Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Distributing Wealth
Chapter 232: Distributing Wealth
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"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, quickly think of a plan! Ye Yuan hasn't returned yet. Did something happen to him?" Lu-er asked anxiously.

"Yeah, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo. Among us here, only you have the right to talk. Why don't you go and inquire to see if they did anything to Ye Yuan?" Nanfeng Ruoqing also said.

The few people were like ants on a hot pan, walking around Mo Yuntian non-stop.

But Mo Yuntian also had a helpless face. "Not that I don't wish to help Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, but I really don't have to power to speak! The Tri-Hall Joint Hearing? I must be at the elder position and above to join. Furthermore, it's strictly confidential. It's simply impossible to inquire about the news."

"Then . . . Then we just sit here and wait blankly? We have to do something!" Nanfeng Zhirou also voiced out.

Mo Yuntian shook his head and said, "The only thing we can do now is to trust Master. With him present, he definitely won't let Ye Yuan suffer. Moreover, Ye Yuan's talent is plain for everyone to see. I believe that the sect master is unlikely to do something that would cripple the sect's prospects."

The group discussed for a long time but did not come up with anything.

Lu-er could not sit still anymore. "No way! I have to go find Young Master!"

Finishing, she sprinted out of the door.

But right after stepping outside, she just happened to see Ye Yuan who strolled into the court.

Young Master was perfectly fine!

When Lu-er saw that Ye Yuan was fine, the rock in her heart was finally put down.

"Young Master, they didn't do anything to you, right?" Lu-er still asked rather worriedly.

"Your family's young master is a Divine King's reincarnation! What can they do to your family's young master?" Ye Yuan cracked a partly-true, partly-false joke. Either way, nobody would believe him.

"Will you die if you don't brag?! Don't you know how worried Lu-er was for you just now?" Nanfeng Zhirou also followed out and said exasperatedly.

"Aren't I am fine? Haha, thanks so much for everyone's concern. Since everyone's here, that also saves me the trip of finding each of you one by one," Ye Yuan said with a chortle.

"En? You just came from the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing. What are you looking for us for?" Long Tang asked rather puzzledly.

"Go in and talk."

The few people entered the house and sat down.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, Senior Apprentice Sister Nanfeng, Junior Apprentice Brother Long, the three of you take out your identity tokens. I have a large gift I want to give you guys," Ye Yuan said it bluntly.

"En? Large gift? Can it be . . ." The people here were sharp-witted people. Hearing that Ye Yuan wanted their identity tokens, they naturally guessed what Ye Yuan wanted to do.

But it was precisely so that they were even more skeptical.

Wasn't Ye Yuan escorted to the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing? Why did he bring points back?

Doubts were doubts, the three people still took out the identity tokens as asked.

Ye Yuan also took out his own identity token and used soul force to transfer some points respectively.

He originally needed so many points because he planned on giving them to Jiang Yunhe to exchange for the lower half of the Purple Center Soul Incantation.

But now that there was still a huge chunk of points missing, Ye Yuan obviously needed to think of some other ways of earning points.

He knew that it was very challenging for newly accepted sect disciples to stride forward, so he naturally would not be stingy. He distributed some points to Nanfeng Ruoqing and the others.

Either way, there was still 200 thousand points to be earned. He did not care about this paltry amount.

"10 . . . 10 thousand points? Ye Yuan, where did you get so many points from?" Nanfeng Ruoqing inserted her divine sense into the token and could not help being greatly alarmed.

"Mine is also 10 thousand points!" Long Tang said.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, this . . . Isn't this way too much? You just entered the sect. There are still many areas you need to use points in. Although I don't know where your points came from, giving it to us like this, do you have enough left to use?" Mo Yuntian asked hesitantly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "Relax, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, I have plenty of points. Come and look for me again after you use finish. Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, right now is the crucial period for you. You have many areas where you need points for. These bit of points to express this junior apprentice brother's goodwill."

Mo Yuntian was presently at the Sixth Level Crystal Formation Realm and about to break through to the Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm. He naturally could not avoid the cost for stepping into late-stage Crystal Formation Realm.

Of course, Ye Yuan was not giving him so many points because of Mo Yuntian's expenses, but because he was indebted to him for saving his life.

"But . . . this is too much!" Mo Yuntian was rather embarrassed.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, how many points did Ye Yuan give you?" Nanfeng Zhirou could not resist asking like a curious baby.

"Uh, 50 thousand points!"

"Hiss . . . What's going on? Ye Yuan, didn't you go to the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing? Why did you come back with so many points instead?" Nanfeng Ruoqing sucked in a cold breath.

Ye Yuan snickered and recounted today's experience briefly to everyone, making them wide-eyed and dumbfounded.

1.2 million points!

Mo Yuntian stayed at the Tranquil Cloud Sect for 10 years and did not have so many points even if he added everything up!

But Ye Yuan only used six days to get these.

Mo Yuntian smiled bitterly and said, "To think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye's alchemic talent actually do not pale in the slightest bit to your martial talent! However, you've offended the Ouyang Family to the core this time!"

"No matter. Even if I don't offend them, they would also come and offend me. If they dare to come to find trouble with me again, I don't mind getting some more points," Ye Yuan said confidently.

Right then, a symbol suddenly appeared in front of Mo Yuntian and started immolating, turning into ash instantly.

A barely imperceptible streak of Essence energy tunneled into Mo Yuntian's ear.

"It's the sound transmission talisman that Master sent. He asked me to bring Junior Apprentice Brother Ye to see him," Mo Yuntian said.

"Hall Head Xiao? I'll go with you," Ye Yuan replied.

This meeting with Xiao Jian, Ye Yuan absolutely had to go.

. . . . . .

Seeing Ye Yuan once again, Xiao Jian sighed unceasingly.

He initially wanted to exert utmost effort at the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing to help Ye Yuan out of his predicament.

He did not imagine that he did not help much, but Ye Yuan himself slaughtered his way in and out however he like, ultimately butchering Yao Qian until not even a fragment of armor was left.

Although not a lot of time passed, the matter of Yao Qian giving Ye Yuan 1.2 million points was already circulating among the upper echelons.

Yao Qian alone naturally did not have so many points. He had to find other people to lend points from. This incident obviously could not be concealed.

The first person Yao Qian went to find was unsurprisingly Ouyang Ming. But Ouyang Ming's points on hand was even lesser than Yao Qian. Furthermore, Ouyang Ming obviously could not lend all of his points to him.

Yao Qian could only find a few elders with pretty good relations and finally barely managed to gather together 1.2 million points before transferring to Ye Yuan.

A bet to exchange for 1.2 million points. In the history of the Tranquil Cloud Sect, people dare not say that there would absolutely be no successor to Ye Yuan, but he definitely had no predecessors!

Of course, this sort of bet looked simple, but without heaven-defying strength, don't even think about it!

One had to know, what Ye Yuan resolved was a puzzle that nobody could in thousands of years in the Endless World!

Before this, Xiao Jian was truly unaware that Ye Yuan's alchemic talent was actually so heaven-defying! This way, there was nothing odd about him possessing the True Rising Spirit Pill.

"Ye Yuan . . ." Xiao Jian stared at Ye Yuan as he spoke, but swallowed back his words.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and took out the Canghua Sword from his storage ring and passed it to Xiao Jian.