Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Incurring Public Wrath


With aswoosh,seven figures appeared in a stretch of empty space.

“What happened? Ye Yuan, is that you?” Tian Yu shouted right after landing on the ground.

Right at this moment, there was a blur before everyone’s eyes. Ye Yuan’s silhouette appeared out of the void in front of them.

Tian Yu said in elation when he saw him, “Ye Yuan, it’s really you!”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Who else can it be except me?”

Mei Zhen asked in bafflement, “This array formation is abnormally profound. Being able to escape by yourself is already very hard. How did you do it?”

Mei Zhen knew very well in his heart, for Zhao Yuyang to be able to lead everyone out of the Confounding Mist Forest, his Array Dao standards could be seen at a glance.

Even if Ye Yuan’s Array Dao level was more impressive than Zhao Yuyang’s, being able to find the life-gate when facing a high Tier 4 grand array was already the limit, right?

But looking at Ye Yuan’s appearance, how was this his limit?

“Great Master’s knowledge reaches the heaven. He is extremely proficient in Array Dao as well. Since I know the name of this Absolute Blaze Barrier, what difficulty is there in cracking it?” Ye Yuan said.

Mei Zhen was thoroughly speechless. What looked to be extremely profound to him was treated as foundational studies to others.

What was this called? This was called losing on the starting line!

“Ye Yuan, then what about the other sects’ people?” Mei Zhen could not help asking.

Ye Yuan said calmly, “They have no great enmity or deep-seated hatred with me, so I left them a slim chance of survival. As for whether or not they can walk out alive, that will have to depend on their fortunes. All right, we can exit the formation by walking over there. Let’s go.”

. . . . . .

After Ye Yuan and the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people disappeared, the other people in the grand array were already all muddled up and in a mess.

“That punk is truly too abominable! To actually leave so many of us in the grand array to run our own course!”

“When did such a monster appear in the Tranquil Cloud Sect? If he can grow up, our Southern Domain’s setup will most likely have changes!”

“Your mum! You’re still in the mood to bother with the Southern Domain’s setup?! We’re currently trapped in the grand array. As long as we move slightly, we’ll be burnt to ashes! You should think about how to get out! That punk better pray to not let me catch him. Otherwise, I’ll make him regret being born into this world!”

“. . .”

The one speaking was a Third Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. Everyone looked at him like he was an idiot.

Even if Ye Yuan was an ordinary Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, that would have to wait until everybody got out first! Much less at this time, anyone was aware that Ye Yuan was not an ordinary Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

“All shut up for me!” Wu Zhao bellowed with essence energy.

With his shout, everyone indeed quietened down.

Wu Zhao shouted to Zhao Yuyang from behind, “Yuyang, how is it? Can you find the way out?”

Ever since discovering Ye Yuan’s disappearance, he had been in lost in thought.

He only opened his mouth when he heard Wu Zhao’s yell at this time and said, “I can give it a shot. But . . . I don’t have absolute assurance.”

Hearing Zhao Yuyang’s words, everyone perked up their spirits. The hope of leaving was now all entrusted on Zhao Yuyang’s body.

“Alright, everybody shut your mouth for me now! Yuyang, you lead the way. If you have any needs, just say!” Wu Zhao was also cutting off all means of retreat now.

Yuyang nodded, but his mind started spinning at high speeds once again!

His deduction of the grand array had never stopped since he followed Ye Yuan and walked until now. But currently, he already had some gains.

One could say that Ye Yuan bringing him from the life-gate and walking until here was equivalent to revealing a corner of this grand array’s iceberg in front of him.

And what he wanted to do now was to deduce the remaining portions!

This job, Ye Yuan had already helped him do the better part of it.

But even this lesser part was not so easy to complete for Zhao Yuyang.

Indeed, after walking safely for over a dozen steps, Zhao Yuyang stopped. His brows were locked lightly as he pondered for a long time.

Everybody held their breaths and stared at him. But Zhao Yuyang stood like this for an hour without moving.

After an hour, Zhao Yuyang turned around and said helplessly, “Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, it’s a crossroad ahead. One path is life, one path is death. With my abilities, I really can’t differentiate them! We . . . only have a 50% chance!”

At this time, Zhao Yuyang was everyone’s hope. If he was exterminated from taking a wrong step, then everybody only had the option to wait and die.

When Wu Zhao heard this, he asked, “How should the two paths be taken?”

Zhao Yuyang casually gave an explanation about the crossroad. Wu Zhao lifted a low-level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist without a word and threw him over!

Then, under everyone’s eyes, that martial artist was burnt to ashes!

Everybody sucked in a cold breath. This move from Wu Zhao caught them unawares. Everyone did not react to it.

That disciple was only at the early-stage Crystal Formation Realm. He simply had no way of resisting under Wu Zhao’s hands.

“Wu Zhao! You . . . What right do you have to use my junior for pathfinding?!” The dead person’s senior was unbelievably furious.

Wu Zhao looked at him coldly and said in a solemn voice, “Sacrificing him alone to exchange for a way out for so many of us. What inappropriate about it? If you feel unresigned about it, you can scout on your own! You can give it a shot how far out you can walk yourself!”

That Senior involuntarily choked up. But he tried to argue through sophistry, “Then . . . what right do you have to grab my junior?!”

But Wu Zhao said something that made everyone’s hearts chill. “From now onwards, if my Junior Apprentice Brother Yuyang encounters such things again, your six great sects will take turns to send someone out to scout ahead! Hence, you guys best pray that you can pick the survival path!”

But right then, Yu Feng sneered coldly and said, “Why should our six sects all send people out except for your Heavenly Sky Sect?!”

Wu Zhao looked at him indifferently and said, “A Junior Apprentice Brother Yuyang came from our sect, isn’t that enough? If there was no him, would you guys dare to take a single step forward? There is never a free lunch in this world! Of course, you people can also not send anyone out. But please don’t follow us! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being discourteous!”

The great sects did not speak again this time. It was very clear that this was their only way out. They had no other alternatives!

But Wu Zhao’s unyieldingness made the six great sects produce a mentality of being bound by a common hatred for the same enemy.

Wu Zhao obviously knew this too. But he did not care. Now, there was only the Tranquil Cloud Sect that could threaten him. He did not mind what the other sects’ opinions were.

. . . . . .

A light flashed. The party of eight finally walked out from the Absolute Blaze Barrier grand array.

Upon exiting, all the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples heaved a sigh of relief.

Inside this high Tier 4 grand array, that sort of majestic pressure crushed them until they felt asphyxiated.

Ye Yuan lifted his head and looked at ‘Eternal Splendor Palace,’ these three words. An inexplicable feeling welled up in his heart.

This sect was surely a very powerful sect in the Endless World in the past.

But with the passing of time, the people were gone and the chambers empty; it was just like his father’s Medicine King Hall!

“Be careful, seniors. This Eternal Splendor Palace is most likely not so easy to enter! This place is filled with dangers everywhere. I’m also unaware of what there is,” Ye Yuan reminded.

Finished talking, he took the lead and stepped up, pushing open the palace’s main gates!