Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 301

Chapter 301: Encounter On A Narrow Path
Chapter 301: Encounter on a Narrow Path
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Mei Zhen looked at those stalks of Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers and involuntarily frowned, showing a pondering look.

"Elder Mei, if we didn't have Ye Yuan, we wouldn't even have gotten a single stalk of Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flower. He only took five stalks which isn't considered much," Mo Yuntian saw Mei Zhen frown and hastily went up to say.

Mei Zhen was stupefied, then smiled bitterly and said, "Where did that come from, Yuntian? I'm not grumbling that Ye Yuan got too many, but because I feel that it's too little. It's just that I can't really make a decision on this, that's why I hesitated."

When he finished speaking, he turned to Ye Yuan and said, "How about this, I'll keep the rest of the Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers first. After returning, I'll report to Sect Master about today's events and request him to give you some more stalks."

But Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, "No need. Five stalks are enough. Quickly harvest them, Elder Mei; we should set off already."

With Ye Yuan saying this, Mei Zhen continuing to insist appeared rather corny. He could only put away the remainder Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers.

This Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flower was a core ingredient in a Tier 3 cultivation medicinal pill, the Essence Stabilizing Pill. Five stalks of Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers were enough to refine a hundred pills to Ye Yuan. It was plenty to use in the short-term.

Only after gathering the Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers did the Tranquil Cloud Sect group start advancing towards the depths of the mystic realm.

Having gone through the Mantu Flower Sea incident, the group did not dare to lower their guard again. They were on high alert the entire way. Fortunately, nothing major happened.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan's discerning eyes that discovered pearls. He even obtained some rather rare Tier 2 medicinal herbs along the way.

But ever since the Orchid Heart Flower Sea, they did not encounter any more Tier 3 medicinal herbs.

On the way, Ti Wujiu who was silent the whole time suddenly asked Ye Yuan, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, you previously said that this Mantu Flower is a grafting object. Doesn't this mean that that sea of flowers has an owner? Could it be that this mystic realm . . ."

With Ti Wujiu saying this, all of them include Mei Zhen was stunned speechless!

Using Mantu Flowers to breed Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers, this was a huge expenditure! And this was even still the outer-most boundary of the mystic realm.

Li Zhangyu also said that there were even many Tier 4 medicinal herbs in this mystic realm!

If this mystic realm really had an owner, then everyone would be in danger. A faction that could create such a spectacle was likely even more powerful than the Heavenly Sky Sect!

Previously when everybody was listening to Ye Yuan talk about this Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flower, their minds were in a state of shock, resulting in them overlooking this issue.

Thinking about it now, the group could not stop breaking out in cold sweat.

Could such a powerful influence actually be hidden in this Southern Domain territory?

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu's thinking is indeed meticulous. This place indeed had a master in the past! However, that should be something a long time ago."
Listening to the first half of Ye Yuan's sentence, everybody's heart involuntarily jumped. They only relaxed after hearing the second half.

Except, this strong contrast unwittingly left everyone feeling out of breath.

"How do you know, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye?" Ti Wujiu enquired.

"After ranked medicinal herbs absorb sufficient essence energy, they will reach a level of saturation. The essence energy in this place is abundant, that's why it can sustain the medicinal herbs' state of maturity. But those familiar with medicinal herbs can tell the difference in the herbs' age. These Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers probably has the age of several thousand years already. If this place had an owner, it's impossible to leave these Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers unchecked to fall into disuse for such a long time," Ye Yuan explained.

Ye Yuan's degree of familiarity towards medicinal herbs was hard to imagine by everyone. He only had to observe slightly to be able to tell the age of these Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers. That was why he was so certain.

"Moreover, this place has clearly been deserted for a long time. It's overgrown with all sorts of weed, and demonic beasts run wild. It's absolutely not a land with a master. If my conjectures are correct, this place might be some sect's medicinal garden back then. It's just that who knows what kind of accident befall the sect, resulting in it being deserted like this. This sect should be much more powerful than the present Heavenly Sky Sect!" Ye Yuan uttered his own conjectures.

Mei Zhen and the rest nodded their heads quietly when they heard it. This analysis was perfectly logical and reasonable, and it also dispelled their apprehension.

Ever since entering the mystic realm, unknowingly, everyone had already regarded Ye Yuan as the backbone.

When encountering anything, the first thing they thought of was not to seek advice from Mei Zhen but to ask Ye Yuan.

But the strange thing was that nobody felt that this was inappropriate, including Mei Zhen himself.

. . . . . .

The Tranquil Cloud Sect group did not move quickly.

After two days, they arrived at a dense forest.

"Quickly look! Isn't that a Tier 4 medicinal herb, the Vermillion Lotus Iceheart Fruit?" a Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple cried out in surprise when he saw the bright red fruit not far away.

Tier 4 medicinal herbs belonged to items of strategic significance to the major sects in the Southern Domain! Even the Heavenly Sky Sect would also have bloodshot eyes when seeing Tier 4 medicinal herbs.

Previously, Skymaple practically expended all of Tranquil Cloud Sect's Tier 4 medicinal herbs in order to refine the Seven Profound Soul Driving Pill. This was also the reason why the pressure on him was enormous like a mountain.

Seeing the Tier 4 medicinal herb currently, it was hard for the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples to not feel agitated.

That disciple was about to pluck it while talking when he was held back by Ye Yuan.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Pang, don't go over!" Ye Yuan said gravely.

"What?" Senior Apprentice Brother Pang froze and involuntarily broke into a cold sweat.

On the way, under Ye Yuan's lead, they had already avoided several certain death scenarios!

So upon seeing Ye Yuan stop him, Senior Apprentice Brother Pang instantly realized his recklessness as cold sweat poured unceasingly.

This mystic realm was indeed just as the Heavenly Sky Sect said, there were natural treasures everywhere. But to want to obtain these natural treasures, one had to pay the price in blood!

These two days, the Tranquil Cloud Sect group also encountered many Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herbs along the way. But not one of these medicinal herbs' surroundings was not abnormally dangerous!

Even for Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, a moment of carelessness would result in death at the scene!

But Ye Yuan lead everyone time and time again, avoiding the dangers. So up until now, the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not lose a single man!

In the beginning, they were still somewhat disapproving of Ye Yuan stopping everyone from harvesting the medicinal herbs.

Ye Yuan even utilized the Cleansing Sandal Flame Lotus avatar body because of this to probe multiple times. But the results made everybody's hair stand on its ends.

After several times, everyone knew just how great the significance of Ye Yuan's existence was!

If they did not have Ye Yuan, they would probably have to lose half their forces in just these two days. This would be an unbearable blow to the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Ye Yuan was extremely familiar with these medicinal herbs' characteristics. Some medicinal herbs had accompanying beasts, some had accompanying toxic entities. One careless move and they would succumb to it.

When Senior Apprentice Brother Pan got excited seeing the Tier 4 medicinal herb just now, he almost forgot the dangers previously and threw himself headfirst.

"Vermillion Lotus Iceheart Fruits have a type of accompanying demonic beasts called Seven-Colored Poison Spider. Its toxicity is extremely ferocious! Furthermore, the poison spider's size is very small, exceedingly difficult to detect. If one were carelessly bitten by it, Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would perish from the eruption of the poison within several breaths of time!" Ye Yuan said solemnly.

Senior Apprentice Brother Pan sucked in a cold breath. Cold sweat started pouring once more uncontrollably.

"Who's there?!" Right then, Mei Zhen suddenly roared.

"This brat is indeed quite abnormal, to actually even know about this poison spider! Eh? You guys actually haven't lost a single man until now. Looks like it's all due to this boy's credit! Heh heh, I already said before, boy, don't bump into me in the mystic realm!"

"Wang Fan!" Several silhouettes appeared from the neighboring forest.

When Mei Zhen saw people coming, his brows involuntarily knitted together.