Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 306

Chapter 306: Colluding
Chapter 306: Colluding
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"Miss, this Mister Ye is too scary! To actually comprehend the elementary form of supreme true intent at the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm! As long as he doesn't fall, he'll surely be a figure that shakes the Divine Realm in the future!"

This battle just now, Yan-er watched for a long time with her mouth agape. The astonishment on her face would not fade away.

Li-er was similarly shocked beyond words. She muttered, "Just who is he? Such talent, even in the Divine Realm, he'll be a pinnacle existence. Why did he end up in a tiny little Endless World?"

"Yeah! The Endless World is merely a very unremarkable one among the hundreds of millions of lower planes. Furthermore, how did Mister Ye comprehend supreme true intent in a Southern Domain's tiny sect? This is simply something that cannot possibly happen!"

Li-er smiled bitterly and said, "I daren't believe it too, but this is the truth! Moreover, Mister Ye's supreme true intent is rather powerful!"

"This Mister Ye is really an enigmatic existence!" Yan-er sighed with admiration.

"I didn't think that we'd actually bump into such a figure when we came to the Endless World! Yan-er, we're not going back anymore. I want to follow him to see what kind of secrets he has. If there's a possibility, let's form good relations with him. He'd be an extremely strong aid to the family clan in the future too!" Li-er seemed to have made some kind of resolution.

"But Miss, your ailment . . ."

Li-er waved her hands and said, "Doesn't matter! I have a feeling that maybe for this illness of mine to cured, it will ultimately still fall on Mister Ye's head."

Yan-er opened her mouth wide and said, "How is that possible? That's a Tier 8 pill formula! With Mister Ye's realm, how long until he can refine it?"

"Then how do you think Mister Ye acquired the Tier 8 pill formula with his age?" Li-er retorted.

"This . . . How would Yan-er know?"

"That's why. This Mister Ye's background is definitely complicated! Alright, enough talk, I've already decided!" Li-er said.

. . . . . .

With Wang Fan's death, the High Clarity Sect's strength was weakened severely.

Yu Feng was only a First Level Sea Transformation Realm. His strength was much weaker than Mei Zhen.

This entire journey here, the High Clarity Sect suffered heavy casualties and practically became a bottom-tier sect already.

With the various great sects heading further in, the dangers they faced would become increasingly more.

Progressing at this rate, the various great sects' Sea Transformation Realm experts who did not know the inside story would more or less suffer some losses.

In comparison, the Tranquil Cloud Sect's strength appeared stronger instead!

"This matter is done. We'd better hurry up and leave this place," Mei Zhen opened his mouth to say.

"Just a moment, Elder Mei. That Vermillion Lotus Iceheart Fruit is a Tier 4 medicinal herb; isn't abandoning it like this too much of pity?" Ye Yuan said.

Mei Zhen's eyes lit up, and he asked, "You have a way, Ye Yuan?"

Ye Yuan grinned and said, "Did Elder Mei forget? I have an avatar body!"

Mei Zhen slapped his head and said, "Look at my brain! Then I'll have to trouble you, Ye Yuan."

Ye Yuan smiled and nodded his head. His figure moved and suddenly split into two. Another Ye Yuan walked out from his body.

When he was plucking the Vermilion Lotus Iceheart Fruit, indeed, a tiny multi-colored gorgeous spider jumped on 'Ye Yuan's body.

This poison spider was obviously here to attack Ye Yuan. Only to hear a 'fwoosh,' that poison spider was instantly burnt and dropped on the ground.

It only struggled a few times and stopped moving.

That was the Tier 4 Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame. Wasn't it courting death for the Seven-Colored Poison Spider to go and bite him?

Keeping the Vermilion Lotus Iceheart Fruit, the group continued walking towards the deep regions of the mystic realm.

After three days, Yu Feng and his team who fled with their tails between their legs were very cautious the entire way and no longer dared to have the slightest bit of carelessness, preserving some strength to the best of their abilities.

And Yu Feng also reflected a little at this time. When Wang Fan was confronting Ye Yuan, it seemed like his strength touched some taboo existence. That was why it triggered that 'heavenly tribulation'!

They had also experienced a number of minor and major fights along the way. Nothing seemed to have happened to the Crystal Formation Realm disciples, while Wang Fan only used Sea Transformation Realm strength that one time with Ye Yuan.

Could it be that this mystic realm did not permit the appearance of strength exceeding Crystal Formation Realm? Or else, it would trigger heavenly tribulation?

Thinking up to here, Yu Feng inadvertently became more cautious. Every time he attacked, he suppressed his realm to the Crystal Formation Realm.

"Elder Yu, over there seems to be Heavenly Sky Sect's people!" a disciple suddenly said.

"En?" Yu Feng looked over. Indeed, he saw the Heavenly Sky Sect group currently heading over here.

"Haha, turns out that it's High Clarity Sect's Elder Yu. I wonder how Elder Yu's gains are on this trip?" Wu Zhao greeted.

Yu Feng's expression did not look too good. But their present strength was too weak, so he obviously did not dare to put on any airs in front of the Heavenly Sky Sect.

He looked at the Heavenly Sky Sect again and discovered that the Heavenly Sky Sect's headcount did not drop by a single one. His complexion became even worse.

"Still alright, still alright. But compared to the Heavenly Sky Sect, it's definitely way worse." Yu Feng forced a smile.

"Hmm? Didn't Elder Wang lead the team in your High Clarity Sect? Where is he?" Wu Zhao feigned ignorance and asked.

They already had a taste of the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array, so they naturally knew its power. Wang Fan was currently missing. Most likely, he was smitten by lightning.

Seeing the High Clarity Sect again with heavy casualties, Wu Zhao was in a great mood.

The route these few days were within the Heavenly Sky Sect's grasp. They avoided some dangerous places and did not have serious losses.

But Wu Zhao also knew that the true danger was only starting now.

With Wu Zhao asking this, Yu Feng's face turned even uglier.

Yu Feng turned back to give the High Clarity Sect disciples a glance and suddenly made a decision. He gritted his teeth and cupped his hands towards Wu Zhao as he pled, "Elder Wu, my High Clarity Sect is willing to offer up our gains on this trip. We only implore Elder Wu to take revenge for my Senior Apprentice Brother Wang!"

Wu Zhao was stunned when he heard this. He didn't think that Yu Feng would actually say something like this.

It looks like there was more than meets the eye to Wang Fan's death!

Putting away his smile, Wu Zhao said, "Elder Yu needs not do this. What happened to Elder Wang, tell me."

Yu Feng gnashed his teeth hatefully and said, "It's all thanks to that stinky brat called Ye Yuan from the Tranquil Cloud Sect! As long as Elder Wu help us take revenge, my High Clarity Sect group is willing to listen to Elder Wu's orders within this mystic realm! Three days ago . . ."

Yu Feng recounted the incident three days ago to Wu Zhao in detail.

With Wang Fan's death, Yu Feng could not do much single-handedly. He seriously did not have much confidence in walking out of the mystic realm. Rather than that, why not take a gamble and place his bets on the Heavenly Sky Sect.

But Wu Zhao laughed when he heard this and said, "Is Elder Yu messing with me? He, Ye Yuan, is a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm, and you said that he mobilized heaven and earth essence energy and forced Elder Wang to use Sea Transformation Realm strength?"

Yu Feng said anxiously, "Everything Yu Feng said earlier was the absolute truth! I swear in the name of Heavenly Dao, if there are any false statements, I'll get struck by lightning and die a horrible death!"

Only now did Wu Zhao reveal a grave expression. "But how is that possible? Forget about Spirit Condensation Realm, even Crystal Formation Realms cannot possibly maneuver heaven and earth essence energy!"

"I also don't know why he can mobilize heaven and earth essence energy, but I saw it with my own eyes! It's undeniable!" Yu Feng was dead certain.

"Hiss . . . If that's the case, this child indeed cannot be let alive! Fine, I promise you; as long as I meet the Tranquil Cloud Sect group, I'll help you eliminate that child!" Wu Zhao said ruthlessly.