Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Fierce Fight
Chapter 308: Fierce Fight
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The timing of that yell was grasped perfectly, making the Tranquil Cloud Sect lose the last chance to escape.

Of course, every man for himself. There was nothing wrong with Lin Chao purposely dragging the Tranquil Cloud Sect down into the water. But the reminder to Mei Zhen later on appeared too fake.

They had already entered the mystic realm for such a long time. The dangers that each sect faced was too many to count.

If Ye Yuan's conjectures were right, each sect's Sea Transformation Realm elder were pretty much all dead already.

There were most likely only the Heavenly Sky Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect these two sects who were fully intact.

If it was just to stay alive, no harm in scheming a little. But Ye Yuan feared that this Lin Chao had malicious intentions.

Compared to demonic beasts, humans were unmistakably scarier.

The Purple Mansion Sect was the number two great sect in the Southern Domain, second only to the Heavenly Sky Sect. But they only sent one Sea Transformation Realm elder here this time. It more or less seemed somewhat odd.

To this end, Ye Yuan naturally paid attention to it.

The Bloodthirsty Skywolves did not immediately attack. They just surrounded everyone.

Eight people were trapped by a hundred Bloodthirsty Skywolves. This sort of pressure was too intense. Many Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples could not help feeling a little parched.

"Surrounding but not attacking. They are playing mental warfare! Hur hur, such clever demonic beasts!" Ye Yuan said calmly.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect group were shocked before recovering only now and could not help feeling deeply ashamed. Humans nearly falling for demonic beasts' strategy. Saying it out loud was overly humiliating.

Lin Chao who was presently meditating in the circle could not resist sizing up Ye Yuan while Ye Yuan's gaze also just happened to look over at this time. The pair smiled when their eyes met.

The two people's smiles both had deep meaning behind it.

Right then, the wolf pack automatically divided. A Bloodthirsty Skywolf that was fire-red from head to toe walked out of the wolf pack.

Everyone's pupils involuntarily constricted when they saw it.

That was the wolf king, Bloodthirsty Wolf King!

Peak Tier 3 existence!

Everyone believed that if not for the restrictions imposed by the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array, this wolf king would absolutely be a Tier 4 existence!

The Bloodthirsty Wolf King was awe-inspiring. The aura on his body was even stronger than Mei Zhen.

But he did not bother with the Tranquil Cloud Sect group. He just stared fixedly at Lin Chao with scorching eyes.

It was as if Lin Chao did not detect it at all. He was making the best use of his time as before to recover his strength.

But this scene was taken in by the Tranquil Cloud Sect people. An unusual thought involuntarily birthed in the minds of the disciples.

"Seniors, stop fantasizing. The Bloodthirsty Skywolves are naturally savage and will not let us go. Discuss the Purple Mansion Sect matters afterward. If we don't exert our utmost effort, we'll only end up in the wolves' mouths eventually!" Ye Yuan raised his voice and said.

Mo Yuntian and the rest only came around now and could not help being dumbstruck.

This wolf king was simply even more cunning than humans. Just one look and it caused a chink to form between the two great sects!

If there were no reminder from Ye Yuan, they would definitely have some misgivings during the battle. That look from the wolf king was clearly to make the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples think that the wolf pack was just here for the Purple Mansion Sect and had nothing to do with the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

With this sort of psychological hint, would the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples still defend the Purple Mansion Sect to the death?

The wolf king obviously heard Ye Yuan's voice too, his gaze landing on this young Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist with unkind eyes.

Both schemes were spoiled by this young man. This wolf clear had clearly become enraged too.

Seeing the wolf king's eyes, Mei Zhen secretly thought shit! He hurriedly said, "Leave the wolf king to me, each of you takes care of yourselves! You whelping from the Purple Mansion Sect, quickly take the time to recover your strength. If someone can't endure it on our side, immediately help out!"

Lin Chao nodded and said, "Rest assured, Elder Mei!"

The wolf king saw that there were no opportunities to take advantage of and also gave up on scheming. He gave a long howl.

This was apparently the signal for the wolf pack to attack!

After those Bloodthirsty Skywolves heard this howl, each one of them was like on stimulants as they charged towards the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples without heed for their lives.

Mei Zhen wielded his sword but rushed to the wolf king first to fight him.

This wolf king was very sentient. He was worried about the wolf king retaliating Ye Yuan.

But even so, Ye Yuan's side was still being heavily taken care of by ordinary Bloodthirsty Skywolves!

It was very obvious that the wolf king had issued an order to kill Ye Yuan first!

Actually, at this time, the Tranquil Cloud Sect peoples' conditions were not too good. They had just fought a great battle with the Nine Serene Ice Lion not long before, and some disciples were still wounded.

But the Tranquil Cloud Sect fought with greater numbers previously. Everyone's losses were not great.

Lin Chao mediated to recover essence energy while secretly observing these Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples' strength.

Although Tian Yu's realm was the lowest inside, he had comprehended the elementary form of true intent. After breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm, his combat power was tremendous. One person handling seven to eight Bloodthirsty Skywolves was not an issue.

Ti Wujiu was Third Level Crystal Formation Realm, but his fist intent realm was similarly very high!

Only to see him throw fist after fist solidly. Those Bloodthirsty Skywolves were actually unable to approach him!

As a Seventh Level Crystal Formation Realm expert, Mo Yuntian's strength barred no questions.

Rather, it was the other few Crystal Formation Realm martial artists who appeared to be struggling.

His gaze finally stopped on Ye Yuan, and his expression involuntarily choked up.

Although he guessed that Ye Yuan definitely had abilities surpassing others to enter the mystic realm with Spirit Condensation Realm strength, he could not have imagined that Ye Yuan was actually so strong!

There were over a dozen Bloodthirsty Skywolves surrounding Ye Yuan alone, but he relied on one sword to slaughter his way in and out as he liked. Those dozen over Bloodthirsty Skywolves were unable to do anything to him.

After a dozen over exchanges, Ye Yuan was perfectly fine, but quite a few of those Bloodthirsty Skywolves were wounded!

These were Tier 3 demonic beasts!

Each one of them was existences like human Crystal Formation Realm martial artists!

An Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm brat could actually treat it like there was nobody in this place under these demonic beasts' combined attacks!

If one were to say that an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm crossed ranks to battle one or two Tier 3 demonic beasts, that was still passable. But being surrounded by over a dozen demonic beasts, that was absolutely a quantitative to qualitative change; pressure changed abruptly!

Furthermore, a Bloodthirsty Skywolf's speed was abnormally fast. Ordinary martial artists were simply unable to keep up. But Ye Yuan actually twisted and turned around inside effortlessly!

When did such a monstrous existence appear in the Tranquil Cloud Sect?

That Bloodthirsty Wolf King was in the midst of an intense battle with Mei Zhen. But when he detected the situation over on Ye Yuan's side, he howled again.

This time, even more Bloodthirsty Skywolves surged towards Ye Yuan's side!

With this, the pressure over at Ye Yuan's seniors' side inadvertently lessened.

While on Ye Yuan's side, the number of Bloodthirsty Skywolves increased to over twenty all at once!

"Be careful, Ye Yuan!" Mo Yuntian could not help being worried when he saw the situation.

He was fenced in by two middle-stage Bloodthirsty Skywolves and several early-stage Bloodthirsty Skywolves over here and could not extricate himself at all.

Ti Wujiu's and Tian Yu's sides were the same. Though the Bloodthirsty Skywolves could not do anything to them, they were helpless against the Bloodthirsty Skywolves too.

And Ye Yuan's side was already completely flooded with Bloodthirsty Skywolves!

When Mei Zhen saw this state of affairs, his forehead was full of sweat from anxiety, and he yelled at Lin Chao, "Lin Chao, how long do you want to wait to make a move?!"