Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Soul Jade
Chapter 311: Soul Jade!
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"Ye Yuan!"


"Are you okay, Ye Yuan?"

Seeing Ye Yuan collapse suddenly, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were taken aback and quickly surrounded him.

"Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, what happened to Ye Yuan? Is there any problem?" Tian Yu asked urgently.

Mo Yuntian waved his hands to indicate to him not speak and reached for Ye Yuan's pulse.

After a long time, Mo Yuntian finally heaved a sigh in relief and said, "Shouldn't be a major problem."

Hearing Mo Yuntian said so, everyone also let out a sigh in relief.

"Since he's alright, then why is Ye Yuan unconscious?"

The one asking was Pang Wannian. He ate Ye Yuan's medicinal pill, and currently, his external injuries were mostly recovered already. It was just that that arm would not come back.

Seeing Ye Yuan fall unconscious, he was also extremely worried.

Previously, being together with Ye Yuan was fellow sect member relationship. But from today onwards, they were friends in adversity.

Friendships that were tested through life and death could withstand ordeals better!

Just now, Du Cheng roughly summarized what happened earlier. Pang Wannian had a feeling that Ye Yuan only erupted abruptly because of him.

This could not help but move him.

Mo Yuntian said to everybody, "Ye Yuan he used the Tier 3 strength of the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame earlier, which exceeded the limits that his meridians could withstand. Just now when dealing with those Bloodthirsty Skywolves, Ye Yuan's meridians were suffering the agony of being immolated the whole time. He actually endured it without showing the slightest trace!"

Hearing Mo Yuntian said so, all of them were visibly moved.

As martial artists, how could they not know the torment of meridians being burnt?

That sort of anguish was something unimaginable by ordinary people.

Even someone with remarkable willpower might not be able to endure it under the agony of meridians being immolated!

Immolation of meridians, one could not faint even if they wanted to!

Because even if they fainted, they would also wake up immediately from pain!

But how did that nonchalant expression of Ye Yuan's look like suffering the anguish of meridian immolation?

Just now, Ye Yuan was like a fiendgod that had descended upon the world. That sort of overweening aura even shocked the peak Tier 3 Bloodthirsty Wolf King into retreating.

The Ye Yuan under such a state was actually enduring the immolation of meridians the entire time?

"Hiss . . . That's also to say that Ye Yuan sang an empty city stratagem just now. Actually, he could no longer resist the Wolf King anymore earlier. He was just using strategy to scare him away?" Tian Yu asked in amazement.

"Do you think that the Wolf King is so easy to deceive? That Wolf King's intellect is completely not beneath humans. It might even be far more cunning than some humans. How could it be easy to want to fool it? When Ye Yuan was butchering the wolf pack earlier, he condensed his momentum to the limits. Even if the Wolf King entered a frenzied state, it would not dare to easily confront Ye Yuan. That's why it chose to withdraw!" Mei Zhen consumed some healing medicinal pills and also recovered a little before saying this.

Mo Yuntian nodded and said, "I have a feeling that even if the Wolf King really went for it just now, it might not be able to gain any advantages! Otherwise, how could that Wolf King retreat so easily given its immense intellect?"

This conjecture from Mo Yuntian made everyone suck in a deep breath instead.

Ye Yuan's might had truly surpassed everyone's understanding.

Even the Wolf King that Mei Zhen this Sea Transformation Realm expert was helpless against was scared into retreating by Ye Yuan. This was an absolutely heaven-defying battle result.

"Then . . . will Ye Yuan be alright?" Pang Wannian asked concernedly.

Mo Yuntian said, "Don't worry. Although his injuries are heavy, there is no threat to his life. After he regains consciousness, I think he'll have ways to treat himself."

Only then did they breathed a sigh of relief.

Mei Zhen said, "Since that's the case, find a place to rest for a while and wait for Ye Yuan to wake up before making a decision."

. . . . . .

Bright moon and few stars, there were many blurry outlines under the shadow of a tree.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. When he saw Pang Wannian's familiar face, he forced a smile and said, "S-Senior Apprentice Brother Pang, are you alright?"

Pang Wannian was overjoyed at first. When he heard finish Ye Yuan's words, tears flowed instantly. "I'm alright, alright! It's great that you woke up! You worried us to death! Elder Mei, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye woke up!"

Everybody hurriedly surrounded over when they heard that, all trying to get in a word of concern.

Sensing the worry from his fellow disciples, Ye Yuan felt a burst of emotion in his heart.

"How long was I out?" Ye Yuan asked.

"You were already unconscious for a day and two nights! Ye Yuan, are your meridians . . . okay?" Pang Wannian asked hurriedly.

Ye Yuan shook his head, "Nothing major. Senior Apprentice Brother Pang, I'll have to trouble you to support me up."

Pang Wannian quickly used his remaining arm to lift Ye Yuan up. Ye Yuan retrieved a medicinal pill from his storage ring and started to regulate his breathing.

At this time, the Tranquil Cloud Sect people spontaneously circled around him to protect him.

While the Purple Mansion Sect's remaining four disciples were not far away the whole time, Lin Chao's gaze pierced through the crowd to look at Ye Yuan. Nobody knew what he was thinking of either.

After an hour, Ye Yuan refined finish the medicinal pill. His complexion overall looked much better.

Meridian injuries were a very troublesome matter. Under ordinary circumstances, even if there were assistance from medicinal pills, it was very hard to fully recover without several months of recovery and recuperation.

But look at Ye Yuan's present appearance, he seemed to have already recovered 60% - 70%.

Furthermore, in such a short time, there was normally no way to fully refine the medicinal pill. That was also to say that he might recover as good as new very soon as the remaining 30% - 40% of medicinal pill continued to be refined inside Ye Yuan's body!

Such a heaven-defying medicinal pill was simply unheard of before.

Towards such a situation, the Tranquil Cloud Sect group were already numb to it and did not have too big a reaction.

But the Purple Mansion Sect people apparently found it very shocking. Other than Lin Chao, the other three were furtively whispering together.

Ye Yuan got up but walked straight for Lin Chao.

Lin Chao seemed to know that Ye Yuan would find him straight away and did not look too surprised.

"Junior Apprentice Brother Ye overturned the raging tides yesterday and saved the lives of the four of us. Lin Chao is deeply grateful!" Lin Chao bowed deeply towards Ye Yuan, looking rather sincere.

Ye Yuan accepted it calmly, but said, "Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, don't you owe me an explanation?"

Lin Chao was shaken inwardly, but had a confused look as he said, "Explanation? Junior Apprentice Brother Ye refers to?"

Ye Yuan sighed lightly and said, "Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Lin refuses to give in. Must I lay it bare?"

Lin Chao shook his head and said, "I really don't know what Senior Apprentice Brother Ye needs me to explain. Are you referring to the matter of deliberately dragging your honorable sect into the water? I've already apologized to Elder Mei and Senior Apprentice Brother Pang about this matter and compensated some natural treasures obtained during this trap as recompense. At that time, we were also at a life and death juncture and had no other alternatives but that. I hope that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye won't take offense."

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and opened his mouth and said, "Although a Bloodthirsty Skywolf's natural disposition is savage, it has a particular trait, and that is they are very prudent and will not leave their own territory without special circumstances! And the owner of this region is a Nine Serene Ice Lion. They chased you all the way here surely because you guys did something. Well, let me guess. Is it . . . soul jade?"