Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 313

Chapter 313: Eight Sects Gather
Chapter 313: Eight Sects Gather
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Looking at Lin Chao's grimacing look, Pang Wannian secretly felt satisfied.

Previously, Lin Chao lowered himself to apologize ardently and pay compensation. Out of consideration for the overall situation, Pang Wannian grudgingly forgave him.

But this matter of losing an arm had always been a knot in his heart.

Plus, listening to Ye Yuan mention about the soul jade, Pang Wannian was naturally even more displeased in his heart.

But looking at Lin Chao's expression, this extortion by Ye Yuan was rather ruthless. Pang Wannian felt like he had gained back ground for himself and his spirit was invigorated.

"This matter is settled. Senior Apprentice Brother Lin, are you guys going to leave on your own now, or . . ." Ye Yuan said.

Lin Chao was dazed. He immediately shook his head and said, "Among the four of us, the one with the greatest strength is me. This mystic realm is seriously too dangerous. We'll be eaten until not even remains are left if we move alone. I hope that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can let the four of us travel together!"

As if afraid of Ye Yuan objecting, Lin Chao swiftly spoke again, "Rest assured, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, to be able to obtain soul jades this trip is already a tremendous harvest. We don't want any of the natural treasures from here on. We only pray to be able to leave safely."

Ye Yuan nodded and said, "We can travel together. But when we encounter problems, you must help out equally. If I find out that you guys are secretly conserving strength or purposely hindering us, I'll invite you all to leave immediately."

Lin Chao hurried said, "That's of course!"

Ye Yuan's words directly cut off any possibilities of the four Purple Mansion Sect people fishing in troubled waters.

Lin Chao knew that it was simply an impossible matter to want to play mind games in front of this person.

Just like that, the party continued advancing towards the depths of the mystic realm.

. . . . . .

After several days, the party walked out of a dense fog forest.

"Luckily Ye Yuan was here! Or else, we won't be able to walk out of this ghastly place even if we walked until we die!"

"This Confounding Mist Forest is boundless. We simply don't know where the end lies. It's actually an enormous entrapping formation. The person who laid out this entrapment formation truly has horrifying strength!"

"Yeah. This mystic realm is very bizarre. Many places have man-made vestiges but at the same time seem like naturally formed. It makes people confounded whether it's real or fact."

This Confounding Mist Forest was an enormous entrapping formation. It was cut from the same cloth as the type that Ye Yuan previously set up to deal with the High Clarity Sect.

If the average person got caught in this forest, they could never leave for the rest of their lives.

Moreover, this Confounding Mist Forest was filled with jeopardies everywhere; it was a land of absolute perils. It was all thanks to Ye Yuan that all of them could walk out with only fear and no danger.

And at this time, the eyes that Lin Chao looked at Ye Yuan with underwent another change.

This young man was seriously too mysterious. He was simply even stranger than this mystic realm.

This Confounding Mist Forest, even if that Heavenly Sky Sect Quasi-Tier 4 formation master were in here, it would not be possible to bring everyone out of there safe and sound like this. But Ye Yuan did it.

Their group of 12 people walked for a day and night in this Confounding Miss Forest and did not even hurt a single strand of hair!

Lin Chao did not believe that this was their luck being good. Nobody would have such good luck.

To be able to do it to such an extent was definitely because Ye Yuan was extremely well-versed in array formations path!

But Ye Yuan was clearly only 15 or 16 years old. How could he possibly have such profound Array Dao attainments?

The doubts in Lin Chao's heart grew ever more so!

"En? You guys, look! There are people ahead! Eh, there is also a palace there!" Tian Yu suddenly said.

Everyone looked over. Indeed, they saw a bunch of people surrounding before a gigantic palace in groups of twos and threes, discussing something. But nobody entered.

"Looks like the Heavenly Sky Sect's people!"

"No, wait, it seems like the other sect's people are all present! But . . . their Sea Transformation Realm experts all doesn't seem to be here. I reckon . . ."

The Tranquil Cloud Sect group exchanged glances. Especially Mo Yuntian, he was unbelievably shocked in his heart.

He suddenly recalled the words that Ye Yuan said to him before entering the mystic realm. It actually came true!

Sweeping a glance over, other than the Heavenly Sky Sect with all three Sea Transformation Realm experts present, there was only the High Clarity Sect's Yu Feng left among the sects' Sea Transformation Realm experts!

And Yu Feng was only a First Level Sea Transformation Realm. In contrast, the Tranquil Cloud Sect really became the number two formidable sect in the mystic realm!

And this result was entirely fomented single-handedly by Ye Yuan!

If they did not have Ye Yuan, even if the Tranquil Cloud Sect knew that the existence of strength surpassing Crystal Formation Realm was not permitted within the mystic realm, it would also not be possible to walk until here.

A single mishap and they might even be completely annihilated!

And opposite, Wu Zhao had clearly discovered the Tranquil Cloud Sect group too. When he saw the Tranquil Cloud Sect's lineup, he could not help being slightly amazed.

The Heavenly Sky Sect brought twenty over people in here this time. Even if they made ample preparations, they had also lost five or six people.

They even brought a Quasi-Tier 4 formation master over this trip. But even so, they still lost quite a few people when crossing the Confounding Mist Forest earlier.

Of course, there were many people from the other sects inside. They were all brought over by the Tranquil Cloud Sect's formations master.

But the Tranquil Cloud Sect team actually did not lose a single man!

Not knowing why, thick jealousy welled up from the bottom of his heart!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect walked forward for some time and converged with the other sects.

"Elder Mei has remarkable abilities, to actually bring all your disciples over here without losing a single one!" Anyone could hear the sourness in Wu Zhao's words.

But they could emphatize. Because the sourness in the other sect disciples' hearts was not lesser than Wu Zhao.

Mei Zhen said coolly, "Just good luck. Listening to the meaning of Elder Wu's words, could it be that you'll only be comfortable if our Tranquil Cloud Sect was completely wiped out?"

Wu Zhao coughed dryly and said smilingly, "Not at all, not at all. I was looking at how the other sects suffered heavy casualties while only your Tranquil Cloud Sect is completely intact and felt rather surprised, that's all. Could it be that your Tranquil Cloud Sect know some things about this mystic realm?"

These words from Wu Zhao had the suspicions of driving a wedge between them. But this was also his habitual trick. He already used this when just having entered the mystic realm.

But Mei Zhen replied, "Elder Wu is thinking too much. If we knew anything, this disciple of ours would not be missing an arm too."

Everyone followed Mei Zhen's gaze and looked over. Indeed, they saw Pang Wannian missing an arm and could not help being secretly shocked.

Looking at things, the dangers that the Tranquil Cloud Sect experienced did not seem to be at all lesser than the other sects. Could it really be that they were only lucky?

And right then, Yu Feng could not resist jumping out. "Elder Wu, you have to stand up for our High Clarity Sect! Ye Yuan that punk plotted and caused the death of my Senior Apprentice Brother Wang! Our hatred with him is absolutely irreconcilable!"

Wu Zhao's started to make his move and said solemnly, "Elder Mei, everyone should help each other in times of need after entering this mystic realm. How can you all do such a despicable thing? As the head of the Southern Domain, my Heavenly Sky Sect has to intervene a little in this matter! How about this, you cripple Ye Yuan's Dantian, and this matter will drop here. Otherwise . . ."

Wu Zhao still had half a sentence unsaid, but everyone was clear on his meaning.

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not cripple Ye Yuan, then that was becoming enemies with his Heavenly Sky Sect!

The Heavenly Sky Sect had three Sea Transformation Realm elders. Even if they could not exert Sea Transformation Realm strength, it was also not what the present Tranquil Cloud Sect could be on par with.