Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 314

Chapter 314: Changing Countenance
Chapter 314: Changing Countenance!
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Seeing the Heavenly Sky Sect show its stance, Yu Feng also secretly let out a sigh of relief.

They were following behind others and serving them carefully this whole road in order to find Ye Yuan to take revenge today!

Yu Feng knew that it was not very practical to take revenge on the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect. After all, the Heavenly Sky Sect still needed cannon fodders. But finding Ye Yuan alone for payback was nothing unjustifiable.

Furthermore, Yu Feng could tell that Ye Yuan's status in the Tranquil Cloud Sect was exceptional for sure.

If Ye Yuan could be eliminated, it would absolutely be a tremendous blow to the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Upon seeing the Tranquil Cloud Sect appear in front of everyone without a single casualty, Yu Feng had a feeling that it would have been impossible for them to do it without Ye Yuan!

With the Heavenly Sky Sect's might, as long as they were willing to make a move, Ye Yuan would undoubtedly die!

"Humph! What right does your Heavenly Sky Sect have to listen to their one-sided statement and cripple Ye Yuan? Wu Zhao, I'm telling you, it's impossible to want me to hand Ye Yuan over!" Mei Zhen also had an unusually strong stance this time.

Regardless whether it was the High Clarity Sect or Heavenly Sky Sect, they were indeed of the same virtues, wanting him to hand over the person at sight.

If they did not have Ye Yuan this entire way, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would have been completely wiped out long ago. If he really handed Ye Yuan over, what kind of person would he, Mei Zhen, be?

Wu Zhao flew into a great rage when he heard that. The Tranquil Cloud Sect had always lowered their eyes and been affable in front of his Heavenly Sky Sect. They had never been so domineering before.

"Wow, grew some grit huh?! I want to see today just what you're relying on to grow this grit! Also, your Tranquil Cloud Sect better be careful after leaving the mystic realm! Xu Jian, let's weigh together just where Elder Mei's resolve came from!"

As he spoke, Wu Zhao and another elder called Xu Jian were about to join hands to deal with Mei Zhen.

The Heavenly Sky Sect's overbearingness was not without reason. Their strength was formidable, and they could send out three Sea Transformation Realm elders casually!

To other sects, Sea Transformation Realm experts were remarkably precious. Hence, the vast majority of sects only sent one Sea Transformation Realm elder to explore the mystic realm this time.

One of the reason was primarily still because they feared that this mystic realm would be too dangerous and that their Sea Transformation Realm elders would fall in here.

After all, even a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm died in this mystic realm. Sending Sea Transformation Realm elders over, they might not be able to retreat unscathed either.

It was very evident that these sect masters' cautiousness made sense. Because there were already five sects without Sea Transformation Realm elders now!

With Wu Zhao and Xu Jiang joining hands, Mei Zhen immediately felt the pressure surge!

How could he handle two people from the other side alone?

Let alone the other side's headcount was many more than this side.

"Elder Wu, if you're in the mood to throw your weight around here, why not rack your brain and think about how to enter this palace," Ye Yuan voiced out timely.

Upon hearing these words, Wu Zhao's expression involuntarily changed.

Ye Yuan's words had plainly pricked his sore spot.

The reason why this large group of people were pacing around and not advancing was that they could not enter this main hall!

Anyone could tell that there was definitely good stuff inside the main hall. But it was all futile if they could not enter!

"You can actually see through the truth and false of this main hall?!" Wu Zhao exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "What can't be seen? Isn't there a number of ash piles over there? It should have been left behind when you were forcefully barging into the main hall before, right?"

Wu Zhao was shaken and thought to himself that this boy had a very scrupulous mind, to actually notice even this.

"Humph! This main hall has an extremely powerful array formation guarding it. Even if we can utilize our full strength, we can't enter too! Listening to what you mean, could it be that you have some means?" Wu Zhao said with a cold snort.

Yu Feng panicked when he heard this and hurriedly said, "Elder Wu, don't listen to this punk's nonsense! What method can he, a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm have? Previously, Senior Apprentice Brother Wang listened to his flowery words, that's how he fell for his wicked ruse!"

Wu Zhao's face turned icy as he said, "Does this old fellow need you to gesture here and there on how to do things?"

Yu Feng's words made Wu Zhao very displeased. Comparing him to a dead person, was this a good comparison?

Lacking any judgment!

He was foolish enough to be struck by lightning and still wanted to blame others for setting up a trap.

Moreover, they were at a loss on what to do outside the main gate now. What if this boy really had a way? Wouldn't it be severing their own prospects?

The High Clarity Sect lost several more disciples on the way. Now, there was barely any left. Yu Feng obviously did not dare to argue with Wu Zhao. He could only shut his mouth sensibly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, "What are you saying, Elder Wu? Just as this Elder Yu said, what method can I, a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, have?"

At this time, the more Ye Yuan intentionally made himself easier to knead, the more Wu Zhao felt that Ye Yuan knew something. Because he simply had no way of entering!

Finally reached here after much difficulty, he could not just turn back around, right?

It was very clear that this palace was this mystic realm's greatest treasure!

Entering a treasure mountain and returning empty-handed?

How would he explain to the sect master when he gets back?

"Ye Yuan, if you really have a way to let us enter, my Heavenly Sky Sect can let bygones be bygones about the matter previously!"

Ye Yuan hurriedly said, "Don't! You should just fuss about it. Cripple what needs to be crippled and kill what you want. Please don't be courteous with me!"

"You! Don't refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit!" Wu Zhao was so enraged by Ye Yuan that his face turned green.

With his status, talking like this was already conscientiously giving Ye Yuan a great deal of face. Who knew that this boy would not buy it at all!

He was just about to blow his top when that formation master elder went up and whispered, "Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, perhaps this boy really knows something!"

"En? How so?" Wu Zhao asked puzzledly.

This grand array in front of their eyes had clearly already surpassed the limits of his junior's abilities. Wanting to go in was impossible.

Before this junior of his arrived in front of the main hall, he completely had not discovered that there was a grand array here!

Everyone was only abruptly shocked awake when those few disciples were burnt to ashes by that grand array.

"The Confound Mist Forest is also a humongous entrapment formation. It's pure luck that we can walk out of there! But this group of people walked out completely without a scratch, which shows that there is definitely an able man among them. This boy has nothing to fear. I'm afraid that he has real ability!"

Wu Zhao listened and thought to himself that this was really the case.

When they had just entered the mystic realm, Li Zhangyu even reminded him to eliminate Ye Yuan. But he did not take it to heart.

But such a long time after entering the mystic realm, Ye Yuan this brat was really quite odd.

Could it be, the grand array that even a Quasi-Tier 4 formations master had no way of seeing, this boy really had a way?

With his thought up to here, Wu Zhao sucked in a deep breath, eased his tone, and said to Ye Yuan, "Ye Yuan, just now, it was me who didn't make clear of the situation and was rather one-sided. I apologize to you!"

Wu Zhao was advanced in years. His skin was already tempered into steel long ago, changing face faster than flipping a book!

It was just that this face change of his also changed the color on Yu Feng's face!

"Elder Wu, we had a deal! Are you trying to break your word now?" Yu Feng said furiously.

Wu Zhao shot him a nonchalant glance and said, "What deal did we have? Did I promise you anything? Wang Fan, that moron, failed to even handle a Spirit Condensation Realm. If he's dead, then he's dead. What's there to feel pity for?!"