Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 312

Chapter 312: Demanding An Exorbitant Price
Chapter 312: Demanding an Exorbitant Price
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Hearing the two words 'soul jade,' Lin Chao's face changed all of a sudden.

But he remained stubborn as he said, "Haha, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I don't know what's the meaning of what you said. What soul jade?"

Ye Yuan suddenly put away his smile and said frostily, "Is Senior Apprentice Brother Lin trying to use us as a shield then run off after getting benefits yourself? Originally, you guys obtaining any benefits has nothing to do with us. Even if I knew that you people obtained soul jades, I wouldn't expose it either. It's just that your scheming made us fall into a perilous situation and my Senior Apprentice Brother Pang nearly lost his life right there and then. You don't think it's over just like this, right?"

The Tranquil Cloud Sect people were rather bewildered and did not know why Ye Yuan and Lin Chao were arguing.

When Ye Yuan was unconscious, Lin Chao already showed his attitude adequately to Mei Zhen and Pang Wannian and apologized profusely, finally earning their understanding.

After all, the Purple Mansion Sect group lost more than half of their people, leaving only four guys.

Substituting anyone into that kind of situation, they would most likely choose to drag others into the water too.

Plus, Lin Chao and the rest paid large amounts of natural treasures before the Tranquil Cloud Sect group finally agreed not to dispute anymore.

But they did not imagine that the first thing Ye Yuan did after waking up was to find Lin Chao's trouble.

"Ye Yuan, what's the soul jade you're talking about? If it's some inconsequential thing, then just forget about it," Mo Yuntian enquired.

"Yeah, Ye Yuan. When you were out cold, Lin Chao already compensated us three stalks of Tier 4 medicinal herbs, ten stalks of Quasi-Tier 4 herbs, and many Tier 3 herbs. It's more than enough to show his sincerity," Mei Zhen also added on.

These things naturally could not bring back Pang Wannian's arm, but it was already done. Even killing the four of them would not help the situation.

Not that the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples were goodie two shoes, but because the other party had Lin Chao this Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm present.

Under the situation where Mei Zhen was injured, if he were bent on breaking out of the encirclement, it would also be very tough for the Tranquil Cloud Sect to make everyone stay.

At that time, forget about not getting anything, they would even openly offend the Purple Mansion Sect that was second only to the Heavenly Sky Sect. At that time, it would not be fun.

And the Tranquil Cloud Sect group including Mei Zhen did not know what item the soul jade was.

Ye Yuan did not turn back but looked as Lin Chao as he said coolly, "Soul jades are a type of very special jade mineral, extremely rare. The reason why it's named soul jade is that it has the effect of nourishing the divine soul! Especially to peak Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, this is simply an unrivaled miracle treasure! Because it can help peak Sea Transformation Realm martial artists breakthrough their bottleneck and assault the Soul Sea Realm!"

When Ye Yuan finished talking, they were all horrifyingly shocked.

Such a treasure was way more precious than any Tier 4 medicinal herb!

Why were there so few Soul Sea Realm powerhouses in the Southern Domain? It was because the advancement of soul force was too hard!

Martial artists cultivated essence energy. Alchemists cultivated soul force.

It was a paradox whether to primarily cultivate essence energy or soul force.

To the vast majority of people in this world, cultivating both at the same time would only end up with accomplishing nothing.

In reality, the difficulty of breaking through to the Soul Sea Realm was lower for alchemists compared to martial artists.

But the problem was that alchemists needed to spend countless energy on the path of alchemy. There were far too many things they needed to grasp.

Just the understanding of various kinds of medicinal herbs was an extremely profound study, plenty for a martial artist to research their entire lives.

Alchemists still had to take into consideration the cultivation of essence energy under such circumstances. That was a virtually impossible thing.

But to martial artists, raising soul force was too challenging.

If the soul force did not reach a certain level, the divine soul would simply be inadequate to communicate with the essence energy sea and breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm from there!

It was precisely because so that a treasure that could assist peak Sea Transformation Realm martial artists to breakthrough their fetters would naturally be exceptionally valuable!

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, everyone from the Tranquil Cloud Sect showed heated gazes.

What did this soul jade mean? It meant that the sect could have at least one more Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

Lin Chao's complexion was ugly as he said, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye must be joking. Where would we get such a treasure?"

Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, "Each person has to pay the price for their actions! You lured the Bloodthirsty Skywolves over, and Senior Apprentice Brother Pang lost an arm because of this. Aren't you taking it too easy to want to use some medicinal herbs to dismiss us?"

"But . . . this is also the first time I've heard of such a wondrous item! We really don't have it!" Lin Chao said awkwardly.

But Ye Yuan pressed on harder. "Talking anymore is pointless. If Senior Apprentice Brother Lin wants to prove your innocence, please take out your storage rings to let us have a look."

Lin Chao's expression changed, and his face darkened at once. "Isn't this request of Junior Apprentice Brother Ye going too far? Although my Purple Mansion Sect stumbled in this mystic realm, we're still the number two great sect in the Southern Domain. Does Junior Apprentice Brother Ye really want to fall out with us?"

This sort of thing like searching storage rings was a burning disgrace to a martial artist. Because hidden within one's storage rings were secrets that many did not wish to divulge.

But Ye Yuan was indifferent as he said, "If Senior Apprentice Brother Lin is confident that the four of you can escape, you can give it a shot. I, Ye Yuan, am not someone who indiscriminately slaughters innocent people. I can understand you drawing the wolf pack over to protect yourself. But if you think that I'm easy to bully, then you're making a very grave mistake."

An Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist talking this way to an Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm. No matter how one listened to it, it sounded rather odd.

But at this very moment, Lin Chao sensed an incredible pressure!

The scene of Ye Yuan massacring the wolf pack was still fresh in Lin Chao's memories. That sort of casual slaughtering, Lin Chao touched his heart and knew that he was unable to do it.

Lin Chao suddenly felt a false impression, as if he was not facing an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, but a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

Lin Chao did not speak. He was clearly gauging his own strength whether he could disentangle himself or not.

Finally, he still sighed disappointedly and said, "Forget it, forget it. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye is more shrewd than others and is well-informed. This Lin admires! I'm afraid that barely anyone can recognize this soul jade in the entire Southern Domain. To think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can guess it without even seeing it."

As he spoke, Lin Chao retrieved a grey colored jade piece the size of a goose egg from his storage ring.

But Ye Yuan did not reach out to take it. He spoke again, "Since Senior Apprentice Brother Lin already acknowledges it, why be so miserly? I don't want all of it either, just half will do."

Lin Chao's face changed again, but he fished out another four pieces of soul jades from his storage ring, roughly the same sizes as before.

"We only obtained a total of ten pieces of soul jades this trip. This is half already!" Lin Chao gritted his teeth and said.

Ye Yuan smiled but still did not reach his hand out.

Lin Chao was on the verge of collapsing. His hands trembled as he said, "Junior Apprentice Brother Ye isn't shooting a random number, right? This is really half of the amount already!"

"Whether it is or not, I naturally have a clear idea in my mind. You just have to bother with taking them out. I definitely won't take more!" Ye Yuan said coolly.

Lin Chao examined himself that he was highly devious and was extremely intelligent. But when facing Ye Yuan, he always had a feeling of being unable to exert strength.

From start to the end of this exchange, it was always Ye Yuan who grasped the initiative. He had never been so aggrieved before!

With a clench of his jaw, Lin Chao took out another seven pieces of soul jades!

"This time, it's really half. There's not a single piece more! If you still demand an exorbitant price, then let's fight it out to the death!" Lin Chao was about to break down.

But this time, Ye Yuan waved his long sleeves and put those 12 pieces of soul jades into his storage rings.