Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 315

Chapter 315: Absolute Blaze Barrier
Chapter 315: Absolute Blaze Barrier
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Yu Feng was so incensed that his chest was about to explode!

They followed and waited on the Heavenly Sky Sect carefully this entire trip to blaze a trail with no gains and even lost quite a number of disciples. What they exchanged for was this outcome!

Cooperating with the Heavenly Sky Sect was indeed asking a tiger for its skin!

"Elder Wu, are you trying to tear down the bridge after crossing the river?"

Yu Feng had a dark face, his chest rising and falling like bellows. Evidently, this feeling of being cheated already enraged him to the limits!

But Wu Zhao was indifferent as he said nonchalantly, "Tearing the bridge after crossing the river? Have we crossed the river yet?"

"You!" Yu Feng nearly jumped up.

The 'crossing the river' that Wu Zhao was talking about was naturally referring to this palace before their eyes. However, were their contributions previously worth nothing?

Yu Feng really wanted to fight it out with the Heavenly Sky Sect. But in the end, reason took the upper hand.

Finding the Heavenly Sky Sect to risk his life for revenge was no different from courting death.

Even if the seven great sects allied together, they might not gain an advantage either.

"Good, very good! This loss, I, Yu Feng, accept it! But I've also remembered this grudge! Harrumph!"

Yu Feng forcefully pressed down the rage in his heart and let out a fierce sentence.

Except, even he himself did not believe he had any chances of avenging this grudge.

There was no way in this mystic realm. It was even more out of the question after exiting the mystic realm!

Although the High Clarity Sect was considerably stronger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect, compared to the Heavenly Sky Sect, it was much weaker.

Wu Zhao was disinclined to bother with Yu Feng too. What was most pressing for him now was entering this palace.

"Martial Nephew Ye, it was this Elder's fault for any offense previously. If you have any way of entering the palace, please share!"

Wu Zhao lowering his status like this and even his form of address towards Ye Yuan becoming so dear to the point it could be considered doing what others could not do.

Ye Yuan saw that the heat was about there but said with a smile, "The Heavenly Sky Sect is indeed worthy of being the Southern Domain's number one great sect. Elder Wu tolerance surpasses others. Ye Yuan admires you."

Wu Zhao could obviously tell that Ye Yuan's words had a hidden meaning, but he stroked his beard and said with a laugh, "Not at all, Martial Nephew Ye flatters me."

Ye Yuan smiled and did not say anything. He slowly walked towards the main hall, scaring Wu Zhao and the rest until their face changed color!

"Martial Nephew Ye, don't walk forward anymore! Danger!" Wu Zhao cried out in shock.

But Ye Yuan turned a deaf ear to it and continued walking ahead.

Wu Zhao and that formation master exchanged glances, thinking to themselves could this boy be a fool? Perfectly aware that there was a large array ahead and still colliding into it?

But watching Ye Yuan gradually approach closer, their hearts also leaped to their throats.

What was this boy trying to do?

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan suddenly stood still, while that initially calm air suddenly had ripples circulating with brilliance. An invisible barrier actually appeared.

Wu Zhao's and everyone's pupils shrunk. Only now did they get a clear view of this large array's true colors!

A humongous light veil, an ambilight barrier, surrounded the main hall completely without any gaps at all!

That light veil flowed with brilliant lights, looking very stunning. But everyone knew that an enormous danger was hidden behind this beauty!

Through this ambilight barrier, Ye Yuan could see clearly that three large words 'Eternal Splendor Palace' was written on that palace's main gate.

This palace's aura was magnificent. Just by looking at the exterior, it appeared rather rundown. One look and you could tell that it had experienced the baptism of time.

But this Eternal Splendor Palace was still seeping with an extraordinary aura all over the place. As long as a martial artist came here, they would surely not be able to resist that kind of temptation.

And if they were not someone who was extremely proficient in array formations, they would not be able to even enter the gate.

Ye Yuan turned around and looked at Wu Zhao with a smile as he said, "This grand array's name is Absolute Blaze Barrier, a high-rank Tier 4 with extremely horrifying power. Even if a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse entered, it would be certain death too!"

Wu Zhao and the rest were all dumbfounded with shock.

Certain death for Soul Sea Realm powerhouses. What kind of concept was that?

In the entire Southern Domain, the strongest person was only a Soul Sea Realm!

That was also to say that no one in the entire Southern Domain could pass through this large array called Absolute Blaze Barrier!

Just this large array completely cut off all of the Southern Domain's martial artists outside!

The Heavenly Sky Sect had a Tier 4 formation master too. But even if he came here, it would probably be to no avail too.

"Then . . . does Martial Nephew Ye have a way to pass through this grand array?" Wu Zhao asked on tenterhooks.

High-rank Tier 4 grand array was also considered an extremely terrifying existence to the Southern Domain's number one great sect, the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Ye Yuan did not speak. He turned around, raised his leg, and just took a step forward.

"Ye Yuan!"

Wu Zhao and Mei Zhen nearly jumped up. Because Ye Yuan's figure entered that iridescent flowing light barrier just like that and disappeared!

"Ah! He . . . he isn't exterminated by the grand array, right?"

"Isn't this boy too rash? This is a Tier 4 grand array. He entered directly just like that?"

"Wrong. When those people entered previously, they were burnt into ashes by extremely powerful flames. But there is no reaction at all from that boy entering!"

The crowd who did not understand the inside story all started guessing. They did not know what happened.

Wu Zhao really wanted to follow Ye Yuan and walk in like this. But he did not have the guts.

Thinking back and forth, he was incessantly conflicted.

But right then, that barrier moved again. Ye Yuan's profile appeared in front of everyone once more!

When everybody saw this scene, they were all clicking their tongue and marveling.

"This Spirit Condensation Realm boy is really godly. That is a high Tier 4 grand array. He entered and exited like it was flat ground!"

"Where did Tranquil Cloud Sect find such a monster? If they were to develop like this, what will the Southern Domain have to do with us?"

"Hehe, I reckon that the ones who are the most worried aren't us, right? The Heavenly Sky Sect will most likely think of ways to eliminate this boy after exiting this mystic realm! Of course, the prerequisite is that they can leave first!"

It was evident that everyone also knew that this Eternal Splendor Palace was not an easy place. Barring no accidents, it was likely riddled with dangers!

Ye Yuan called out to Wu Zhao, "The Absolute Blaze Barrier looks to be only one thin layer. In reality, there are innumerable twists and turns inside the array formation, far from as easy as it looks from the outside! This place is the Absolute Blaze Barrier's sole life-gate. If you want to enter, follow in my footsteps. Don't take a single misstep, or else, bear the consequences yourself!"

Wu Zhao pondered for a moment and said to the formation master, "Junior Apprentice Brother Yuyang, I'll have to trouble you to follow Ye Yuan closely. We'll follow you and walk!"

This formation master was called Zhao Yuyang, a Quasi-Tier 4 formation master from the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Formation masters normally had very high status in sects, because they all basically bore the mission of the sect's final line of defense!

Once the sect protecting grand formation was broken, the sect would not be far from annihilation either.

Zhao Yuyang's status in the Heavenly Sky Sect could be imagined.

Letting him follow Ye Yuan and walk at this time was actually also taking on an enormous risk. Because Zhao Yuyang's understanding of this array formation completely cannot compare to Ye Yuan!

Once Ye Yuan played a dirty trick, he would naturally be the first to bear the brunt.

But at this time, Wu Zhao could not think of any other method too.

Musing for a moment, Zhao Yuyang nodded and followed Ye Yuan.

But Wu Zhao said to Mei Zhen at this time, "Your Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples and our Heavenly Sky Sect disciples, one person follows another person! Elder Mei, the two of us cover the rear!"