Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Dual Breakthroughs
Chapter 235: Dual Breakthroughs!
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Although Yuan Fei was an outsider in terms of alchemy, he still had a good knowledge of it.

Ye Yuan's refining method was not even on the same level as Ye Hang's!

Yuan Fei could tell that Ye Yuan only struck out seal at three points. The location where he fired out the seals, and his strength, were exactly the same as the previous time!

Being able to ensure such outrageously exquisite skills during such high-speed movements, judging with his own abilities, Yuan Fei was certain that he simply could not do it!

Even the Tier 3 him could not do it, but Ye Yuan did it!

Yuan Fei felt that this sort of refinement technique, without repeatedly tempering over and over again, it was impossible to achieve!

The problem was, Ye Yuan was only 15 years old. How did he do it?

Furthermore, Ye Yuan's technique flowed freely like water, making him feel relaxed and refreshed in spirit. It was clearly a set of seals, but Yuan Fei felt that it was a kind of art!

It was simply inconceivable!

Yuan Fei was only a layman. As the saying went, professionals could see the intricacies, while laymen would watch the show. If Nanfeng Ruoqing were here, she would definitely be so shocked that she would scream!

Or perhaps, she would enter sudden enlightenment state again and achieve a breakthrough on the Alchemy Path.

Because the Tri-Origins Samsara Art that Ye Yuan was using currently was also wielded to the Legendary Realm!

And the Tri-Origins Samsara Art was even more ingenious, even more complex, and even harder to train in compared to the Yin-Yang Separation Flow Technique.

Ye Yuan gave a light cry. "Tri-Origins, congeal, pill formed! Condense for me!"

Only to see three streaks of light converge within the medicinal cauldron at the same time, disappearing after. The initially frenzied refinement also became peaceful currently.

"Huuu . . . Using the Tri-Origins Samsara Art now is indeed too early! However, the Heart Like Still Water Realm is indeed powerful. I can actually really support it!" Ye Yuan flopped onto the ground and sighed with admiration.

The same as the previous time he crossed ranks to refine, Ye Yuan was so tired that he was about to collapse.

But the difficulty of the refinement this time was incomparable to the previous time. If not for the Heart Like Still Water Realm supporting Ye Yuan, he might just have given up halfway.

Such complicated seals, such precise technique, such a high-intensity refinement, the exhaustion on the mind was enormous.

Ye Yuan's current divine soul realm was not yet sufficient to support him in completing this refinement. It was that Heart Like Still Water heart Realm that compensated for this inadequacy.

"Are you alright, Young Master?" Yuan Fei asked concernedly.

If not for him, Ye Yuan would not need to refine the Demon Crystal Pill in advance and did not need to work so hard.

Crossing ranks to refine was impressive, but it was not something easy.

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, "No matter, just rest a while and I'll be fine."

Finishing, Ye Yuan reached out and beckoned. The medicinal pill flew out from the medicinal cauldron and landed in his hands.

"Hur hur, my efforts were not wasted. It's actually transcendent-grade again! Yuan Fei, you keep it first. In two day's time, I'll bring you into the cultivation room. You break through there."

Ye Yuan directly threw the medicinal pill to Yuan Fei. He himself fished out a medicinal pill to consume and began to recover his condition.

. . . . . .

A day later, Ye Yuan brought Yuan Fei into an A-grade cultivation room and started to undergo a breakthrough.

Yuan Fei adjusted his condition and directly consumed that transcendent-grade Demon Crystal Pill.

Very soon, the fluctuations within the cultivation room gradually grew stronger.

Yuan Fei was originally peak early-stage Tier 3. With the transcendent-grade Demon Crystal Pill, breaking through was a cinch.

The breakthrough process was very smooth. Roughly half a day's time, Yuan Fei advanced to the middle-stage Tier 3!

The first thing Yuan Fei did after breaking through was to give a deep bow to Ye Yuan.

"Yuan Fei give thanks to Young Master!"

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, "No need to be courteous between us. This is what you deserve."

Yuan Fei sighed emotionally and said, "Yuan Fei is ashamed! Back then when I listened to Young Master's words, Yuan Fei even thought that it was a young man's wild pitch. Thinking back now, following Young Master was truly the most correct thing that Yuan Fei did in this life!"

Although Ye Yuan convinced Yuan Fei back then, towards Ye Yuan's rampant words, Yuan Fei only believed half of it.

He followed Ye Yuan merely to seek out that trace of hope to break through.

In the beginning, the martial talent that Ye Yuan displayed was naturally without question.

All the way until Ye Yuan taught Ye Hang alchemy did Yuan Fei finally rejoice over his choice.

To be able to guide an Alchemy Grandmaster on how to refine medicinal pills, that meant that Ye Yuan at least had the strength that did not lose out to an Alchemy Grandmaster. As long as his realm reached the mark, he could naturally refine Tier 3 medicinal pills.

Except, Yuan Fei never could have dreamt that this day would actually arrive so quickly!

Seeing Ye Yuan personally refine a Tier 3 medicinal pill, Yuan Fei finally knew just how powerful this master he submitted to was.

"Haha! To recognize an Essence Qi Realm martial artist as master, you also needed great resolve. Back then, I already said that you have immense luck. Your accomplishments in this life will definitely not be just Tier 4! Widen your horizons more. Tier 5, which is Taking Form, is the starting point of you demonic beasts!" Ye Yuan said with a laugh.

Hearing these words, Yuan Fei's heart jolted.

Honestly speaking, he did not think about Tier 5 Taking Form, even after he followed Ye Yuan! Being able to break through to Tier 4 was already the limits of his imaginations.

Tier 5 Taking Form was too hard, way too difficult!

One had to know that demonic beasts Tier 4 was equivalent to the amalgamation of the human race Sea Transformation Realm and Soul Sea Realm, virtually the distance of two major realms.

In the Endless World, Tier 4 was roughly the endpoint for demonic beasts.

But hearing the present Ye Yuan, it was just a matter of course.

If he heard others say this kind of words in the past, he would definitely give that person a tight slap, then tell them to not reach beyond their means.

But now, there was indescribable longing in Yuan Fei's heart!

"Yuan Fei understands! Thank you very much, Young Master!" Yuan Fei said sincerely.

"En. Oh yes, later, I'll refine some medicinal pills for your clansmen. They have already reached the bottleneck of Tier 2. As long as their age isn't too old, breaking through to Tier 3 shouldn't be an issue," Ye Yuan said.

Yuan Fei was overjoyed upon hearing that and said, "Thank you very much, Young Master!"

Ye Yuan's heart suddenly jolted. He formed another seal, and White Light appeared inside the cultivation room.

"Haha, you finally woke up, White Light? En? Directly broke through to Tier 2?" Ye Yuan was first thrilled, followed by astonishment.

White Light gave a low roar. His tiger head rubbed against Ye Yuan's leg, looking incredibly adorable.

"Young Master, he's thanking you," Yuan Fei suddenly said.

"Haha, thanks for what? You ate so many medicinal pills in one go, nearly scared me to death back then!" Ye Yuan was still somewhat filled with trepidation recalling the scene of how White Light swallowed so many medicinal pills in one go.

But White Light's physique was really rather special. A sleep and he actually broke through to Tier 2 already.

Yuan Fei saw that White Light broke through and was also filled with envy. "Thinking back then, I spent a total of 50 years to breakthrough from Tier 1 to Tier 2! White Light is at most five years old and actually broke through to Tier 2 already! But looks like only he can keep up with Young Master's speed!"

Ye Yuan's heart skipped and asked, "Yuan Fei, can you see White Light's origin?"

Yuan Fei shook his head and said, "White Light's origin is bound to be extraordinary. But I don't have it inside my inherited memories. However, the way I see it, the concentration of White Light's White Tiger bloodline is definitely very high!"