Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 242

Chapter 242: An Alchemy Emperors Guidance
Chapter 242: An Alchemy Emperors Guidance
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Skymaple's eyes grew brighter and brighter.

Unlike the other elders, he was a genuine Alchemy King! A Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

His experience was naturally extraordinary!

Skymaple actually felt that the materials he used in the past to complete the pill formula were all trash.

Although he had not started refining, Skymaple already felt that using Iceheart Dew would certainly work!

Because he simply could not find any flaws in this pill formula!

Those materials that he found in the past, while he was full of confidence each time, he himself actually knew that there was always that slight area of imperfection.

But this time, he felt that this pill formula was absolutely perfect!

Skymaple currently had an impulse to burst into a song and dance. Over a dozen years of racking his brain bitterly, over a dozen years of repeated defeats, over a dozen years of wallowing in despair, he obtained a release at this very instant.

If not for wanting to preserve some parts of a grand elder's prestige and because he did not wish to lose himself too much in front of Ye Yuan, he would have started dancing around right away.

This was not enough to express his emotions.

"Wang Jie, you quickly go and ask Ouyang Yu if there is still Iceheart Dew in the sect! If there isn't, make them gather it at top speed! Remember, it must be at the fastest speed! I must see the Iceheart Dew within a month!" Skymaple hurriedly instructed.

Wang Jie also had an eye-opener today. Ye Yuan's words gave him a feeling of being enlightened.

In reality, while Wang Jie had a gentle character, he also had pride that others did not possess.

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he was among those true Alchemy Path geniuses. Otherwise, he would not have been fancied by Skymaple and become his disciple.

Wang Jie had always thought highly of himself. He felt that his accomplishments on the alchemy path were already absolutely outstanding among people of the same age.

But Ye Yuan's words today opened another window for him.

Wang Jie only knew today just how unstable his foundation skills were and how shallow his previous understanding of medicinal knowledge was!

Hearing Skymaple's orders, Wang Jie said respectfully, "Yes, Master."

Logically speaking, running errands should be done by Ye Yuan. Ignoring that Wang Jie's seniority was exceedingly high, even with his Alchemy Grandmaster status, it should not be his turn to run errands.

But at this current moment, Wang Jie gladly enjoyed the hardship and felt that it was only natural and right.

To the Skymaple Court, Ye Yuan was a distinguished guest. How could they let a distinguished guest run errands?

After Wang Jie left, Skymaple started to consult Ye Yuan like a student on how to refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill.

Refining pills were not just the simple act of putting together medicinal herbs. Each type of medicinal herbs, its quantity, flame intensity when refining, and so on, were all extremely particular things.

A discrepancy of a hair's breadth could lead to an error of a thousand miles!

Messing up a step could possibly result in the refinement to fail.

Alchemists was an exceptionally meticulous occupation. The path they walk was completely different from martial artists.

Yet, the more he chatted with Ye Yuan, the more Skymaple felt his blood run cold. His gaze when looking at Ye Yuan also changed once more.

If one were to say that the first time he saw Ye Yuan, he was looking at him with a disdainful angle, then after Ye Yuan talked about the Western Flower recipe, it became viewing him as equals.

But now, Skymaple was looking up to Ye Yuan!

Although they were only chatting about one type of medicinal pill, Ye Yuan's views tended to give Skymaple a feeling that he could grasp the entire concept by grasping a typical example.

Not knowing the reason, just one chat and Skymaple felt that his alchemy skills improved quite a bit!

Many things that Ye Yuan talked about, Skymaple did not even think about them in the past.

Especially when Ye Yuan was talking about the refinement method. Skymaple frequently had the feeling that medicinal pills could even be refined in such a way.

The incomplete pill formula of this Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill was accidentally acquired by Forefather Ouyang Tuotian. Even he could not complete it. The missing parts in the pill formula were not just one core material. The refinement method was missing too.

Many of Skymaple's past refinement methods were fumbled out by himself. Cauldron explosions were naturally something to be expected.

"Ye Yuan, did you research and come up with this pill formula yourself?" After a long while, Skymaple finally asked the suspicion in his heart.

This Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula was something that even their forefather could not complete. If Ye Yuan could come up with it himself, then this alchemic talent was overly heaven-defying.

Ye Yuan obviously would not say that he already knew this pill formula from the start. Of course, even if he did not know, completing it was not something hard.

"Of course not. Actually, before entering the sect, I already had a master. This pill formula was imparted to me by him. When I was searching for missions in the Support Star Pavilion, I just happened to see the level nine No. 3 mission, so I accepted it," Ye Yuan said with a grin.

Skymaple breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that. It seemed like Ye Yuan's monstrousness was still within the boundaries of understanding. Even so, from Ye Yuan's conversation, it could be seen that his alchemy skill foundation was extremely solid!

However, Skymaple developed an intense curiosity towards such master who could train such an incredible disciple.

The way Skymaple saw it, that person was definitely an existence more amazing than him. He might even be an Alchemy Sovereign!

Ye Yuan recounted the fabricated story again before Skymaple dismissed that idea of requesting an audience.

Skymaple obviously did not know that while he was unaware, he had already spoken to a former Alchemy Emperor.

Even if Ye Yuan could not refine out high-tier medicinal pills now, his experience and knowledge were simply not on the same level as Skymaple's.

Ye Yuan looked as if he was conversing with Skymaple, but in reality, it could be counted giving pointers to him.

Being able to obtain some pointers from an Alchemy Emperor was enough for Skymaple to profit from his entire life. Because it was impossible for Skymaple to even see Ye Yuan's shadow in this lifetime.

In his previous life, there had been countless Alchemy Ancestors, Alchemy Saints, even Alchemy Venerables who sought for Ye Yuan's guidance but did not even had the chance. An Alchemy King like Skymaple did not even have the qualifications to present himself in front of him.

Not that Ye Yuan valued his old broomstick, but because he really did not wish to waste time in this area. 1

The reason why Ye Yuan was so generous was actually still because of his promise to Lu Yan last time.

Ye Yuan reckoned that Skymaple should be the Tranquil Cloud Sect's greatest expert in the Alchemy Dao. For him to have any breakthrough naturally brought enormous benefits to the entire sect.

The use of the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill was to aid the divine soul in breaking through.

At Skymaple's age, he basically already exhausted all of his potentials. Under the circumstances without the use of external force, he would essentially just stop at his present realm in this lifetime.

Skymaple himself was already clear on this point. That was why he placed all of his energy on the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill.

Whether the power of the sect was strong or not, it had never been about the number of disciples, history, or accumulation. The deciding factor was the sect's most powerful member!

A sect that possessed a middle-stage Soul Sea Realm martial artist would be stronger than a sect like the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Furthermore, it would be overwhelmingly stronger!

If they did not have the protection of the sect protecting grand array, a middle-stage Soul Sea Realm could take on the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect by himself!

Once martial artists cultivated to a certain realm, human piling tactics would no longer be able to compensate for the gap.

The more Skymaple conversed, the more he opportunistic he became. The more he conversed, the greater his thirst for knowledge was. But Ye Yuan controlled the limits very well, conversing with the other party with the attitude of being equals, not letting Skymaple feel like he was giving pointers.

With his master as the backing entity, Ye Yuan's conversation did not appear too unexpected.

Before long, Wang Jie barged in very excitedly . . .