Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 245

Chapter 245: Pill Hall Vice Hall Head
Chapter 245: Pill Hall Vice Hall Head!
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The refinement of the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill was relatively smooth!

Ye Yuan already prepared everything to help Skymaple refine this medicinal pills. He even threw in the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame.

If Skymaple still could not refine it like this, then this Alchemy King should just find a piece of tofu to commit suicide with.

When Skymaple held the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill in his hands, he trembled agitatedly and almost slipped and dropped the pill on the floor.

"Hahaha . . . I finally refined the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill! Truly the heaven is protecting me, Skymaple. The heaven is protecting my Tranquil Cloud Sect!"

While Skymaple was talking, the flesh on his face was quivering.

For the past years, all of Skymaple's energy was placed on this medicinal pill, but it was all to no avail.

Skymaple naturally understood at present that if Ye Yuan had not appeared, the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill definitely could not be refined, and he would also fail to take a single inch forward in this lifetime!

Now that the medicinal pill was refined, how could Skymaple not be agitated?

"Congratulations, Master! Your long-cherished wish of 13 years is finally fulfilled!" Wang Jie's words also carried trembling, and he even seemed to choke up a little. He was clearly also greatly moved.

Wang Jie had followed Skymaple for five to six years already. These five to six years, most of his time was spent on the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill!

Only he himself was well aware just how much hardship and scoldings he suffered during this period.

Of course, Wang Jie was an understanding person. He knew the misery and pressure in Skymaple's heart. That was why he bore the hardships without any complaints.

Now that the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill had finally been refined, a feeling like the bitterness being followed by the sweet welled up in Wang Jie's heart.

He could not resist taking a look at Ye Yuan; his heart filled with awe and veneration.

Yes, it was awe and veneration!

This sort of feeling, he only had them towards Skymaple before!

For Ye Yuan to have such knowledge and means at such an age, it was truly overwhelmingly heaven-defying!

Originally, Wang Jie was still somewhat pleased with himself within the sect. But now, that pride in his heart was grounded until it was badly mauled.

This was a genuine genius!

Ye Yuan also went forward to congratulate. "Congratulations, Grand Elder, to have realized your long-cherished dream!"

Only now did Skymaple return to reality from his agitation. Looking at Ye Yuan, he sighed emotionally and said, "Ye Yuan, it's entirely due to your credit that this seat could refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill!"

Ye Yuan beamed and said, "The medicinal herbs were prepared by the sect, and the medicinal pill was refined personally by Grand Elder. How can Ye Yuan dare to claim credit? If one really had to talk about credit, it would just be the credit for loaning out the essence fire. Haha."

Skymaple did not show anything on the surface, but he secretly approved in his heart.

Ye Yuan completely lacked the impulsiveness that a youth should have. When claiming credit, he did not become arrogant. Looking at Ye Yuan's expression, it was as if he did some minor thing that was not even worth mentioning. This was not the breadth of mind that the average youth could have!

Skymaple obviously did not know that this was really just something insignificant to Ye Yuan.

"Haha, you don't need to be modest, Ye Yuan! Whether you have contributions or not, this seat is very clear about it in my heart! This matter, you bestowed grace upon this elderly self and similarly did a favor to my Tranquil Cloud Sect. This old man will remember it in my heart! Wang Jie, gather all the hall elders and above to the Assembly Hall! I have a matter to announce!" Skymaple suddenly said to Wang Jie.

. . . . . .

The Assembly Hall was the place where Ye Yuan underwent the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing.

Presently, there was commotion all about inside the hall. It looked rather like a teahouse.

"Elder Sun, do you know what matter Grand Elder suddenly summoned us for?"

Elder Sun was also at a loss as he shook his head and said, "How do I know? Grand Elder has already not inquired about sect matters for many years and studied the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill wholeheartedly. Sigh, I say, did he gather us because the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill is refined?"

"Ha! How is that possible? That Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill, both you and I have studied it. We can't refine it either after testing out so many medicinal herbs! Furthermore, this pill formula was accidentally obtained by Forefather Ouyang back them. Forefather was a high-rank Alchemy Sovereign. Even he could not complete it, so how could Grand Elder complete it?"

"That's true. But I heard that Grand Elder seemed to have studied another kind of medicinal herb to complete the pill formula recently. He seemed to be very confident. Maybe he really successfully refined it?"

Another elder could not help laughing as he said, "Haha, Old Sun, you really don't care what's going on outside your window! I've also heard about the matter you said. But there has already been several cauldron explosions from Grand Elder's place already. Do you think he can refine it?"

Finishing, Elder Sun also looked stunned before immediately smiling bitterly and shaking his head.

In truth, these elders were also displeased towards Skymaple for being obsessed with the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill. It was just that Skymaple's status in the sect was too high. Plus, the Sect Master supported him fully. Hence, nobody dared to say anything.

One had to know that what Skymaple expended to refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill were all Tier 4 materials!

Tier 4 materials were extremely valuable to the Tranquil Cloud Sect too. These few years, Skymaple exhausted countless manpower and material resources in order to refine this medicinal pill, but he never succeeded.

To say that these elders did not have any complaints at all, that was unrealistic.

And it was precisely so that Skymaple wavered previously and did not dare to start the refinement.

Just as everyone was confused, Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng walked into the hall while chatting happily. There were even two young men following behind them.

One was Wang Jie, and the other was Ye Yuan.

When the group of elders saw Ye Yuan, they were stunned.

How did Ye Yuan get together with Grand Elder after just a few days of not seeing him?

Especially Yao Qian. He was originally planning on finding trouble with Ye Yuan but did not imagine that Ye Yuan actually walked close with Grand Elder.

If it was an ordinary relationship, then that was still fine. But if Grand Elder took a fancy to him and took him in as a disciple, then it would be even harder for him to take action in the future!

Thinking up to here, Yao Qian could not help feeling frustrated in his heart.

His incident had already become a joke among the elders, but he could not even vent his anger. Truly aggrieving!

He could only pray now that Ye Yuan and Grand Elder did not have too close a relation.

The four people came to the center of the hall. Skymaple sat in the main seat, Luo Qingfeng sat beside him, while Ye Yuan and Wang Jie stood behind.

"Today, I called everyone here because I have two important matters to announce! The first matter is that from tomorrow onwards, I'll be entering terminal seclusion!"

When Skymaple's voice fell, whispered started again.

However, Ouyang Yu react extremely quickly. He bowed and said, "Martial Uncle, can it be . . ."

"Hahaha . . . Oh Ouyang you little monkey, your reaction is fast!"

Skymaple started laughing heartily. Except, his address of Ouyang Yu made the elders simmer with laughter. Ouyang Yu had an embarrassed face.

Ouyang Yu's position in the sect was extremely high. Only Skymaple dared to call him a little monkey.

"That's right! I believe everyone knows that this seat has been researching the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill wholeheartedly over these years. Heaven rewards the faithful! This Seat finally got what he wanted today and refined out the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill!" Skymaple was clearly in an excellent mood. When speaking, he was full of energy.

Once these words came out, there was congratulations and delighted surprise below.

Skymaple beamed happily and accepted everyone's felicitations.

After everyone calmed down, he then said, "The second matter this seat is announcing is to appoint Ye Yuan as the Pill Hall's Vice Hall Head!"