Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 231

Chapter 231: Price
Chapter 231: Price
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Ye Yuan just stared at Yao Qian with a smile.

Yao Qian's face was so shock stricken that it was about to drip water. He stood there motionless, unable to leave.

The group of elders' expression was weird as they left the refinement room. Of course, there was sympathy amidst the oddness.

"Yii, Elder Ouyang hasn't left yet. Can it be that you want to acknowledge me as your master together with Elder Yao?"

Ouyang Ming actually wanted to leave too. But his relation with Yao Qian was intimate. Leaving just like this was not very good.

Furthermore, this incident, Yao Qian was also implicated by him. If he left, it would be too disloyal.

Ouyang Ming's face repeatedly wavered, not knowing how to follow up.

The bet was between Ye Yuan and Yao Qian. Sect Master Luo making everyone leave was already considering Yao Qian's face. It was not suitable for others to intervene.

"What are you still standing there for, Elder Ouyang? Leave!" Luo Qingfeng had not left but shouted at Ouyang Ming instead.

Ouyang Ming looked at Yao Qian awkwardly. Yao Qian sucked in deeply and said, "You leave first. I know what to do."

"This . . ." Ouyang Ming more or less felt relief from a tensed heart. But he obviously could not show it on the surface.

Ouyang Ming only left while looking back every few steps after Yao Qian nodded his head, and went out with Luo Qingfeng.

After everyone exited the refinement room, Yao Qian sneered and said, "Ye Yuan, aren't you scared that your lifespan will be shortened by making a Quasi-Alchemy King acknowledge you as master?"

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "Isn't shortening my lifespan exactly what you hope for? I don't even mind, so why should you?"

Yao Qian could not help choking up; his eyes spewing fire.

Ye Yuan pretended to be shocked. "Aiya, is Elder Yao trying to silence me by killing me? The sect master is right outside. This isn't good."

"Talk. What terms do you want?" Yao Qian forcefully pressed down the rage in his heart and said somberly.

"Ah? What? What terms? I don't understand Elder Yao's meaning." Ye Yuan had a blank look.

Yao Qian hated fiercely in his heart. This fellow was clearly pretending to be muddled, but yet, he had to play along with him.

"Stop pretending! State your conditions! As long as it's not to acknowledge you as master, any conditions will do!"

"Don't! With a Quasi-Alchemy King disciple, it would be so glorious if I go outside in the future. Why do I have to put out conditions?"

An image involuntarily emerged in Yao Qian's mind. You don't know Yao Qian? A Quasi-Alchemy King! That's my disciple! How is it? I'm amazing, aren't I?

"Puhwurk!" Yao Qian's chest felt stifled, and he felt a metallic taste in his throat. A mouthful of blood sprayed out.

If this sort of situation really occurred, he would rather go die!

Ye Yuan wanted to mess with him to death!

Yao Qian could not imagine just how Ye Yuan could resolve the riddle that nobody could in the thousands of years of the Endless World's alchemy world.

If not because he knew the prowess of the Tendon Gnawing Blood toxin, how could Yao Qian dare to make this bet with Ye Yuan!

Yet, Ye Yuan really resolved this poison!

Even with countless regrets, Yao Qian could not turn back time. The current Yao Qian had already sunk into a dilemma. A single misstep and his reputation would be utterly ruined!

"Aiya, what's with you, Elder Yao. Well, looks like our Tranquil Cloud Sect treats the elders very well. There's too much blood in them that they can casually spit out a mouthful when they have nothing to do. En, en, I must work hard and cultivate so that I can get an elder position!"

Ye Yuan did not hold any sympathy in his heart as he continued to pour salt on his wounds.

Yao Qian merely had anger and anxiety inflict his heart. Vomiting a mouthful of blood was not a big deal to a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse. Furthermore, as a Quasi-Alchemy King, Yao Qian could replenish the deficit in blood vitality just by casually eating some medicinal pills.

Indeed, Yao Qian failed to endure, and another mouthful of blood sprayed out.

Ye Yuan wanted to continue talking. Yao Qian could not be bothered with vomiting blood anymore and hastily said, "Ye Yuan, say it. How can I call off this bet?!"

If he let Ye Yuan continue talking, he would really die today from vomiting blood.

A Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse of his generation being angered to death by vomiting blood. This would absolutely shake the entire Endless World!

Ye Yuan saw that the intensity was just about right. He blinked and said, "Elder Yao really doesn't want to be my disciple? Actually, being my disciple really isn't bad. I won't even let ordinary people be!"

This was not Ye Yuan boasting. In his previous life, only God knew how many alchemists wanted to go under his tutelage. But Ye Yuan did not accept a single one.

Ji Qingyun disliked that teaching disciples wasted far, far too much time, delaying his researching the Alchemy Dao.

Yao Qian did not speak and just shook his head decisively. He was already on the verge of collapse.

"Sigh, that's such a shame. I can't show off to others in the future," Ye Yuan said regretfully.

"Quick . . . Quickly say your terms!"

Now that it had come to this, Yao Qian was already prepared to bleed heavily.

"Elder Yao is really generous. You know that sect disciples don't lead a good life. As a Pill Hall elder, Elder Yao should have quite a lot of points, right?" Ye Yuan enquired with a beam.

Yao Qian's heart jolted. "How much do you want?"

Ye Yuan reached out two fingers.

"20 thousand?" Yao Qian's heart eased up. 20 thousand points were already quite a number to core disciples.

"Is Elder Yao dismissing a beggar?"

"200 thousand?"

Yao Qian's eyes went wide. It was truly demanding an exorbitant price!

Ye Yuan shook his head again. "Two million!"

"Two million? Why don't you go rob?! Where do I have so many points?" Yao Qian was taken aback by Ye Yuan.

Two million was also an astronomical figure to Yao Qian!

He only accumulated a million plus points back then when he was hoarding for the Purple Center Soul Incantation.

Although the elder position was high, expenses were high too. The points he had on hand were only roughly 500 thousand or so.

2 million points were four times his total net worth!

Seeing Yao Qian's expression, Ye Yuan also came to realize that his asking price seemed to be too high.

He originally wanted 2 million to give Jiang Yunhe 1.4 million to exchange for the Purple Center Soul Incantation. Then, he would have 600 thousand left, which should be enough to use for a long time.

It looked like this plan was going to go bust.

"How much do you have?"

"I only have 300 thousand!"

"Like that huh, then no talk."

"Wait, wait!" Yao Qian hurriedly said. "I . . . I can gather up to a million! But, two million are really too much. Even us elders can't possibly have that much! Two million points, even if I don't use points in the future, I would also need to amass them for 10 years! You can ask the other elders about this, and you'll know whether what I said is true or not."

Ye Yuan rubbed his chin and was still quite dissatisfied. But since Yao Qian already said this, it was almost certainly the case. However, he was certain that Yao Qian definitely understated his own points.

"1.2 million. No less."

He had to pay some price since he wanted to call off the bet. The price was that Yao Qian would have to work for free for others several years after.

Yao Qian did not say anything as his expression flickered indecisively.

700 thousand points. He basically had to forget about doing other things for the next five years. It would essentially all be used to repay the debt.

However, to really recover, it would require at least seven years!

But compared to becoming Ye Yuan's disciple, he would rather spend his days in debt!

Finally, Yao Qian gritted his teeth and said, "Fine! Deal!"