Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Tri Origins Samsara Art
Chapter 234: Tri-Origins Samsara Art!
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The disciple on duty took Ye Yuan's token to swipe it and laugh at the same time as he said, "Haha, you've just entered the sect for a few days, how many . . ."

The second half of the disciple's words were forcefully stuck in his throat.

1.13 million and 100 points?

He read it multiple times before confirming that he did not see wrongly.

"H-How can there be thi-this much?" The disciple on duty's eyes went wide, and his words even became stutters.

"Can I enter now? En, two days will do. I'll have to trouble you, Senior Apprentice Brother." Ye Yuan obviously would not explain where these points came from.

The disciple on duty helped Ye Yuan's swipe 600 points mechanically, then woodenly watched Ye Yuan walk inside.

Ever since he entered the sect, he had never seen so many points before. This kind of visual impact was truly overwhelming.

1.1 million points. How many Tier 2 medicinal pills needed to be refined to exchange for that?

The disciple on duty could not help doing mental arithmetic . . . . . .

Ye Yuan wanted a Tier 3 refining room naturally to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills.

The Tier 3 medicinal pills he could refine now were not many. He could basically only refine low-grade Tier 3 medicinal pills, but this was already enough.

The Demon Crystal Pill was only a low-grade Tier 3 medicinal pill!

He promised Yuan Fei back then the Demon Crystal Pill, and now, he could already refine it. It was a full 10 months in advance of the time promised back then!

The ingredients that the Demon Crystal Pill required were not uncommon. Yuan Fei had them prepared long ago. He was only waiting for Ye Yuan to become an Alchemy Grandmaster.

Ye Yuan formed a seal, and Yuan Fei appeared.

Seeing that they were in a refining room, Yuan Fei was rather unsure.

"Young Master, this is?"

"Yuan Fei, this period of time, you went through fire and water with me. I've always borne this in mind. Now, the time to repay you has arrived," Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Yuan Fei reacted very swiftly and said delightedly, "Young Master, you mean . . . Demon Crystal Pill?"

"That's right."

"But Young Master, you're only . . ."

Yuan Fei saw Ye Yuan's realm and could not really continue speaking. How could an Alchemy Master refine a Tier 3 medicinal pill?

"Only an Alchemy Master? Hur hur, don't tell me you think I called you out just to mess with you?" Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

"Yuan Fei dare not!"

"I originally thought that I would only have high-rank Alchemy Master soul force at the late stage Spirit Condensation Realm, that's why I promised you a year's time. But now, I already have the soul force of a high-rank Alchemy Master, so we obviously don't need to wait for such a long time."

Yuan Fei was exuberant when he heard it and said, "Young Master actually has such strength!"

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "Naturally! Although it will be somewhat strenuous, refining the Demon Crystal Pill shouldn't be an issue."

The strenuous Ye Yuan talked about was actually referring to insufficient essence energy.

The consumption of essence energy to alchemists was naturally much greater when refining Tier 3 medicinal pills. If Ye Yuan had late-stage Spirit Condensation Realm strength, refining would be much easier.

In fact, Ye Yuan's present essence energy could already compare to ordinary late stage Spirit Condensation Realm, but the expenditure of Tier 3 medicinal pills was far from comparable to Tier 2 medicinal pills. That was why it was taxing.

Listening to Ye Yuan's words, Yuan Fei started to tremble with excitement.

He gave up the dignity of an ape king to willingly become Ye Yuan's servant, wasn't it for today? Now that Ye Yuan actually realized the first promise so quickly, how could this not agitate him?

"Yuan Fei thanks Young Master!"

"Haha, I know that you still have doubts in your heart. So give thanks after I refine the medicinal pill."

Ye Yuan retrieved the ingredients from his storage ring and started to fiddle with it on the operating station.

The refinement of Tier 3 medicinal pills was not as easy as Tier 2 medicinal pills. Otherwise, there would not be so few Alchemy Grandmasters.

Wanting to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills, the bare minimum requirement was soul force reaching the degree of Alchemy Grandmaster!

That also meant that only a heaven-defying existence like Ye Yuan could use refinement techniques to compensate for the inadequacy of soul force.

But it was not that one could compensate for this kind of inadequacy just by grasping the refining method.

Ye Yuan's refining technique had to be trained to the Legendary Realm before he could accomplish this sort of impossible task!

Leaping ranks to refine medicinal pills was much more challenging than crossing ranks to do battle!
Many martial artists could leap ranks to battle, but there was likely not a single one who could leap ranks to refine medicinal pills in the Endless World!

Perhaps there were some alchemy path geniuses with powerful soul force that could cross a minor rank to refine medicinal pills, but it was virtually impossible to cross a major realm to refine medicinal pills!

Forget about the Endless World, even in the Divine Realm, those who could leap ranks to refine medicinal pills were scarce and few.

The other thing was essence energy. The higher the medicinal pill rank, the greater that expenditure of essence energy. Without the adequate essence energy reserves, it was basically impossible to support the refinement of the medicinal pill to completion.

Only refining techniques that had reached the Legendary Realm could lessen the consumption of essence energy to the greatest extent to complete this kind of virtually impossible thing.

Crossing ranks to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills was also a humongous challenge to Ye Yuan. For this, he even specially spent 15 minutes to meditate.

He only started the preparation work after he completely entered Heart Like Still Water state.

Preparing the herbs, extracting and refining the medicinal embryo, Ye Yuan's preparatory work was done very quickly.

But this time, Ye Yuan's preparatory work was different from the past. He did not split the herbs into two portions.

If Nanfeng Ruoqing were present, she would surely be greatly alarmed and asked "Could it be that you are not using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique to refine Tier 3 medicinal pill?"

Ye Yuan really did not plan on using the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique!

Arriving in front of the medicinal cauldron, Ye Yuan sucked in a deep breath, and abruptly fired out a streak of fire from his finger, enveloping the medicinal embryo.

It was precisely the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame!

Ye Yuan pushed the power of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame to the limits of Tier 2, but it was much better than the refining room's fire seed.

The first step, cleansing!

The extraction and refinement of medicinal embryo was only a crude refinement. There were still various kinds of residual dregs within the ingredients which must be cleansed completely using flames!

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame had an innate advantage at this step. Its innate attribute was cleansing!

It was precisely so that the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was one of the essence fires most adored by alchemists.

Ye Yuan's hands danced around like phantoms while that bundle of fire danced along with Ye Yuan's hands.

After a few short moments, Ye Yuan's hands split and pressed down.

Only to hear a boom, the entire medicinal cauldron ignited instantly. The refinement officially began.

"Tri-Origins Samsara Art! Begin!"

Ye Yuan gave a soft cry. The flames in the entire cauldron instantly skyrocketed!

At the same time, Ye Yuan's figure also vanished from its original spot, leaving behind an afterimage!

Seeing this scene, Yuan Fei's eyes became fixated.

Although he did not know alchemy, he was present when Ye Hang was refining pills before, and there was not such a commotion.

Similarly refining Tier 3 medicinal pills, wasn't this commotion too big?

With Yuan Fei's visual prowess, he could naturally see Ye Yuan's figure.

While Ye Yuan's actions were extremely fast, virtually like going in circles around the medicinal cauldron, Yuan Fei could see clearly that Ye Yuan only paused slightly at three points surrounding the medicinal cauldron!

And every time he stopped, he would form an extremely profound seal, striking it into the medicinal cauldron using essence energy.

"Young Master's alchemy skills are much stronger than his father's! I really don't dare to believe it! He's only 15 years old, how on earth did he train it?" Yuan Fei was blown away.