Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 237

Chapter 237: Level Nine Mission
Chapter 237: Level Nine Mission!
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Ceng Cheng's face fell as he said, "What about my brother?"

"Haha, your younger brother kicked a metal plate this time. He went to collect protection fees but got collected instead. Oh, the other party is even a newcomer. I heard that he's only Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Tsk tsk, Ceng Yu that punk is really declining with each day." Qiu Peng burst into laughter.

After all, there were not many people who witnessed it with their own eyes. Qiu Peng also got it from hearsay and felt that Ceng Yu was really too scrub to actually lose to a Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

They would not feel that Ye Yuan was very amazing but only feel that Ceng Yu was rotten mud which could not even hold up a wall.

Ceng Cheng's eyes narrowed. A killing intent was released as he asked in a low voice, "What's that punk called?"

Qiu Peng did not mind, however, as he said, "How would I know? Why would I concern myself with this kind of small squabbles between unranked nobodies? Wouldn't you know after inquiring from the Earth Barracks yourself? Make way, make way, I'm going to receive missions."

Finishing, Qiu Peng no longer bothered with Ceng Cheng as he swaggered into the great hall.

"This Senior Apprentice Brother, I want to take the level nine No. 3 mission," Ye Yuan came in front of the disciple on duty and said lightly.

"Oh, sure thing. Level nine No. 3 . . . What? You want level nine No. 3 mission?!" The disciple on duty did not react to it at the start. After talking halfway, he suddenly exclaimed in shock.

This shocked exclamation was too ear-piercing. Everybody was startled by him.

Ye Yuan secretly sighed. He knew that this kind of situation would happen. However, low-level missions award too little points. Doing them one at a time was seriously too troublesome. He could only choose high level missions.

Level nine missions, even elite disciples could not complete them. The level nine No. 3 mission that Ye Yuan picked had already been hanging there for 10 years, but nobody cared to ask about it the entire time. It could be seen that the difficulty had already reached the extent where it made people's hair stand on end.

"Yes, level nine No. 3. I've to trouble Senior Apprentice Brother to give me the mission jade slip."

The originally abnormally noisy hall instantly quietened down, leaving only Ye Yuan's voice reverberating.

Qiu Peng was originally prepared to inquire about missions but turned his head back to look at Ye Yuan at this time.

Ceng Cheng who was originally preparing to leave to settle the scores with Ye Yuan also turned back currently, staring at Ye Yuan oddly.

"Cough cough, this Junior Apprentice Brother, did you mistook the mission? Nobody has taken on the level nine No. 3 mission for many years already. Because the difficulty is extremely great, it was hailed as the impossible mission."

After being stupefied for a while, the disciple on duty recovered. But his first reaction was that Ye Yuan made a mistake.

"No mistake. It's level nine No. 3 mission. I'm taking it," Ye Yuan said.

Right then, there were many people who also recovered from the shock. Their gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with amusement.

"The level nine No. 3 mission is famous for being the impossible mission. It's simply impossible to complete. Could it be that this boy chose this mission to gain public favor?"

"Haha, his brain is probably missing screws! This is the mission put up by Grand Elder Skymaple! It's been a whole five years since anybody dared to receive it!"

"Yeah. I heard that in the beginning, there were many people who took on this mission. The majority of them were elite disciples! But not a single person among them could complete the mission!"

"Not only that! Grand Elder Skymaple offered a reward of 300 thousand points plus a Heavenly Silkworm Flexible Armor. Even many elders were moved. But up to this point, this mission has been hanging there the entire time. Such that towards the end, nobody even asked about it."

"Truly biting off more than he can chew. A low-rank Alchemy Master, a Martial Hall disciple too, actually dare to take Grand Elder Skymaple's mission. This is purely being bored and looking for a beating!"

"Haha, Grand Elder Skymaple doesn't have a good temper. Let's just wait to see the joke."

This level nine No. 3 mission was the alchemy path mission published by the sect's grand elder, Skymaple. The contents were to fill in the missing bits of a Tier 4 pill formula.

To Ye Yuan, he naturally would not receive a level nine martial path mission. That was not much different from seeking death.

The so-called level nine alchemy path mission might perhaps be hard to others, but to Ye Yuan, it did not pose much of a difficulty.

He did not wish to draw too much attention either, but it was seriously too troublesome to choose those low difficulty missions. He only had to complete this level nine mission, and he would have sufficient points to exchange for the Purple Center Soul Incantation.

Hence, Ye Yuan did not bother with drawing attention. Saving trouble was the kingly way.

"This . . . Why don't you reconsider, Junior Apprentice Brother? This is a level nine mission!" The disciple on duty felt that there was still a need to remind Ye Yuan.

"I know it's a level nine mission. I need points," Ye Yuan said.

". . . Fine then. But don't blame me for not warning you. Grand Elder Skymaple's temper isn't good." the disciple on duty said as he took Ye Yuan's identity token and pressed it against the mission jade slip.

The mission contents immediately popped up on mission jade slip: Level nine No. 3 mission: complete the Tier 4 medicinal pill, Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill. Reward: 300 thousand points and a Heavenly Silkworm Flexible Armor. Mission personnel: Ye Yuan.

Everyone looked at the mission on the jade wall and looked at Ye Yuan again, their gaze filled with sympathy and pity.

But Qiu Peng seemed to have other thoughts. "Ye Yuan, this name is really familiar! Oh yeah, it's him . . ."

He went in front of Ceng Cheng and said amusedly, "Ceng Cheng, aren't you looking for the person who beat up your younger brother?"

"En? You know who?"

"Hur hur, far away on the horizon, yet right before your eyes." While talking, Qiu Peng's gaze looked towards Ye Yuan.

Ceng Cheng's eyes focused and said icily, "My little brother was beaten by this hothead?"

A Martial Hall disciple and low-rank Alchemy Master but accepted a level nine mission. What was he if not a hothead?

Now that he heard that his brother was actually beaten up by such a guy, Ceng Cheng's heart involuntarily agreed with Qiu Peng's appraisal.

He was really declining with each passing day!

"If I recall correctly, that new disciple who taught your brother a lesson is called Ye Yuan. Moreover, this boy looks very unfamiliar, isn't that so?" Qiu Peng said smilingly.

Ceng Cheng's face darkened, and he went up to block Ye Yuan.

Seeing that Ceng Cheng harbored ill intentions, Ye Yuan could not help frowning. He did not think that Ceng Cheng would knock on his door so quickly.

He was interrupted slightly just now before sinking his senses into the jade wall to find missions and did not notice Qiu Peng and Ceng Cheng's conversation.

But even if he heard it, Ye Yuan would not pay any notice either.

Just a Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. It would not cause too big a trouble to Ye Yuan.

"You're the one who beat my little brother and even snatched his points?"

"Who's your brother? Who are you?" Ye Yuan pretended that he did not know anything. Towards people looking to find trouble, he had never given any good attitude.

"Humph! Did you beat up a disciple called Ceng Yu a few days ago? He's my younger brother. I'm called Ceng Yu."

"Oh, that matter huh." Realization 'dawned upon' Ye Yuan. He said, "I did teach a lesson to some guys who didn't have eyes a few days back. But didn't remember their names. Which one is your brother?"

Seeing Ye Yuan's casual look, Ceng Cheng felt infuriated. "Good! Excellent! A Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm who dares to receive a level nine mission indeed have the guts! Since your guts are so great, do you dare to accept my points challenge?"