Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 305

Chapter 305: Obliterated
Chapter 305: Obliterated!
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The pressure in the air became increasingly more powerful. Wang Fan's expression also became increasingly uglier.

That mass of dark clouds clearly came for him!

Especially when he saw Ye Yuan's derisive eyes, he spontaneously had a feeling of being played.

It was crystal clear that Ye Yuan surely knew something!

This damnable fellow, talking about whatever 1-on-1, but in reality, he was digging a pit for him to jump in.

Malicious motives!

"Damn it! What did you do, punk?" Wang Fan gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Ye Yuan spread his hands and said, "I didn't do anything, you're the one who did it."

At this moment, the sense of crisis in Wang Fan's heart became ever more intense. He looked at Ye Yuan as he said through gnashed teeth, "Who cares what you did; I'll kill you first then talk!"

As he spoke, Wang Fan's figure moved and arrived in front of Ye Yuan instantaneously!

The Five Lightning Dipper Law was already useless, then he might as well go closer.


A hint of ferociousness appeared on Wang Fan's face as he smashed Ye Yuan into meat paste.

"Haha! Asking for it! Now, can't jump around anymore, right?" Wang Fan laughed madly.

"En? What are you doing, Senior Mountain Shaker? If I were you, I'd better think of a way to extricate myself right now."

Over on Tranquil Cloud Sect's side, another Ye Yuan appeared. Turned out that that earlier was just an avatar body.

Wang Fan's face changed, and he said in a low voice, "Avatar body!"

But he no longer had time to be surprised. Right then, a coarse bolt of lightning suddenly released from the clouds, landing straight on Wang Fan's body.

Everybody was dumbstruck by this scene. That bolt of lightning directly submerged Wang Fan.

When the lightning disappeared, and they looked over again, Wang Fan had already turned into charcoal and became completely silent.

Wang Fan was actually unable to even give a tragic cry and was instantly wiped out like that!

After the lightning fell, that mass of dark clouds dispersed very swiftly, as if it had never appeared.

Yu Feng could not help shuddering when he saw this scene. This scene was really too astounding.

"This . . . What the hell happened here?" Yu Feng murmured.

He still had not figured out just where this heavenly tribulation came from until now.

Yu Feng's gaze involuntarily turned towards Ye Yuan. That brat seemed to know something.

Although Ye Yuan's Thousand Flowing Petals was strong, his realm was too low. It was simply impossible to threaten Wang Fan.

Recalling everything that happened previously, Yu Feng deeply felt that this so-called 1-on-1 just now was just a large pit trap!

"Ye Yuan, what did you do?" The eyes Yu Feng looked at Ye Yuan with were filled with fear.

Yes, a Sea Transformation Realm expert was actually afraid of a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist!

This boy was seriously too abnormal!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Think about it yourself. I don't have any duty to explain to you. Now, are you still going to take revenge for that Senior Mountain Shaker?"

Yu Feng's expression changed, the fear in his eyes became even thicker.

He simply could not understand what just happened. This boy was so sinister. What if he also got targeted by heavenly tribulation?

In addition, with Wang Fan's death, their side's strength fell drastically and was instead no longer Tranquil Cloud Sect's match!

Take revenge for Wang Fan?

You got to be kidding!

Yu Feng ground his teeth and said to the disciples, "Let's go!"

Seeing the High Clarity Sect people off with their gazes, the Tranquil Cloud Sect group also heaved a sigh in relief.

Tian Yu pounded a fist on Ye Yuan's chest and said delightedly, "Heh, punk, didn't think you actually still had such a powerful killing move! If you used this move during the sect grand competition, even Senior Apprentice Brother Wujiu would not be your match! You're only at the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm and can actually communicate with heaven and earth essence energy, truly too monstrous!"

As the saying went, no discord, no concord. After the sect grand competition last time where Tian Yu and Ye Yuan battled bitterly to the last trace of essence energy, they fought out a comradery.

It was just that Tian Yu could never have imagined that Ye Yuan actually still had such an incredible killing blow that he did not unleash.

He thought that that final blow from Ye Yuan back then was already his strongest attack.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "This move is flashy without substance. Although its power is great, the time it needs is too much. Unless it's a specific environment, it can't be used. If I want to use this move on the platform during the grand competition, will you give me the chance?"

Tian Yu thought about it and nodded, saying, "Haha, that's true! But even that final attack of yours was already sufficiently powerful! I, Tian Yu, have always praised myself as a genius. But today, I'm utterly convinced by you!"

"To be able to comprehend the elementary form of true intent, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu's future accomplishments are also limitless!"

"Oh right, what in the world happened earlier? That was . . . heavenly tribulation?" Tian Yu asked rather uncertainly.

With him asking, everybody perked up their ears. They also really wanted to know what happened just now.

A Sea Transformation Realm expert was instantly trounced in front of them. That sight was overly shocking.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "That wasn't heavenly tribulation but the electrical energy released by a grand array."

"What? Grand array?! You mean to say that we're currently inside a grand array?" Tian Yu exclaimed.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "That's right! I noticed it right after entering the mystic realm. This mystic realm is sealed off by a massive grand array. This grand array is called the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array, a type of high-grade Tier 5 grand array! Its power is immense!"

Everybody sucked in a cold breath. High-grade Tier 5 grand array formations were even a level stronger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect's sect protecting grand array!

Mo Yuntian suddenly thought of something and asked, "You said to me before, the Tranquil Cloud Sect might become a team second only to the Heavenly Sky Sect. Could it be derived from this grand array?"

Ye Yuan nodded. He recounted the previous speculations for everyone, saying, "Originally, I was only guessing. But after entering the mystic realm, I already confirmed it. That's why I had no fear."

They were all unbelievably shocked when they heard it. Ye Yuan actually deduced so much information from a couple of words from Li Zhangyu. It was evident how scrupulous his thoughts were!

"What kind of grand array is this Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array? What did Wang Fan do to trigger the grand array just now?" Tian Yu asked.

"The Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array can set up a corresponding realm. As long as there exists strength that surpasses this realm's strength, it will be obliterated by the grand array! And now, the realm set by this grand array is . . . Crystal Formation Realm!" Ye Yuan explained.

Everybody could not resist shooting another glance at the super dead Wang Fan after listening to Ye Yuan's words.

The power of this grand array was too terrifying!

A Third Level Sea Transformation Realm expert was easily obliterated just like this.

"So you deliberately challenged Wang Fan just now and then forced him to use strength exceeding the Crystal Formation Realm, and from there, eradicated by the grand array?" Tian Yu marveled.

Such a foe was too terrifying. Ye Yuan practically included everything in his calculations, playing with a Sea Transformation Realm expert within the palm of his hands.

More importantly, Ye Yuan really forced Wang Fan to use all of his strength!

They could not help somewhat rejoicing that Ye Yuan was someone on their side.

Having such an opponent was simply a nightmare!