Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Very Foolish Very Na?ve?
Chapter 303: Very Foolish, Very Nave?
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"I'll delay them. Yuntian, you quickly bring them away!" Mei Zhen drew his sword and said without even turning his head back.

Evidently, he already harbored the resolution to die and protect the others' retreat!

In Mei Zhen's heart, these disciples were all the sect's future. Any one of them was more important than him.

He was only a sect elder without much room for improvement anymore, while these disciples were going to cause a stir in Southern Domain in the future!

Ye Yuan was rather overcome with emotion when he saw such a situation. Although the Tranquil Cloud Sect's strength was not great, their cohesiveness was very strong.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect had people like Luo Qingfeng, Xiao Jian, and Mei Zhen. What was there to worry about not being able to charge back to the Northern Domain?

It was fine if the sect declined. As long as the peoples' hearts did not scatter, there would eventually come a day where they would shine once again!

"The High Clarity Sect is a bunch of motley crew; why is there a need to fight to the death?" Ye Yuan smiled calmly and wielded Canghua Sword with a wave of his hands.

Once Wang Fan saw the Canghua Sword, the greed in his eyes could not be concealed anymore. "32 restrictions spirit artifact!"

"Hur hur, Senior Mountain Shaker's eyes are pretty good," Ye Yuan mocked.

"Haha, misfortune may actually be a blessing! Losing a stalk of Crow Orchid Ganoderma but acquiring a 32 restrictions spirit artifact, Heaven really treats me well!" Wang Fan cackled.

Ye Yuan sneered and said, "Don't crack your old teeth!"

"Humph! Razor-tongued brat. Watch if old me don't take apart your bones today!" Wang Fan snorted coldly.

Mei Zhen panicked in his heart when he saw Ye Yuan not leaving and said, "Ye Yuan, you guys quickly go! They have two Sea Transformation Realm experts. You all staying is courting death!"

"Go? Can you leave?"

How could Wang Fan give him the opportunity? With a wave of his hands, his disciples encircled the Tranquil Cloud Sect team.

Mei Zhen was exasperated that they failed to live up to his expectation when he saw the situation and said angrily, "You guys! Sigh!"

But Ye Yuan had a nonchalant look as he transmitted his voice, saying, "Calm down, Elder Mei Zhen, just keeping watching."

"Sigh! Ye Yuan, I know that you're relying on that this place doesn't allow the existence of strength above the Crystal Formation Realm. But even if it's peak Crystal Formation Realm, you're also not a match!" Mei Zhen sighed.

Ye Yuan smirked and said, "Not necessarily!"

Ye Yuan took a step forward and said to Wang Fan, "Senior Mountain Shaker, aren't you just trying to find trouble with me? How about this, let's have a 1-on-1! If you win, this sword is yours, and I'll be at your mercy. If you lose, let us leave!"

Wang Fan was stunned when he heard this. A Spirit Condensation Realm challenging a Sea Transformation Realm?

Just now, he was still thinking that this boy was rather abnormal. Now, it looks like he was simply a moron!

Wang Fan did not even speak yet when Mei Zhen involuntarily became very anxious and said, "How can that do?! Wang Fan, I'll duel with you!"

But Wang Fan ignored Mei Zhen and guffawed loudly as he said, "Boy, did your brain crash from fear? 1-on-1 with me? You aren't thinking that you're invincible because you're holding a 32 restrictions spirit artifact, right?"

When he said this, the High Clarity Side laughed unceasingly.

"Haha, so hilarious! I've grown so old, and this is still the first time that I'm hearing a Spirit Condensation Realm challenging a Sea Transformation Realm!"

"Did the brains of Tranquil Cloud Sect's upper echelons go bad? They actually handed a 32 restrictions spirit artifact to a fool like this!"

"Hur hur, they are teeming with spirit artifacts and came to deliver a spirit artifact to Elder Wang. Do you want to stop them?"

The group chimed in here and there and burst into laughter again.

But Ye Yuan did not smile. His eyes were staunch as he said to Mei Zhen, "Elder Mei, just leave this place to me. You bring the seniors and retreat to the side."

Seeing Ye Yuan's commanding gaze, not knowing why, Mei Zhen swallowed the words that were at the tip of his tongue.

"Then . . . Then you better be more careful!" Mei Zhen unexpectedly agreed.

This whole trip, Ye Yuan had already unknowingly replaced Mei Zhen's position, and became the backbone of this trip for the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Even Mei Zhen was unconsciously influenced too.

Having convinced Mei Zhen, Ye Yuan turned to Wang Fan and said, "How is it? Do you dare?"

Wang Fan ridiculed when he saw the situation, "Don't look at me with those eyes, I'll really be a little scared! But . . . since you're so sincere, wouldn't I be too unamenable to not agree?"

Ye Yuan smiled when he heard this and said, "Senior Mountain Shaker's true color indeed doesn't change. Your skin is as thick as always!"

Wang Fan was already used to Ye Yuan's tone and knew that he could not beat him in a contention of tongues, so he might as well not argue.

He looked at Canghua Sword in Ye Yuan's hands, his gaze sparkling.

"Don't say that I'm bullying you! I'll only use 10% of my strength to fight with you. If you can beat me, then consider it your win!" Wang Fan said with a cold smile.

This was not Wang Fan boasting. He was at the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm. Even 10% of his strength was greater than ordinary Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realms!

Such strength was plenty to deal with a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm boy!

If he were dealing with Mei Zhen, he would really need to fight seriously.

But his opponent was Ye Yuan. Wang Fan honestly could not attach any importance to this.

Even if he knew that Ye Yuan surely had areas where he excelled in, the enormous disparity in realms was simply insurmountable.

Even if his opponent were a Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he would win with certainty.

As for dealing with a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm . . . there was basically no suspense, right?

At this time, Wang Fan had the thought of playing cat and mouse.

But Ye Yuan's eyes lit up when he heard him and said elatedly, "You said it! Don't regret it when the time comes! You said you'll only use 10% strength!"

Wang Fan became even more amused when he saw Ye Yuan's appearance and deliberately assumed an expert's demeanor, saying, "I'm a dignified High Clarity Sect elder. Why would I renege on my word against a puny Spirit Condensation Realm? You can rest assured. I said 10% means it's 10%!"

The people from the High Clarity Sect were whispering to each other on this side, full of pity towards Ye Yuan.

"This fool, he isn't nave enough to think that he can win just because Elder Wang is only using 10% of his strength, right?"

"You look at his thrilled appearance, he definitely thinks so! When he experiences 10% of Elder Wang's strength in a while, he'll probably even have the intent to die, right?"

"Hehe, there's a good show to watch! I really can't figure out why the Tranquil Cloud Sect would send such a fool to the mystic realm."

The negotiations were set. Both parties each withdrew a distance away, clearing out a space for Ye Yuan and Wang Fan's face off.

Both parties stood there. Ye Yuan suddenly cracked a smile again and said, "Senior Mountain Shaker, help someone all the way! Why not you allow me a move too, how about that?"

Wang Fan's eyes narrowed slightly. He looked at Ye Yuan disdainfully and said calmly, "Forget about one move. How about I allow you ten moves?"

Ye Yuan grinned and said, "No need, no need. Why would I need so many? Just one move is ample!"

Ye Yuan's display incurred another bout of mocking laughter. Even Yan-er who was hiding secretly could not help having suspicions about Ye Yuan's I.Q.

"Miss, I always felt that Mister Ye was a wise person. But looking at it now, why does he seem very foolish and very nave? The other person is a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm expert. Forget about allowing him one move, even if he stood there unmoving, Mister Ye's attack might not be able to penetrate his protective essence energy, right?" Yan-er said.

Li-er likewise had a doubtful look. But since Ye Yuan was not in danger, she also played along with him. "Watch a little longer. I feel that Mister Ye is not somebody who is foolish."