Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Attending A Lesson On Alchemy
Chapter 228: Attending a Lesson on Alchemy!
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Ouyang Yu's expression flickered between joy and distress but did not hand over the pill formula immediately.

He did not feel that Ye Yuan could really dig out the flaws of the pill formula. Could a 15 years old Alchemy Master be amazing to such an extent?

It was just that for the pill formulas that their Pill Hall collectively researched and developed to be criticized from top to bottom by a little punk, it was seriously shameful.

As the Pill Hall's Hall Head, Ouyang Ming could not afford to lose this face.

He also did not know what kind of hex Luo Qingfeng fell under, to actually agree to such ludicrous request from Ye Yuan.

He was naturally unable to comprehend Luo Qingfeng's thoughts. His understanding of Ye Yuan was far from as thorough as Luo Qingfeng's.

To be able to execute a move by communicating with heaven and earth essence energy in the Spirit Condensation Realm, no matter how heavily they nurtured him, it would not be excessive!

The situation reported by the Martial Hall greatly alarmed Luo Qingfeng. Then, he went on to understand Ye Yuan's growing up process.

He discovered that Ye Yuan's transformation could be called a classic counteroffensive. If one were to say that there was no expert behind Ye Yuan, he would not believe it even if you beat him to death!

However, this expert had never shown his face before.

During this period of time, Luo Qingfeng investigated Ye Yuan from different angles but did not discover any traces of that expert.

What did this represent? It meant that this expert had already surpassed his understanding as the Tranquil Cloud Sect's Sect Master!

The unknown was the most terrifying, even if he was a master of a sect!

For such a mighty figure to be entrenched in the Tranquil Cloud Ten Nations, how could Luo Qingfeng as the sect master rest assured?

Ye Yuan's reply today had already affirmed his conjectures from another point of view. But then, Ye Yuan said that his master went to roam the world. Although there was no proof in any way, Luo Qingfeng was still very careful about how to deal with Ye Yuan.

Presently, Ye Yuan said that he could challenge the entire Pill Hall single-handedly. It sounded preposterous, but if it were true, wouldn't that prove that Ye Yuan's master really existed?

The other party placed his disciple in your sect to temper him, but you killed his disciple. When that mysterious person returned someday, the Tranquil Cloud Sect might not be his match even if they mustered up the full might of the sect!

As the master of the sect, how could Luo Qingfeng dare to gamble with the entire sect?

"Hall Head Ouyang?" Luo Qingfeng urged again when he saw that Ouyang Yu did not move.

"Yes, Sect Master!"

Ouyang Yu hit out a jade slip with a frown. Ye Yuan reached out to take it. Sweeping with his divine sense, he became immersed in his thoughts.

"How is it, Great Master Ye? Have you seen anything that is inappropriate? Please, give a pointer or two."

Ouyang Yu's words were sarcastic. Anyone could tell that he was really furious. His anger obviously could not be vented out on the sect master, so he had to get back face from Ye Yuan.

"Yeah, Great Master Ye's master is probably an Alchemy Sovereign, right? For an Alchemy Sovereign's accomplished disciple to give us pointers is a piece of cake."

"I think that our Pill Hall might as well just invite Great Master Ye to be a guest elder. Oh, Great Master Ye likely would not even want this elder position!"

Alchemists were all prideful. Ye Yuan's arrogance had already thoroughly infuriated them. Hence, they were all saying things sardonically.

They did not believe that an Alchemy Master brat could give them pointers about anything.

Even if Ye Yuan's master was really an Alchemy Sovereign, the disciple that he taught could not possibly be at a higher level than all of them combined, right?

They obviously could not imagine just what level Ye Yuan's Alchemy Dao realm had reached.

Forget about adding them all up, even if all of their ancestors were added up, it would be hard to reach even 10% or 20% of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan could not be bothered with these people's sarcasm. After sweeping finish the True Rising Spirit Pill formula, he involuntarily let out a sigh.

"Don't just sigh, Great Master Ye. Why don't you talk about whether this True Rising Spirit Pill formula has any flaws or not?" Ouyang Ming asked sarcastically.

"Hur hur, since you people call me Great Master, then I'll give you a lesson on alchemy today. Uh, just entered the sect and didn't bring any gifts either. I'll just give this lesson to everyone free of charge," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

"Conceited and ignorant! Called you a great master and you really think you're one! Giving us a lesson with the likes of you?"

Ye Yuan ignored him and continued talking. "From this pill formula, I can see that everybody's standards are still around there. But, your foundations are not solid enough."

When Ye Yuan's voice fell, there were clamoring immediately.

"Foundation? A teenage baby is talking about foundation with us? Hahaha, what a joke!"

"Child, have you memorize your Herbal Essentials? Using it to talk about foundation with us?"

"Now, I feel that Ye Yuan must be the person who stole the pill formulas. Or else, he would not talk drivel here. The few of us old fellows, even when placed in the entire Southern Domain, nobody would dare to say that our foundations are not solid, right?"

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, "Everybody, don't get agitated. I know that you all are Quasi-Alchemy Kings. There are even some who are high-rank Quasi-Alchemy Kings and would be famed and respected figures when placed in the entire Southern Domain. But compared to my master, you're indeed far off. Your foundations are also too weak. First, let's talk about this True Rising Spirit Pill's main ingredients. Let's make a comparison."

Speaking until here, Ye Yuan looked at Ouyang Yu and asked, "Hall Head Ouyang, there are three kinds of main ingredients on your True Rising Spirit Pill formula, namely, Profound Armored Beast's inner core, Violet Night Weed, and Cloud Net Fruit, correct?"

Ouyang Yu's face darkened but did not answer Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not mind either. He continued with a smile, "I'll talk about the three kinds of main ingredients in my pill formula. They are respectively, Profound Armored Beast's inner core, Violet Night Weed, and Verdant Nether Orchid."

"Haha! He said use Verdant Nether Orchid! It's common knowledge that Verdant Nether Orchid and Violet Night Weed can't be used together! You don't even know this point and even talk big to us about foundation! Exposed your foundation with one sentence! Sect Master, this punk is simply just trying to pass himself off as one of the players in an ensemble, and specially comes to beguile us!" Ouyang Ming said with a loud hoot.

Ouyang Ming learned to be smart this time and did not say things like directly sentence him to death.

Luo Qingfeng could not help looking at Ouyang Yu when he heard that. Ouyang Yu nodded slightly which naturally affirmed that what Ouyang Ming said was not false.

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and lightly spat out a word from his mouth, "Idiot!"

"What did you say?!" Ouyang Ming was furious.

"Already grown up, but could it be that you haven't heard of a phrase called 'history (books) should be read with reservation'? You say that these two types of herbs cannot be used together. It should have been stated on that whatever lousy Herbal Compendium, right? Well, it should be stated on it that after combining the two kinds of ingredients, Violet Night Weed and Verdant Nether Orchid, it would produce a poison which is greatly harmful to martial artists, yes?"

The crowd collectively turned to stone.

The Herbal Compendium that was revered as a priceless treasure in the Endless World became a lousy book in Ye Yuan's mouth.

However, what Ye Yuan said was indeed correct. It was written like so in the book.

"Humph! Isn't it so?"

Ouyang Ming said with a livid face.

"So my ass!" Ye Yuan directly cussed back and said, "The book written by an Alchemy Sovereign indeed has great referencing value, but you all have to know that Alchemy Sovereigns have only just entered the gates in terms of the way of alchemy! The things they comprehended must be correct? Knowledge acquired from books will ultimately be shallow! If you people don't experiment, don't test it out, you'll only be brought astray by others! Worshipping the Herbal Compendium like it's a holy scripture, you all will never surpass the author of the book!