Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 233

Chapter 233: Not Lacking Money
Chapter 233: Not Lacking Money
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Seeing the Canghua Sword, Xiao Jian's eyes became glued to it as he took it over from Ye Yuan's hands with trembling hands.

He lightly caressed the sword body, his eyes already wet.

Ye Yuan and Mo Yuntian remained silent and watched Xiao Jian reminiscing Lu yan quietly.

"Canghua, to think that this parting lasted over a hundred years!" Xiao Jian said with an emotional sigh.

The current Xiao Jian seemed to have already walked out from his reminiscing Lu Yan emotions and recovered back to that Martial Hall's Hall Head with intertwining sword intent.

He returned Canghua back to Ye Yuan and said emotionally, "It looks like Canghua has already acknowledged you its master. It followed Master for 200 years and virtually became one with Master, but it recognized you as its master so quickly. It can be seen that you have an affinity with it."

Towards these words, Ye Yuan was still quite contemptuous.

Merely an 8-restrictions spirit artifact. It was effortless for Ye Yuan to want to subdue it.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan fused the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Intent on the Nine Heavens Road. This had the utmost attraction to the Canghua Sword. Recognizing a master was naturally not peculiar either.

What Lu Yan pursued throughout his life was merely just the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, while Ye Yuan's sword intent far surpassed that.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Canghua is spiritual. This period of time, it indeed helped me out a lot."

Of course, the Canghua Sword was undoubtedly an excellent helper to the present Ye Yuan.

If he did not have the Canghua Sword, there was no way his Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword would have such incredible might.

Regardless whether it was the Nine Swords Stance or Thousand Flowing Petals, they both required the support of a powerful weapon. And the Canghua Sword was naturally the most convenient weapon to the Spirit Condensation Realm Ye Yuan.

If Ye Yuan did not possess the Canghua Sword, the power of these two moves would be greatly diminished.

"Is Master . . . all right?" Xiao Jian asked rather flusteredly.

Ye Yuan smiled and did not answer. Only then did Xiao Jian come around.

Ye Yuan went through the Nine Heavens Road, so he obviously had to swear a Heaven Dao Oath. How could he possibly answer his question?

"My question was somewhat impetuous. Back then, Master did not have much lifespan left but suddenly disappeared. I guessed that he could have left for the Nine Heavens Road. Master's life aspiration was to revive the Tranquil Cloud Sect, then charge back to the Northern Domain! For this, he did not mind sacrificing his flesh body to enter the Nine Heavens Road as a divine soul. It was truly a wax torch becoming completely dry! With the heaven's blessings, Master managed to wait until you arrived. I believe that Master must have been overjoyed then!"

From Xiao Jian's words, Ye Yuan could tell that he truly understood Lu Yan very well. The truth was not far off from his conjectures.

"In future, when my longevity approaches its limit, I'll definitely follow in Master's footsteps and seek out a successor for the sect!" Xiao Jian said decisively.

Ye Yuan heart was moved, but he shook his head and said, "Hall Head Xiao, perhaps you master and disciple still can meet again someday. Why say something so despondent?"

Xiao Jian thought that Ye Yuan was consoling him. He waved his hands and said, "I originally thought that I would never hear news about Master again in this lifetime. I didn't think that he actually let you bring the Canghua Sword out. Ye Yuan, I know that you're not some small creature that will stay in the pond. I only hope that you'll treat Canghua well and be good to my Tranquil Cloud Sect!"

Other than taking a look at the Canghua Sword, this was probably Xiao Jian's biggest goal.

With the performance at the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing plus the Thousand Flowing Petals that Mo Yuntian saw before, Xiao Jian could already tell that Ye Yuan was absolutely not something the tiny Tranquil Cloud Sect could retain.

Just like Lu Yan, Xiao Jian only hoped that Ye Yuan would remember the Tranquil Cloud Sect's nurturing and not forget where he came from. That was all.

As for the strength of the sect, it was not the work of a single day. Unless Ye Yuan were willing to pour his entire life's effort into this place, otherwise, it would clearly be impossible to strengthen the Tranquil Cloud Sect within a few short decades.

Ye Yuan himself said it, entering the sect was only for the experience. His real backing was that unfathomable master!

Hearing Xiao Jian said these, Ye Yuan knew that the goal of him pulling out that fictional master of his had already been achieved.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect was just a stopover on his path to the top. It was impossible for him to halt for too long here. If the sect entrusted all of its hopes on him, then that would be a catastrophic mistake.

Ye Yuan did not have so much time. He had to return to the Divine Realm as soon as possible!

Of course, Ye Yuan would do everything he could to help the Tranquil Cloud Sect. As for to what degree they could develop to, that would have to depend on the sect's fortune.

"Rest assure, Hall Head Xiao, I'll always be a part of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!" Ye Yuan just replied lightly with this sentence.

This was already his greatest promise.

"Haha, good! It's enough to hear this sentence from you!" Xiao Jian said with a chuckle.

. . . . . .

Leaving Xiao Jian's place, Ye Yuan did not return but went to the refining room again.

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, elders and above had their own refining rooms, while the refining rooms used by disciples were communal.

Same as the cultivation rooms, using the refining rooms always required the expenditure of points.

However, when Pill Hall disciples used the refining rooms to craft finished products, they could sell a portion to the sect to exchange for points.

Hence, every time Pill Hall disciples used the refining rooms, they would prepare ample ingredients to refine many medicinal pills in one shot.

Of course, the points that could be exchanged for each type of medicinal pill was different.

But in comparison, it was much easier for Pill Hall disciples to obtain points than Martial Hall disciples.

The majority of Pill Hall disciples had some foundation. Like Nanfeng Ruoqing, an alchemist who was selected to enter the sect, she could directly refine a complete Tier 2 medicinal pill independently. Points would naturally be much easier to earn.

"This Senior Apprentice Brother, I want a Tier 3 refining room," Ye Yuan said to the disciple on duty.

The disciple on duty shot Ye Yuan a glance and said in surprise, "You're a Martial Hall disciple, right? Concurrently holding the rank of low-rank Alchemy Master, what are you using such a high tier refining room for? I say, Junior, you don't need to squander points in this manner even if you have a lot, right? You'd better use a Tier 2 refining room."

Ye Yuan was wearing a Martial Hall disciple outfit, but a two-star badge was hanging from his chest. That disciple on duty could obviously see it distinctly.

This disciple on duty was a warm-hearted person who tried to advise Ye Yuan enthusiastically.

Ye Yuan did not think such a situation would occur. He smiled and said, "Many thanks for Senior Apprentice Brother's concern. But a Tier 2 refining room is really insufficient. It's better you give me a Tier 3 room."

Tier 2 medicinal cauldrons simply could not withstand the refinement of Tier 3 medicinal pills, because the intensity of flames that Tier 3 medicinal pills required was much stronger than Tier 2 medicinal pills. Even for a peak Tier 2 medicinal cauldron existence, a single mishap, and the cauldron would blow up. Hence, Ye Yuan wanted a Tier 3 refining room.

"Junior Apprentice Brother is new, right?"

"Uh, yes. I've only entered the sect for a few days."

"No wonder! Junior Apprentice Brother is likely still unaware of the value of points. Wasting it like this will affect your future cultivation!"

". . . Senior Apprentice Brother, I really want to use the Tier 3 refining room."

"Sigh, I say, why are you so stubborn? Don't tell me that you, a low-rank Alchemy Master, can refine Tier 3 medicinal pills? One day in a Tier 3 refining room requires 300 points. Even if you have money, you shouldn't spend it like this!"

Ye Yuan was on the verge of collapsing. But he was truly advising from the bottom of his heart, so he really could not lose his temper.

Feeling helpless, Ye Yuan directly fished out his identity token and threw it to the disciple on duty, saying, "Swipe away, Senior Apprentice Brother. I do not lack money!"