Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 309

Chapter 309: Trouble
Chapter 309: Trouble!
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The Bloodthirsty Wolf King's combat strength was extraordinarily powerful. Mei Zhen was suppressed at peak Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm to battle it but was facing dangers everywhere!

With this holler, he nearly let the wolf king grasp an opportunity to catch him with its claws.

Bu Lin Chao smiled calmly and said, "Don't get anxious, Elder Mei; this junior isn't at the end of his ropes yet."

"Lin Chao, you!"

Mei Zhen was nearly infuriated until he coughed blood. He did not manage to avoid the wolf king's metal claw this time, and his arm took a hit. Blood started flowing instantly.

Mei Zhen clenched his jaws and really wanted to erupt with Sea Transformation Realm strength. But the warning left behind by Wang Fan was still vivid in his mind. Sea Transformation Realm strength simply could not be used!

With this confusion, Mei Zhen was immediately suppressed by the wolf king and fell in a disadvantageous position in all aspects.

Although this Bloodthirsty Wolf King's strength could not compare to that Nine Serene Ice Lion from before, it was still slightly stronger than Mei Zhen who suppressed at the Crystal Formation Realm.

Right then, Ye Yuan who was engulfed by the wolf pack suddenly exploded with multiple rays of pale yellow light!

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The sound of a series of sword beams piercing the skin spread out. Then, a number of Bloodthirsty Skywolves went flying out. The wolf pack's siege crumbled all at once.

"Ye Yuan! It's great that you're okay!" Mo Yuntian was elatedly seeing the situation.

Ye Yuan called out, "Elder Mei and Senior Apprentice Brother do not need to worry about me. I have no problems protecting myself."

While talking, Ye Yuan released several more sword beams again. A number of Bloodthirsty Skywolves were speared flying again.

The eruption on Ye Yuan's side finally stirred the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples' fighting spirit. Each one of them released their combat strength to the fullest and actually suppressed a hundred Bloodthirsty Skywolves with only eight people's strength!

For a period of time, only whimperings and whinings were heard everywhere. Many Bloodthirsty Skywolves were injured.

But the Bloodthirsty Skywolf had two notable characteristics. One was high speed and the second was coarse skin and thick flesh.

Although many Bloodthirsty Skywolves were injured over here, barely any truly died.

"Haha, everyone, double up! These Bloodthirsty Skywolves are nothing more than this!"

"Yeah! Just a bunch of animals! Let's kill them! So many Tier 3 demonic wolf inner cores! We're going to be rich this time!"

"Buck up, little wolves! I, Your Little Lord, haven't fought to my heart's content yet!"

Due to Ye Yuan keeping in check quite a number of Bloodthirsty Skywolves alone, this bout of fighting was exceptionally carefree.

Seeing as the combat strength of those Bloodthirsty Skywolves were becoming weaker and weaker, everybody's mood eased up quite a bit.

Right then, that wolf king howled again!

"Haha, still howling?! It's useless even if you howl again! After we take care of your offspring, we'll pummel you together!" Senior Apprentice Brother Pang derided the wolf king with a loud laugh.

But Ye Yuan's face darkened as he said in a grave voice, "Seniors, be careful! These Bloodthirsty Skywolves are going to go into a frenzy! Bloodthirsty Skywolves will have a tremendous increase in speed after entering a frenzy! Don't drop your guard, seniors!"

Ye Yuan's voice had yet to fade when the eyes of these Bloodthirsty Skywolves suddenly turned scarlet red, looking utterly terrifying.

Following that, those injured Bloodthirsty Skywolves' wounds were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Those wolves had drool dribbling from their mouths looking extremely voracious as if they could shred anything into pieces!

Only a Bloodthirsty Skywolf in such a state could be fit to bear the word 'Bloodthirsty.'

Ye Yuan's eyebrows furrowed, and he muttered to himself, "Now it's troublesome!"

Senior Apprentice Brother Pang who was still guffawing earlier was thoroughly mute now. He stared at those Bloodthirsty Skywolves in a frenzied state blankly and could not resist swallowing hard.

Those Bloodthirsty Skywolves had already stopped their attacks. Currently, the entire grass plain was dead quiet, leaving only the Bloodthirsty Skywolves' panting.

This was the quiet before the storm. Everyone held their breaths because they knew that the next round of attacks from the Bloodthirsty Skywolves would be even fiercer than before.

Moreover, after that last round of melee, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples' expenditure was also very great.

But the Bloodthirsty Skywolves' current state was like they were resuscitated with full vitality, filled with aggressiveness.

The Bloodthirsty Skywolf gave another long howl. The hundred Bloodthirsty Skywolves burst forth abruptly, like a hundred bolts of lightning charging towards the eight people.

That speed was beyond twice as fast as before!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Bloodthirsty Skywolves' figures only left behind a series of blurry shadows.

Clank! Clank! Clank.

Immediately after were waves of metal clashing sounds.

After one wave of attack, everybody felt the pressure soar. Two disciples even suffered injuries to their bodies, including that Senior Apprentice Brother Pan.

With a fierce bout of fighting, many Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were already injured. Now, it could be said to be piling injuries on top of injuries.

The scales of victory immediately tipped towards the Bloodthirsty Skywolves' side after this frenzied transformation.

After the frenzied transformation, the combat strength of ordinary Bloodthirsty Skywolves virtually surged twofold!

Adding up a hundred Bloodthirsty Skywolves, this sort of increment would be extremely substantial.

For a moment, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were unable to cope with the situation. There were some people who were unable to hold on very soon.

Rather, it was Ye Yuan with the lowest realm who still appeared to be doing it with ease presently by relying on the support from the transmission true intent to increase his speed after displaying Spirit Void Shattering Space.

"Lin Chao, still not rushing up to support yet?!" Ye Yuan roared.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples had already fought for quite a bit of time for the few people from the Purple Mansion Sect. Their strength was roughly recovered 50% - 60%.

Especially Lin Chao this Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm. Him participating in the battle would be a tremendous support to the Tranquil Cloud Sect's side.

Lin Chao saw that he could not hide from this. So he could only stand up and call for his fellow martial brothers and said, "Juniors, the Tranquil Cloud Sect seniors and juniors have already strived for a lot of time for us. Now, let's switch with them!"

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples recalled the formation, the wolf pack would attack indiscriminately. At that time, it would also be hard for them to escape.

They could clearly only go all out if they want to preserve their lives at this time.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Pang and Senior Apprentice Brother Du, you guys retreat inside the circle first to recover. Lin Chao, you bring a person forward to support first!" Ye Yuan said anxiously.

"Okay!" Lin Chao did not say anything else and filled in the void left behind by Senior Apprentice Brother Du.

But right at this moment, an abnormality suddenly occurred!

When Senior Apprentice Brother Pang was just about to withdraw, a middle-stage Tier 3 Bloodthirsty Skywolf bit down on his arm!


A heartrending scream sounded, chilling the hearts of everyone who heard it.

This whole trip, there had yet to be any Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple who met with an accident under Ye Yuan's lead. So everyone was not mentally prepared too.

Now, seeing Senior Apprentice Brother Pang falling into danger, they involuntarily panicked.

Luckily, those Purple Mansion Sect disciples knew what to do. They rushed up to block the other wolfs.

But after that Bloodthirsty Skywolf bit Senior Apprentice Brother Pang's arm, it was like it went berserk and would not loosen its jaws no matter what.

Only to hear a ripping sound. That Bloodthirsty Skywolf directly tore off Senior Apprentice Brother Pang's entire arm.


Senior Apprentice Brother Pang cried out again miserably, blood pouring out of his broken arm area!


"Senior Apprentice Brother Pang!"

That tragic cry immediately roused the hearts of all of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples.

"You bunch of damn beasts! I'll exterminate all of you!" Mo Yuntian howled, his entire body's aura erupting suddenly.

Ti Wujiu did not say a word, but his fist wind also abruptly became violent. One could see the fury in his heart right now.

And the same as him was Tian Yu.

And Ye Yuan.