Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 236

Chapter 236: Trouble Comes
Chapter 236: Trouble Comes
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Ye Yuan could obviously see it too. His gaze when looking at White Light flickered uncertainly.

White Light wagged its tail like it was showing off.

"Uh . . . Could it mean that White Light has the potential to become a divine beast? If this world can give birth to divine beasts, does that mean that it can also give birth to Deity Realm powerhouses?" Ye Yuan muttered to himself.

White Light gave another low roar. Ye Yuan laughed wryly when he saw the situation and said, "Haha, come on, White Light! Let's affirm our Dao and become deities together!"

Hearing Ye Yuan's words, White Light's tiger head rubbed against Ye Yuan, appearing very lovingly.

It was evident that this little fellow's ambition was not small either.

. . . . . .

The next day, Ye Yuan arrived at the Support Star Pavilion.

Although Ye Yuan's points were enough for him to use for a long time, he still decided to ready enough points required for the Purple Center Soul Incantation talking.

To earn points, he naturally had to come to the Support Star Pavilion to take on missions.

The Support Star Pavilion could be said to be a very crowded place in the sect. It was packed every day, with people coming and going.

If sect disciples wanted to continue surviving, they had to take on missions non-stop. This place naturally became somewhere they must visit.

Putting aside outer-sect disciples, even some extremely powerful core disciples would be frequent visitors here.

There was a rich variety of sect missions, but they were divided into nine levels. Level one was the easiest and level nine was the hardest.

Level three and below missions were mostly some miscellaneous tasks, such as managing herb gardens, cleaning to ensure hygiene, so on and so forth, these sort of simple things.

Of course, these simple missions were also split by difficulty level. The points that could be obtained was different.

From level four onwards, it would be missions that were relatively more dangerous, or comparatively harder. As expected, the points awarded by these missions were also different according to the difference in level.

These sect missions included Pill Hall missions and Martial Hall missions. Any disciple could take them on.

Naturally, Pill Hall disciples mostly took on Pill Hall missions while Martial Hall disciples took Martial Hall missions. Crossover mission acceptance was a rare occurrence.

Even when crossover, the majority would be Pill Hall disciples taking Martial Hall missions. But when Martial Hall disciples see Pill Hall missions, they could only stare google-eyed.

Too many Pill Hall missions were related to alchemy. The specialization was incredibly strong. Martial Hall disciple basically could only look on.

There was a great hall in the Support Star Pavilion. In the center of the hall was an extremely large jade wall. This jade wall contained all the missions. Disciples only had to check with their divine sense to see the contents of the missions.

Disciples just had to record down the mission's level and number to retrieve the mission jade slip from the disciple on duty.

After completing the mission, disciples could rely on the mission jade slips and the designated mission token to collect the rewarded points from the disciple on duty.

Ye Yuan inserted his divine sense into the jade wall and started to go through the missions.

After slightly checking level one missions, Ye Yuan gave up straight away. Doing these sort of missions was purely a waste of time. The points were few and it even delayed cultivation time.

Following that, he checked the level two and three mission and gave up too.

He only looked slightly more in detail when he saw the level four missions.

There were missions issued by the Martial Hall among the level four missions and also missions released by the Pill Hall.

Many of the missions given by the Martial Hall were to go outside and run errands. There were those that were to hunt down some heinously fiendish individuals. Others were to help secular world countries, etc. There were too many to enumerate.

But the vast majority of missions published by the Pill Hall were about alchemy. In such a large sect, the medicinal pill consumption each day was tremendous. If the Pill Hall lacked some medicinal pills, they would put up a mission here to let disciples refine them and reward with points.

Ye Yuan swept through the level four missions but was ultimately uninterested.

Too little points!

A level four mission. Those that were lower only had 1000 points, while those higher ones only had 2000 points.

If Ye Yuan were to do level four missions, until which donkey year would he be able to earn 300 thousand points?

"Quickly look, Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng returned!"

"It's true! I heard that what he took on this time was a level six mission: to hunt down a First Level Crystal Formation Realm serial rapist!"

"Yeah, I also heard it! It's said that this level six mission reward was 20 thousand points. Looks like he doesn't need to go outside for a very long time."

"Hey, did you hear? Ceng Cheng's younger brother, Ceng Yu, was counter-robbed by a newbie disciple and went to hide in the cultivation rooms? Now that Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng Cheng came back, it's probably going to be tragic for that newbie disciple."

"Tch, Ceng Yu is someone who bullies the weak but fears the strong. He should have been taken care of long ago! If not for his brother, he would have been beaten up by others! If you tell me, I say nicely done!"

"Shh . . . Softer. Don't let Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng hear it. He's very protective!"

Ye Yuan's thoughts were interrupted by these two person's discussion. He looked towards that black-clothed youth who was currently collecting the rewards with some surprise.

No wonder that Ceng Yu was so cocky. Turned out that he had such a big brother as his backing.

"Peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, strength is pretty decent. Reckon that he's probably around the same as Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang Jing, right?"

Ceng Cheng handed the mission jade slip and a wooden box to the disciple on duty with a haughty look and said, "Level six, No. 72 mission completed. Do a check."

The disciple on duty had an impressed look as he said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng is really amazing! Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and able to kill a First Level Crystal Formation Realm expert! I reckon that before long, Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng will be able to enter the ranks of elite disciples!"

A trace of delight flashed across Ceng Cheng's eyes, but he concealed it very well and said with a smile, "Just a secular world First Level Crystal Formation Realm. Not even worth mentioning. Quite a number of seniors have this strength."

"Haha, Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng is really modest! Half a year ago, you were still taking on level five missions, but now, you've already completed a level six mission which is ranked closer to the front. This sort of improvement speed is also extremely amazing among the seniors! At this rate, Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng can most likely complete level seven missions very soon! That is a watershed!" The disciple on duty poured out flattery like it was free.

"Haha, nah, nah," Ceng Cheng could not hide his delight and said with a chuckle.

The watershed that the disciple on duty talked about was actually the dividing crest between elite disciples and core disciples!

Level seven and above missions; basically, only elite disciples could complete them.

If Ceng Cheng could complete a level seven mission, it would mean that he already had one foot into the rankings of elite disciples. However, wanting to cross this was far from as simple as imagined.

This point was evident just by looking at the difficulty of level seven missions.

But one had to acknowledge that the disciple on duty's words scratched Ceng Cheng's itch.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Ceng, the reward has already entered your identity token. You do a check," the disciple on duty said with a flattering smile.

"Tch, isn't it just completing a level six mission? Look how happy you are!" At this time, a disharmonious voice sounded out.

Ceng Cheng's face changed, and he said frostily, "Qiu Peng, don't be cynical over here! If you have the capabilities, then you go complete a level six mission too for me to see!"

Qiu Peng was also a top character in the Earth Barracks, around the same as Ceng Cheng.

These two people had always been at odds, contending bitterly. However, Qiu Peng had always been slightly inferior.

"Hur hur, I came to take on a level six mission. You just watch. Oh, right, since you have time to be proud of yourself here, why don't you hurry and go take a look at that precious little brother of yours?" Qiu Peng said with a beam.