Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation
Chapter 319: Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!
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The 18 sword puppets' bodies shifted. Mei Zhen and the rest immediately felt a powerful pressure!

But when Ye Yuan saw this scene, his expression changed.

"Ye Yuan, i-is this sword formation? Why do I feel like each one of these guys suddenly became much stronger? But looking at their auras, it's merely late-stage Crystal Formation Realm!" Tian Yu asked with a baffled look.

Ye Yuan's expression had a rarely seen somberness as he said solemnly, "Tier 3 Sword Formation, Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!"

Tian Yu did not notice Ye Yuan's face and only heard Tier 3 formation. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Turns out that it's only a Tier 3 formation. That's good, that's good!"

"Good my *ss!" Ye Yuan could not resist throwing out a curse word. He said, "Although these 18 sword puppets only have late-stage Crystal Formation Realm strength, under the augmentation of the sword formation, their combat strength definitely do not lose out to the full-powered Elder Mei!"

"What did you say? You meant that these 18 sword puppets' strength is comparable to Third Level Sea Transformation Realm? This . . . How is this possible?" Tian Yu had a look of disbelief.

Sea Transformation Realm martial artists versus Crystal Formation Realm martial artists was complete crushing. It simply could not be made up for using numbers!

Forget about 18 Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realms, even 28 or 38 could not possibly win a First Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist.

But now, Ye Yuan said that the formation formed by these 18 sword puppets could clash head-on with a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist.

Wasn't such an increment a little too terrifying?

But Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, "Heh heh, to a grandmaster of Array Dao, this is nothing impossible."

Ye Yuan still had half a sentence he did not say out. If the present Lu Linfeng were called to set up the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, there would be nothing impressive about these 18 sword puppets directly crossing a major realm to face off with a Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm.

These sword puppets before their eyes were at most equivalent to Lu Linfeng's standards several thousand years ago; weak to the max.

Although Ye Yuan disliked Lu Linfeng in every way, Ye Yuan was still secretly convinced even though he would not agree verbally in terms of Array Dao.

This person's comprehension abilities in Array Dao was the absolute number one in the Divine Realm!

His self-created Formations Path Nine Scripts was absolutely the dream treasure book of the array masters in the Divine Realm! Even Ye Yuan was unbelievably covetous. If not for this, why would he bet with Lu Linfeng?

Ye Yuan was not a fool. He also knew that he was not Lu Linfeng's match. But the Formations Path Nine Scripts was still tremendously alluring to Ye Yuan.

In his previous life, Ye Yuan's attainments in the formations path were second only to his alchemy path. If he could advance another step in the formations path, perhaps he could go further along the alchemy path.

"But . . . Ye Yuan, a Tier 3 formation should not stump you, right? After all, you even walked out of a high Tier 4 grand array easily," Mo Yuntian spoke.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "I don't have full confidence!"

Everyone felt stifled when they heard this. Ye Yuan was like in his own home inside such a horrifying grand array like the Absolute Blaze Barrier. He actually said that he was not confident facing a Tier 3 array formation?

This was seriously something inconceivable!

Seemingly detecting everyone's bewilderment, Ye Yuan said, "The comprehension of formations path is similarly divided into high and low. The same array formation can unleash completely different power in different people's hands. Although this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation is not high rank, wanting to crack it is extremely difficult!"

They all only came to a realization now that turns out this was the same logic as comprehending concepts.

Except, even Ye Yuan was not confident in cracking the formation. Wouldn't everybody be in danger?


Everyone's hearts tightened, only to see the long swords in those sword puppets' hands tremble. Piercingly cold sword qi stung until everyone felt very uncomfortable.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The movements of these sword puppets were highly erratic, instantly destroying the Tranquil Cloud Sect eight people's formation into pieces.

Ye Yuan's figure moved, dashing towards Pang Wannian's side, pushing aside the long sword that came close to stabbing his back. But he yelled out, "Elder Mei, this place's essence energy restriction is already gone. You can deal with these sword puppets without any shackles!"

Mei Zhen was overjoyed when he heard that. His aura immediately skyrocketed, rising to Third Level Sea Transformation Realm strength!

Indeed, in this main hall, the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array was actually blocked!

With Mei Zhen's formidable strength keeping things in check, the pressure on the other disciples suddenly reduced by a great deal.

But even so, dangers were constantly appearing everywhere around the others, including Mo Yuntian!

Now, they finally know what Ye Yuan's words meant. The might of this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was seriously too terrifying.

Even Mo Yuntian this late-stage Crystal Formation Realm also felt that he was struggling hard when facing one sword puppet.

After a few rounds, they were immediately unable to withstand it.

These 18 sword puppets formed pairs. Each series of attack was interlinked, simply not giving their opponents any time to catch their breath.

Moreover, the attacks of these nine teams of sword puppets actually had compounding effects. One blow was as strong as the other. Even Mei Zhen this Third Level Sea Transformation Realm did not dare to fight head-on too.

This Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was simply infallible. Just like an integrated mass attack machine!

From the start, Ye Yuan was running his legs off to help support his seniors.

If not for Ye Yuan, most likely, there would already be quite a few people who lost their lives under the swords of the sword puppets.

Currently, in Ye Yuan's heart, he had already extended his greetings to Lu Linfeng's ancestors countless times.

However, this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation is incomparably profound. With Ye Yuan's Array Dao attainments, he could also just protect himself inside the array formation.

A sword puppet appeared behind Tian Yu expressionlessly, its long sword stabbing towards his back without any hesitation.

Ye Yuan's gaze grew intent. He arrived by his side with a flash and pulled hard, barely avoiding this fatal blow!

Even so, Tian Yu was still stabbed in the shoulder by the sword puppet.

Suffering this wound, Tian Yu's strength would surely be heavily discounted.

Ye Yuan was incredibly worried in his heart. At this rate, there would definitely be casualties!

Ye Yuan's mind spun like a drill and knew that being passive like this was not the way. He suddenly hollered at Mei Zhen, "Elder Mei, you defend the other seniors!"

Although Mei Zhen's combat strength was already full-blown at this time, he completely could not gain any advantage inside the array formation. Instead, he became more alarmed as he fought.

He could sense that if he faced this array formation alone, the outcome would ultimately still be being defeated and killed!

18 late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets could kill a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm expert. This was simply mindboggling!

Hearing Ye Yuan's howl, Mei Zhen immediately took Ye Yuan's place without any word.

While he did not know much about array formations, his realm was right there after all. Stepping in for others briefly was still feasible.

"Ye Yuan, hurry up! I'm afraid that I can't hold on for too long!" Mei Zhen said anxiously.

The attacks of the 18 sword puppets made people's eyes go blurry. Mei Zhen could still withstand for others temporarily, but it would be hard to avoid oversight as time passed.

Ye Yuan dodged a sword puppet's attack with a squat and said gravely, "Give me ten breaths of time!"

Mei Zhen gritted his teeth and said, "Okay!"

Ten breaths, that was also the time needed to breath ten times. Wanting to find the flaw in this array formation was truly too challenging.

But Ye Yuan had no other alternatives either. He could only burn his boats!

Taking in a deep breath, Ye Yuan actually shut his eyes and instantly entered the Heart Like Still Water State!