Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Send Him Packing
Chapter 239: Send Him Packing!
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A quiet courtyard at the main peak of the Spirit Blessing Mountain.

This was the residence of Grand Elder Skymaple, the Skymaple Court.

Ye Yuan rushed straight for the Skymaple Court right after leaving the Support Star Pavilion.

It looked as if missions for martial artists consumed time and energy, but in reality, alchemy missions similarly consumed time and energy. A refinement mission would often consume large amounts of the Pill Hall disciple's time and energy.

Points were not so easy to get.

Of course, there were basically negligible dangers for Pill Hall disciples to refine pills.

However, the time and energy expended on these alchemy missions were far from what martial missions consumed.

Such as this level nine mission that Ye Yuan took on.

Honestly speaking, this mission was far from as simple and relaxed as imagined. Otherwise, it would not have hung there for 10 years.

While perfecting incomplete medicinal pills was much easier than developing a type of medicinal pill, the amount of energy involved tended to make people go nuts!

Just like the current Skymaple.


Ye Yuan heard an earthshaking explosion sound coming from the inner court right when he arrived at the Skymaple Court gate.

A cauldron exploded.

With Ye Yuan's experience, he could distinguish it instantly.

Skymaple's face was charred black like he had just crawled out of a coal pile, leaving only two white eyeballs blinking there.

Opposite him, a youth also looked as if he crawled out from a coal pile.

These two people just experienced a cauldron explosion.

"Your Father doesn't believe it! Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, Your Father will fight it out with you! Wang Jie, prepare the ingredients! Let's refine another furnace of Seven Profound Soul Driving Pills!" Skymaple said shakily to the youth with a black face.

Wang Jie was the final disciple that Skymaple took in. His age was similar to Mo Yuntian's, but he already had a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster cultivation!

A high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster was a force that could not be overlooked even when placed within the sect. But in front of Skymaple, he was only enough to play the role of an assistant.

Hearing Skymaple's stubborn temper flare up again, Wang Jie could not help giving a bitter smile as he said, "Master, this is already the fourth cauldron explosion in this month! Shouldn't we tabulate to see if the ingredients used to fill in the gaps are correct? After all, the collection of these Tier 4 ingredients also expended quite a bit of energy!"

Those striking white eyeballs of Skymaple's stared at his disciple as he said sulkily, "Are you the master, or am I the master? I asked you to prepare the ingredients, so just do it! What's with all the bullsh*t! I dare to guarantee that the ingredients used to complete it this time is definitely correct! This elderly self has studied the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill for over a dozen years, and finally, I had a flash of inspiration a year ago and thought of using the Extreme Light Profound Gold Fruit to complete the pill formula! This time, either I succeed or die!"

Wang Jie said with an anguished face, "Of course you're the master! I'll go prepare the ingredients, okay?"

"Humph! Feeling wronged? This old man took you in as my last disciple in hopes that you would be different from that bunch of blockheads. Now, it looks like you're not much different from them! I hung the mission there for 10 years, but the things they researched is becoming increasingly out in left field. Really angering old me to death!" Skymaple said furiously.

Wang Jie was an honest-looking boy and was also used to getting scolded by Skymaple, so he naturally did not dare to rebuke.

Just as he was leaving to prepare the ingredients, a sound came from outside, informing of a disciple's visit.

"Informing Grand Elder, there's a disciple outside seeking an interview. He's holding a mission jade slip in his hands, saying that he took the level nine No.3 mission that you hung in the Support Star Pavilion."

Skymaple's eyes lit up. He pulled open the refining room's door but scared that gatekeeping disciple.

But Skymaple could not be bothered with so much. He grabbed that disciple's arm and asked, "There's really someone who accepted the mission? Who's the person that came? Reliable or not?"

This level nine mission was still very popular in the beginning, but later on, the disciples and elders discovered that this was an impossible task, so they gradually gave up too.

Subsequently, there were lesser and fewer people asking for this mission. All the way until five years ago, where nobody touched this mission anymore.

Now that he heard somebody took on this mission, he was naturally exuberant!

Taking this mission after five years meant that there was somebody who overcame this difficult barrier and succeeded in completing the pill formula!

How could this not agitate Skymaple?

The gatekeeping disciple was grabbed by Skymaple till it hurt, but he did not dare to squeak.

"Replying Grand Elder, the one who came is a young man. Looks like he had just entered the sect recently. I see that he's only Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and wearing Martial Hall disciple outfit, but a low-rank Alchemy Master badge is hanging on his chest."

The gatekeeping disciple spilled out everything that he saw. As for whether it was reliable or not, that would be up to the grand elder to determine.

The way the gatekeeping disciple saw it, it was obviously unreliable!

Indeed, with every sentence from the disciple, Skymaple's face would darken a shade. By the time he said the last sentence, Skymaple was already about to storm off.

However, his face was currently completely pitch-black. No matter how much darker his expression got, it was already impossible to tell.

Skymaple suddenly raised his hands and tossed, throwing that gatekeeping disciple out far away.

"Do you have a pig's brain? This kind of rookie took the mission, and you also come and report to me? Make him scram back directly! You go back right now and send him packing with a flurry of sticks! Come and bother me again, and I'll demote you to do a year's worth of chores!" Skymaple virtually shouted these words at the top of his voice.

Finishing, the gatekeeping disciple only heard a bang. The refining room's door was shut again.

Ye Yuan was presently looking forward to it, but when he saw the disciple come back with a dirt-covered face, he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Indeed, when that gatekeeping disciple saw Ye Yuan, he waved his hands angrily and said, "Quickly leave, quickly leave! I say, what are you joining in the fun for? You caused me to be scolded by Grand Elder! You also don't size yourself up before daring to accept a level nine mission. Can you, a low-rank Alchemy Master, settle a Tier 4 medicinal pill?"

Ye Yuan was dumbfounded and said, "This Senior Apprentice Brother, can I trouble you to pass the word again? I can really complete the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula!"

The gatekeeping disciple was currently down in the dumps, how could he listen?

"Go, go, go! What are you still being pesky here for? Grand Elder Skymaple told me to send you packing with sticks. I already showed mercy. If you don't leave, I'm really going to be impolite!"

This gatekeeping disciple was at the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm and simply did not place Ye Yuan in his sights.

At first, he did not get cussed at by Skymaple, so he was still easier to talk to. Now, he did not even wish to respond to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not think that this kind of situation would occur either. He brought along the pill formula but could not even enter the other party's gates.

However, he did not stoop to this gatekeeping disciple's level. He gave a flattering smile and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother, as long as you help me pass along a sentence to Grand Elder, he'll definitely meet me."

"Grand Elder already said not seeing means not seeing! What's there to pass along? If you don't leave, then I'm really not going to be courteous!" The gatekeeping disciple's patience also reached its limits.

Ye Yuan sighed and clasped his hands, saying, "Since that's the case, Ye Yuan is going to offend you!"

Finishing, Ye Yuan displayed the Spirit Void Shattering Space, drifting past the gatekeeping disciple's body like a draft of a gentle breeze.

By the time the gatekeeping disciple reacted, it was already too late. Ye Yuan was already a thousand feet away.

The gatekeeping disciple was taken aback. If the grand elder were to know that somebody barged into the Skymaple Court, him doing a year of chores would be set!

Thinking up to this point, he swiftly used his movement technique to chase after Ye Yuan.