Although Xiao Jian did not mention Yao Qian, his words already affirmed Ye Yuan's words from another point.

In front of Ye Yuan, these Sea Transformation Realm alchemists were indeed only power level of five dregs . . .

And the majority of the alchemists here were so . . .

A Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist could communicate with heaven and earth essence energy? Everyone was stunned once again . . .

With Xiao Jian's status, he obviously would not speak carelessly about this sort of matter.

Soul force was incomparably powerful and martial talent was peerless. This was simply a genius that even the heaven would be jealous of!

Would such a character really do something like stealing pill formulas?

The group of elders started to doubt it.

This group of people were actually all filled with righteous indignation before coming and were bent on putting Ye Yuan to death. But now, they had no choice but to consider reviewing Ye Yuan.

"Ye Yuan, I wonder what kind of mysterious person your master is? If you have such a powerful master, why enter my Tranquil Cloud Sect then?" the sect master Luo Qingfeng who was silent the entire time suddenly asked.

Ye Yuan gave a puzzled expression and said blankly, "Uh . . . Replying sect master, I really don't what kind of person Master is. I don't even know his name. Master said to use the knowledge he taught to temper myself in the secular world and compete with other geniuses. Only by emerging from a myriad of living beings can I officially become his disciple!"

"What a joke! Who wouldn't even know his own master's name? The way I see it, this is simply nonsense that you fabricated! Sect Master, I think we don't need to interrogate anymore. Ye Yuan is simply full of crap. Just give him the death penalty straight away!" Ouyang Ming denounced.

"Elder Ouyang, in my opinion, it's more suitable for you to be the sect master. How about you come and take my seat?" Luo Qingfeng's light words made the entire great hall's temperature plummet.

Anyone could hear the displeasure Sect Master Luo had towards Elder Ouyang!

Ouyang Ming frequently relied on the Ouyang Family's influence in the sect to disregard the other elders. Now, he actually directly interrupted Sect Master Luo's questioning. His gall was too big.

If Sect Master Luo could even tolerate this, then he might as well not be the sect master.

Ouyang Ming's face turned the color of pig's liver and was incredibly embarrassed.

"Ouyang Ming, you shut your mouth! When was it your turn to talk while the sect master is questioning? How the final ruling will be is the sect master's decision. How can he tolerate you meddling in it! Why haven't you quickly apologized to Sect Master yet?" Ouyang Yu obviously could not sit still anymore and reprimanded him.

Ouyang Ming dare not defy Ouyang Yu. He could only rise and give a bow towards Luo Qingfeng, saying, "Ouyang Ming was impatient and did not choose my words. I pray Sect Master do not blame."

Luo Qingfeng waved his hands and did not bother with him anymore. He said to Ye Yuan again, "Your honorable master is an amazing character! It's just I wonder where is he at the present moment?"