Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 297

Chapter 297: Entering The Mystic Realm
Chapter 297: Entering the Mystic Realm
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The Heavenly Sky Sect had malicious intentions but did not know that they were already seen through by Ye Yuan long ago.

Luo Qingfeng already reminded Mei Zhen long since before they set off.

"But . . . Elder Wu still needs to be a little wary of this boy. After entering the mystic realm, we must kill him as long as there's a chance!" Li Zhangyu transmitted his voice to remind Wu Zhao.

"En? That Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm boy? Oh, right, that's the kid that made you suffer a huge loss? I don't see anything special about him."

Wu Zhao did not mind. Even if he could only exert the strength of peak Crystal Formation Realm, killing a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm was still too easy.

"This boy is very bizarre. Once he's given an opportunity, he will surely be an enormous threat to my Heavenly Sky Sect in the future! Elder Wu must take care not to treat him lightly!" Li Zhangyu forcefully pressed down the discontent in his heart and reminded once more.

But Wu Zhao responded, "Say no more, Zhangyu. I know what to do. You're Grand Elder Chi's disciples. How can you be so intimidated by a little Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm?"

Li Zhangyu was so angry that he gnashed his teeth, forcefully suppressing the rage in his heart and did not speak anymore.

He was young, but his status was not beneath Wu Zhao's. Under such circumstances, there were many elders sucking up to him in the Heavenly Sky Sect and also many elders who envied him. This Wu Zhao clearly belonged to the latter.

Looks like killing Ye Yuan could only be as the circumstances dictate.

At this moment, Ye Yuan was also disinclined to dispute with Wang Fan any longer. As long as they entered the mystic realm, Wang Fan would be a dead man sooner or later.

Seeing that the High Clarity Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect had temporarily ceased fire, Wu Zhao was also very pleased.

"Today, my Heavenly Sky Sect invites everyone here to explore the mystic realm together. I hope that everybody can cross the river in the same boat and support each other! The dangers of this mystic realm were already made known to everyone in advance. Take care not to drop your guard. After entering the mystic realm, each of you can seek out natural treasures on your own. Any item that you get will belong to you. My Heavenly Sky Sect will not take a single thing!" WU Zhao said loudly to everyone.

Once these words went out, there was an uproar in the crowd.

The Heavenly Sky Sect had always taken advantage of every opportunity to benefit themselves. Especially this time in their territory, many sects had already made preparations to have a cut taken by the Heavenly Sky Sect.

But they also made up their minds that if the cut were too big, they would withdraw and not do this.

Furthermore, this time was the Heavenly Sky Sect taking the initiative to invite them. Presumably, they would not go overboard, that was why they agreed to explore the mystic realm together this time.

Nobody could have thought that the Heavenly Sky Sect actually did not want a single thing!

"Elder Wu, you aren't joking with us, right?" someone asked doubtfully.

"Yeah, Elder Wu. Don't talk flowery words now but renege after we exit."

"Elder Wu, if you want to take a cut, make it clear early on. At least everyone will have an estimate in their hearts. Stirring up trouble like this makes us uneasy instead."

Wu Zhao suddenly pointed to the skies and swore, "I, Wu Zhao, swear a Heavenly Dao Oath now, the exploration of the mystic realm this time, my Heavenly Sky Sect will not ask for a cut from the other sects after exiting. If I break this vow, may I die a horrible death!"

This unexpected move from Wu Zhao left everyone completely shocked.

What was this? Could it be that the Heavenly Sky Sect really had a change in personality?

No matter what, Wu Zhao's Heavenly Dao Oath was already sworn. The crowd naturally would not have any more doubts.

Over on this side, the Tranquil Cloud Sect's people were also very surprised.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, what do you think is with the Heavenly Sky Sect? Could they really have changed for the better?" Mo Yuntian transmitted.

Ye Yuan snickered coldly and said, "Change for the better? How is that possible? That Elder Wu only said not to take a cut. He didn't say not to take the other sect's properties! As long as the other sects' disciples are dead, they can naturally collect their storage rings. At that time, wouldn't those things still be theirs?"

"While they have many people, everybody's risk will be the same after entering. How can they guarantee that they can obtain the greatest benefits in the end?"

"You take a look at the people from the Heavenly Sky Sect this time, the worst also has Third Level or Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm cultivation! If such a force will also be in danger, then let alone the other sects! Furthermore, talking in terms of understanding towards this mystic realm, nobody knows more than them! If they still had no gains under such circumstances, then they would really be a bunch of pigs."

"So, it's actually like this! Doesn't that mean that many of us from the seven great sects all became their stepping stones?"

"En, roughly this reasoning."

"Then we're in peril this trip! Talking about strength, our Tranquil Cloud Sect is probably the weakest, right?" Hearing Ye Yuan's words, Mo Yuntian involuntarily wanted to back out.

Not that he was afraid of death, but because he felt that dying this way was not worth it.

Obviously aware that they dug a pit to bury you yet you still jump inside. That was not courage but stupidity.

But Ye Yuan smiled mysteriously and said, "Perhaps after we enter the mystic realm, we'll become a great faction second only to the Heavenly Sky Sect!"

"En? How goes?" Mo Yuntian asked puzzledly.

"Hur hur, don't ask anymore, Senior Apprentice Brother. You'll naturally know after entering the mystic realm," Ye Yuan said with a beam.

Not that Ye Yuan was trying to be mysterious, but he was afraid of frightening Mo Yuntian until he gave himself away.

Presently, the Eight Great Sects had over a dozen Sea Transformation Realm experts. After entering the mystic realm, it would be pretty decent if there were half left.

Telling this sort of thing to Mo Yuntian would definitely make him jump in fright.

The more people there were, the more tongues there would be. Luo Qingfeng only told Mei Zhen this matter and did not tell a single one of the Crystal Formation Realm disciples. It was also pointless if they knew.

"Alright, since nobody has any objections, then let's start entering the mystic realm!" Wu Zhao said loudly.

At this time, a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse came out from the Heavenly Sky Sect and took out some middle-grade essence crystals and started arranging them at the entrance of the mystic realm.

The entrances to mystic realms were mostly not very stable. They had to be reinforced through array formations, or else it would be very easy to be swept away into turbulent spatial currents.

This Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse was evidently a Heavenly Sky Sect's array formations master.

Before long, another light door appeared at the mystic realm entrance.

"Everyone, to show our sincerity, my Heavenly Sky Sect will enter the mystic realm first!"

When Wu Zhao finished talking, he directly brought the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples and vanished from the light door, entering the mystic realm.

With the Heavenly Sky Sect leading the way, the other sects would not hold back anymore either. They scrambled over each other to enter the mystic realm.

Mei Zhen was not in a hurry. He waited for the other sects to enter one by one.

When Wang Fan was passing by this side, he looked at Ye Yuan and said cockily, "Brat, start praying now! Pray that you don't bump into me inside! Hahaha . . . !"

Ye Yuan shrugged and could not care less about him.

Only after the other sects entered the mystic realm did Mei Zhen turn to the group of disciples and said, "The Heavenly Sky Sect's actions this time is seriously abnormal. Everybody take precaution after entering the mystic realm and try your best not to split up, understood?"

"Understood!" the group of disciples nodded and shouted.

"Okay, let's go in!" Mei Zhen took the helm, and the others also followed one by one.

But Ye Yuan intentionally ended up as the last one. Looking at those essence crystals at the mystic realm's entrance, he smiled slightly and went forward to casually move it around a little before entering the light door.

After Ye Yuan left, another two figures appeared in front of the light door.

"Miss, this Ye Yuan is indeed very strange! The array formation set up by a Quasi-Tier 4 array formations master, but he casually altered it and seized control. We can't enter through this light door anymore!" Yan-er said in amazement.

Li-er smiled and said, "When he rescued us, didn't he also casually lay an entrapment formation? This Ye Yuan's origins is surely out of the ordinary! Come, let's follow in to take a look."

Finished talking, Li-er's gaze flickered, and another light door actually opened up!

It was shockingly easy!