Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 246

Chapter 246: Unexpected
Chapter 246: Unexpected!
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The entire hall was silent . . .

This appointment from Skymaple came too suddenly. Nobody was mentally prepared, including the sect master, Luo Qingfeng, who was beside him.

As the sect's grand elder, Skymaple even had the authority to appoint or dismiss the sect master; let alone a vice hall head.

Ye Yuan did not have any mental preparation either and was stunned by this nomination for a long while.

The silence lasted for roughly 10 breaths of time when finally, somebody voiced out to object.

The first person to oppose it was Ling Potian. "Martial Uncle, Ye Yuan is just a newcomer disciple. Although he has some talent in the path of alchemy, isn't it rather rash to make him the vice hall head?"

"En? Your meaning is that I'm old and worthless and can't discern people clearly?" Skymaple said with a frown.

These words were rather serious. He was trying to suppress these opposing voices directly.

Although Ling Potian had a deadpan face, his expression right now was still rather ugly.

"Potian dare not! Potian was just dealing with the matter as it stands!" Ling Potian clearly had a stubborn temper.

At this time, Ouyang Yu also came forward. "Martial Uncle, Ye Yuan is only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm and low-rank Alchemy Master. What capability does he have to be the vice hall head?"

Now that two hall heads stood up to refute this, everyone's guts also swelled. One by one, they all stood up to object.

Especially Ouyang Ming and Yao Qian, the two of them were yelling the happiest.

Among these elders, there were actually quite a few who were displeased with Ye Yuan's prior attitude.

In their opinion, although Ye Yuan this young man was talented, he was too oblivious to the immensity of heaven and earth and extremely arrogant! What qualifications did he have to be the vice hall head?

Of course, the most important thing was that Ye Yuan was still too young! His credentials were too shallow. He was simply unworthy of being the vice hall head!

What should they do in the future if a teenage youth rode above these elders' heads?

Did these old fellows who were hundreds of years old have to respectfully call out 'Vice Hall Head' when they saw Ye Yuan?

How was this possible?

Skymaple's good mood was completely ruined by this.

He obviously knew that nominating Ye Yuan to be the vice hall head was somewhat abrupt, but he knew that Ye Yuan's level was sufficient to take on this position!

These few days, he had a lot of exchanges with Ye Yuan. Although Ye Yuan had always maintained a disciple's manners and his words were very restrained, he still inadvertently revealed his erudite knowledge about Alchemy Dao!

The things that Ye Yuan talked about far surpassed the boundary of Alchemy Master. It even surpassed the boundary of Quasi-Alchemy King!

He absolutely had the ability to be this vice hall head!

Skymaple even had a feeling that Ye Yuan was only unable to refine Tier 3 and Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills because his cultivation realm was not there yet! If Ye Yuan's realm were sufficient, refining Tier 3 and Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pills would be as easy as flipping his hands!

Moreover, Skymaple had another consideration. Placing a heavy emphasis on Ye Yuan also showed the sect's emphasis on him. This definitely had enormous advantages in building a good relationship with that enigmatic master behind Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan's master was bound to be an Alchemy Sovereign existence. He might even be a high-rank Alchemy Sovereign like Ouyang Tuotian!

Such an existence, even if he just took care of the Tranquil Cloud Sect slightly, it could let the sect enjoy tremendous benefits!

These fools did not understand anything, all objecting fervently. Skymaple was furious.


Skymaple slammed a palm on the tea table beside the old-fashioned wooden armchair. The abnormally tenacious and tough Profound Dipper Wood tea table instantly turned into dust.

Seeing this scene, everyone was secretly alarmed. Grand Elder apparently really became angry!

Skymaple's eyes swept across each person's face. These elders all did not dare to meet his gaze.

"Good! Very good! All these years, I've been in a half-seclusion state. Looks like after not coming out for too long, nobody is taking this old man seriously anymore! Today, I'm going to make Ye Yuan the Pill Hall Vice Hall Head! Anyone else who dares to object will be expelled from the sect!" Skymaple directly used his trump card.

Once Skymaple's words came out, everybody was immediately as quiet as cicadas in winter.

As a matter of fact, it was really as Skymaple said. He had not appeared for too long already. Hence, everyone more or less took him lightly in their minds!

The blood surged to all of their heads just now. They instinctively felt that letting a Spirit Condensation Realm brat be the Pill Hall's Vice Hall Head was truly a mockery.

Except, they did not imagine that Grand Elder was actually going to kick them elders outside the walls because of Ye Yuan!

At this time, Luo Qingfeng who remained quiet the whole time finally stood up.

Skymaple already said his words to such an extent. He could not remain silent any longer.

"I wonder why Martial Uncle wants to appoint Ye Yuan?" Luo Qingfeng asked respectfully.

Seeing that it was Luo Qingfeng enquiring, Skymaple's expression eased up slightly as he said solemnly, "All of you are aware of the level nine mission that this seat hung in the Support Star Pavilion, right?"

"Of course, we know. The mission Martial Uncle issued was to complete the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill," Luo Qingfeng said.

Skymaple nodded and said, "In truth, it was all thanks to Ye Yuan completing the pill formula that this seat could refine out the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill this time! Furthermore, during the refinement process, Ye Yuan even provided huge assistance! Of course, this is not the main point! The most important thing was that I acquired the Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal pill, the Soul Driving Pill's formula from Ye Yuan on behalf of the sect. That's to say, you people are all the future beneficiaries of this pill formula! So, you people tell me, does Ye Yuan deserve to be the vice hall head?"

Luo Qingfenge's face changed when he heard this. "There's actually such a thing?!"

"Ye Yuan completed the pill formula? How is this possible? He's only a low-rank Alchemy Master!"

"Yeah! The thing he took out before was only the True Rising Spirit Pill formula, just a Tier 1 medicinal pills, that's all. The Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill is a Tier 4 medicinal pill!"

"Could it be that Ye Yuan really has a formidable master? Also . . . a Quasi-Tier 4 Soul Driving Pill. This name sounds a lot like the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill. Can it be . . ."

"Can it be that we all have a chance to break through?"

All the elders were incredibly shocked. A low-rank Alchemy Master completed a Tier 4 medicinal pill! This was simply inconceivable!

At this point, there was no longer anybody who doubted that there really was a powerful master behind Ye Yuan.

However, what they minded was not this. What they took notice of was the Soul Driving Pill!
There was nobody who could resist the temptation of breakthrough!

"This . . . Since this is the case, I have no objections!" Luo Qingfeng pondered for a long time before saying.

"I agree as well!" Xiao Jian was the first to show his stand.

. . . . . .

The objections became waves of approval.

Yao Qian's face was as ugly as it could get. With a sway of his body, Ye Yuan actually rode above his head!

Thinking of how Ye Yuan would boss him around to make him do things in the future, Yao Qian felt just as disgusted as he had just eaten a fly!

Yao Qian really wished to yell out 'I disagree,' but the weight of his words in this situation was too feeble. Furthermore, Skymaple said that if anyone dared to object again, they would be directly expelled!

Yao Qian could only swallow these two words back into his stomach and let it fester.

The game was set. Skymaple's expression looked much better.

"Since that's the case, then from today onwards, Ye Yuan will be . . ."

"Hang on!" Skymaple was talking when Ye Yuan interrupted halfway.

"En? What do you want to say, Ye Yuan?" Skymaple asked in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan stood up and gave a bow to Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng. He slowly said, "Grand Elder, Sect Master, I can't take this vice hall head position!"