Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 247

Chapter 247: Exchange
Chapter 247: Exchange
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This matter underwent another unexpected change!

As the party involved, Ye Yuan actually rejected Grand Elder's appointment!

This matter hit one snag after another, leaving the elders at somewhat of a loss on what to do.

"Ye Yuan, are you worried that you can't control these punks? Don't worry, with me around, none of them will dare to disobey your orders!"

Skymaple did not imagine that Ye Yuan could actually voice out his rejection either. But he soon realized what it was that Ye Yuan was worried about.

Ye Yuan said, "Not this reason. This disciple thank Grand Elder very much for your great kindness. It's just that this vice hall head position, disciple really cannot accept it!"

Skymaple asked in surprise, "Why is that?"

"This disciple entered the sect to hone the Martial Path. That's why I entered the Martial Hall. This disciple's strength is paltry. I originally wanted to compete with the seniors in the Martial Hall. Once I take on this vice hall head position, it wouldn't be appropriate to spar with other seniors about the Martial Path," Ye Yuan stated a reason that surprised everyone.

"This . . . Your alchemic talent is so peerless. Walking the Martial Path is truly a waste!" Skymaple sighed emotionally.

Alchemists just needed to bother with cultivating essence energy and simply did not need to worry about combat power. But to martial artists, essence energy was only the foundation to unleash combat power. What they had to do was to maximize combat power to the greatest!

Skymaple himself was an alchemist. Seeing that Ye Yuan was so amazing in the Alchemy Path, he naturally hoped for him to walk the Alchemy Path.

Little did he realize that Ye Yuan's Alchemy Dao had already reached the acme of perfection!

"Thank you, Grand Elder, for your adulation. But at present, to me, the Dartial Path is still more important! I hope that Grand Elder can permit it!" Ye Yuan said earnestly.

Seeing that Ye Yuan's was bent on this, a trace of helplessness flashed across Skymaple's face. He could only say, "Since that's the case, then this matter is over. However, I still want to give you the position of nominal elder. In the Pill Hall, your status is not beneath theirs."

Hearing these words, Yao Qian's mood which just had a turn for the better returned to its original state.

The so-called nominal elder was that they could ignore Pill Hall work, but enjoy the treatment of an elder. Kind of like only drawing a salary but not doing work.

That was also to say that as long as Ye Yuan took on this appointment, he would be on an equal footing with him, Yao Qian.

Recalling half a month ago where he was still an envoy planning on fetching Ye Yuan into the sect. At that time, he even said that Ye Yuan might not even be able to maintain the position of core disciple.

But after half a month, with a shake of his body, Ye Yuan actually became equal footing as him. There really was the feeling like he was being slapped in the face in public.

Quickly reject! Quickly reject! Yao Qian kept on praying in his heart that Ye Yuan would also reject this elder position.

"Since Grand Elder insists, then alright. I'll accept this nominal elder. However, I hope that the sect will not publicize my status and not give me any special treatment. Let me cultivate with an ordinary disciple identity."

The reality was very cruel. Ye Yuan accepted this appointment in the end.

Ye Yuan knew that there were many benefits to being an elder. It was only a nominal status anyway, why would he say no?

Within the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the elders had many responsibilities and also had many privileges.

Ye Yuan, as a nominal elder, did not need to carry out responsibilities. He, a Spirit Condensation Realm, could not carry them out even if he wanted to. However, he could enjoy the privileges.

Only a fool would not do it!

Ye Yuan also guessed some parts of Skymaple's thoughts. That was why he was insistent on not accepting the vice hall head position. Ye Yuan's time was very valuable. He did not wish to waste it on sect affairs.

But as for this nominal elder, he had no emotional burdens.

"Haha, it's good that you agreed. Otherwise, I really would not know how I should thank you. Qingfeng, later, you help Ye Yuan make an elder token. As to the disciples, don't publicize it." Skymaple also let out a sigh in relief seeing that Ye Yuan accepted.

Luo Qingfeng replied with a yes; his eyes seemed complicated as he shot Ye Yuan a glance.

To promote to become a sect elder at the Spirit Condensation Realm, Ye Yuan was the first person to do so since the establishment of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Luo Qingfeng was also a smart man. He also guessed some parts of Skymaple's intentions, so he did not have any complaints towards this.

To a declined sect, they madly yearned to be strong.

Skymaple swept a glance over everyone. Seeing that many people's face had unconvinced looks, he sneered coldly in his heart.

"After this seat enters closed-seclusion, Qingfeng will take the stage. You all do well to assist him! If there are any problems related to alchemy, you can communicate and exchange with Elder Ye Yuan. I believe that he won't let you down!" Skymaple said calmly.

Ye Yuan sweated heavily when he heard that. But he could not explain things at such a time.

This old fellow isn't drawing aggro to me, right?

It was still fine for the Martial Hall elders, but the thick hostility from those Pill Hall elders was too distinct!

Indeed, once Skymaple's words fell, Ye Yuan immediately felt a deep fighting intent.

Every one of the elders was filled with righteous indignation. They dared to be angry but dared not voice out. If looks could kill, Ye Yuan would have been killed multiple times over by now.

Just a low-rank Alchemy Master, and the Grand Elder actually used him to compare to the elders. This was such a joke!

Furthermore, although Grand Elder said 'exchange,' in truth, everybody heard that it was 'seek advice'!

Even if Ye Yuan really completed the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill formula, it was definitely a blind cat catching a dead rat, he just coincidentally knew this pill formula; that was all.

If one were to say that Ye Yuan's level was high, they would not believe it even if they were beaten to death!

Ye Yuan had an incredible master behind him, so it was also normal to know how to recite several higher level pill formulas. But he was only a teenager. How deep could his understanding towards alchemy be?

. . . . . .

In the Pill Hall's assembly hall, a bunch of elders surrounded Ouyang Yu. Some of their throats were already red from arguing.

"Hall Head, I really can't take this lying down! Old me has immersed myself in the Alchemy Path for about 150 years. I dare not say that I'm well-versed in alchemy, but I can't be beaten by a teenage child, right?"

"Exactly! I have no objections about Grand Elder insisting on letting Ye Yuan be a nominal elder. But to let us go and seek advice from him, isn't it too overboard?"

"Grand Elder is clearly looking down on our Pill Hall! How can he do this?! He himself also walked out from the Pill Hall. How can he belittle our Pill Hall like this? Can it be that so many of us Quasi-Alchemy Kings here can't even fight him, a low-rank Alchemy Master?"

"I want to challenge him!"

"Right, I also want to challenge him! I want to see just whether or not Ye Yuan really has three heads and six arms!"

"I'll go too!"

. . . . . .

Everyone was clamoring, giving Ouyang Yu a headache.

However, these elders' words really hit the spot for him.

Although Skymaple did not name him, he clearly included him inside too.

Ouyang Yu was the Pill Hall's Hall Head and also the strongest alchemist in the Pill Hall; an existence that was only a step away from advancing into Alchemy King Realm.

Of course, this step was a heavenly chasm to him.

Such an existence still needed to accept guidance from Ye Yuan, a low-rank Alchemy Master?

What a joke!

Ouyang Yu swept a glance over these elders and said with a slight smile, "I didn't hear anything."

Finishing, he turned around and left.

The group of elders was stunned. Immediately after, they revealed an understanding smile.