Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 321

Chapter 321: Comprehending Formation
Chapter 321: Comprehending Formation!
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These 18 sword puppets were automatically controlled by the array formation, ownerless objects.

Pang Wannian accidentally activated the array formation previously. That was why these 18 sword puppets attacked the Tranquil Cloud Sect group.

As long as Ye Yuan comprehended the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation fully, he would be able to control these 18 sword puppets!

If Ye Yuan had these 18 sword puppets, he would have the ability to protect himself in front of Sea Transformation Realm experts.

With Ye Yuan's present strength, facing early-stage and middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm martial artists should not pose a problem. But facing late-stage Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would be more challenging.

As for Sea Transformation Realm experts, Ye Yuan virtually did not have any leeway to resist.

Actually, Ye Yuan had confronted quite a few Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses. But regardless of whether it was Black Crow Old Man, Yao Qian, or Wang Fan, he drew support from environmental conditions and depended on his meticulous calculations in order to gain an advantage.

If battling a Sea Transformation Realm head-on, Ye Yuan would have no chance of winning.

But with these sword puppets, it would be different. Ye Yuan could even clash with Third Level Sea Transformation Realm experts by using the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation to control them.

Ye Yuan's strength was indeed not powerful. But under Heart Like Still Water Realm, he already had an initial glimpse into the door of this array formation.

Currently, Ye Yuan's soul force was projected out and could capture every minute movement from the sword puppets clearly. Hence, it was very hard for these sword puppets to want to hurt him.

Of course, the price of doing so was that his soul force was in the midst of being depleted rapidly!

"No way right? It was unbelievably arduous for so many of us inside this array formation. Ye Yuan is doing this with ease alone inside instead?" Tian Yu exclaimed in shock.

"Ye Yuan should have comprehended something. Otherwise, it's impossible to be so," Mei Zhen said.

"But what on earth is Ye Yuan trying to do? To actually bring Elder Mei out too. If there were him guiding by the side, cracking the formation with Elder Mei's strength should be promising, right? Now, he is inside all alone. How is he going to crack the formation?" Tian Yu said puzzledly.

"Now that it came to this, we can only believe in him. This array formation is truly exceptionally powerful. By relying on a bunch of Crystal Formation Realm puppets, even I am not a match!" Mei Zhen sighed with admiration.

. . . . . .

While Ye Yuan was trapped in the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, inside the Absolute Blaze Barrier, Zhao Yuyang's entire head was covered in dense sweat beads.

After such a long period of deduction, he was on the verge of collapsing!

But he also knew that it was no longer far from the exit of the grand array. If he did not grit his teeth and persevere, all the benefits in the Eternal Splendor Palace would be acquired by the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Hence, he was clenching his teeth and pushing on!

"Still missing a little more, just a little bit more! Deducing this Absolute Blaze Barrier this time has tremendous inspiration to my formation path! As long as I can tough it out, I might have hopes of becoming a Tier 4 array master in this life!" Zhao Yuyang kept on encouraging himself.

Everyone held their breath as they looked at Zhao Yuyang.

Walking until now, all the great sects paid a devastatingly heavy price!

There were only two or three people left in some sects right now.

Even the Purple Mansion Sect, one person also perished among the four of them, burnt to ashes by the grand array.

Zhao Yuyang took another step forward. His every step affected everyone's heart.

The next instant, Zhao Yuyang's face revealed wild elation!

"Senior Apprentice Brother, I found the exit!" Zhao Yuyang exclaimed in joy.

Everybody's faces revealed wild excitement. This grand array was seriously too terrifying. One had to say that them being able to escape with their lives was by luck.

Wu Zhao was similarly overjoyed as he said, "Haha . . . Ye Yuan that punk most likely never dreamt that we would find the exit so quickly, right? Wait until Your Father leaves, I'll definitely hack that punk into pieces! Otherwise, I'll find it hard to dispel the hatred in my heart! Junior Apprentice Brother Yuyang, quickly!"

Zhao Yuyang nodded and said, "This is the final juncture. As long as we find the correct path, we only need at most two hours to be able to leave!"

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan's soul force was being depleted rapidly. But his understanding of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was rising swiftly at the same time.

He had the experience and knowledge of a Tier 9 array master. Although this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was extremely profound, it was merely Lu Linfeng's work from several thousand years ago after all.

Ye Yuan was operating from an advantageous position. Comprehending a set of Tier 3 array formation was not something very monstrous.

In truth, his greatest obstacle was still these 18 sword puppets!

These 18 sword puppets were too strong for Ye Yuan. Most of his energy still needed to be placed on the sword puppets.

Otherwise, a moment of carelessness and it would be the outcome of perishing and his Dao dissipating.

Fortunately, under the Heart Like Still Water State, Ye Yuan could take in all of the sword puppets' actions into his divine soul to analyze and understanding, slowly comprehending the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

In reality, Ye Yuan perceived it right after entering the formation. These sword puppets' attacks looked disorderly, but in truth, they were adherent to rules.

These sword puppets paired up together, forming nine attack points.

After one team finished attacking, the second team would follow up seamlessly, followed by the third team, fourth team.

This kind of attacks formed a subtle compounding, making the attacks progressively stronger!

When the ninth team released their attack, the augmentation of the attacks would have already reached a very horrifying degree.

Logically speaking, when the first team unleashed their attack should be when the array formation was at its weakest. But the truth was not this case.

These 18 sword puppets' cooperation was unbelievably ingenious. Talking about it was slow. In fact, the time between their attacks was extremely minute. Hence, forming a perfect circle, making every attack look so powerful!

Of course, seeing through it was one thing, comprehending the array formation was another.

Even a more secretive array formation would have its weak points. Even a messier hemp rope would have its head. But what Ye Yuan wanted to do now was to find this head within this perfect circle!

As the saying went, pull one hair and the entire body is affected. As long as he found where the end of this circle was, he could take control of this grand array!

But the cleverness of Lu Linfeng's array formation lied in that this 'rope head' was hidden very deeply by him.

Ye Yuan's soul force already looked to be almost fully depleted, but he still had not found that rope head.

Time trickled away, and Ye Yuan's soul force was almost hitting rock bottom. His divine soul was already so fatigued that he was about to fall asleep.

Once his soul force dried up, Ye Yuan only had the outcome of being dismembered by chaotic swords!

"Not good! Ye Yuan, he can't hold on much longer!" Mo Yuntian saw that Ye Yuan's movements were somewhat irregular and immediately noticed that something was not right.

Mei Zhen's expression also changed greatly as he said solemnly, "Ye Yuan has only been evading up until now and did not exhaust much essence energy. Could it be . . . he has been using soul force the entire time?"

"My god. Isn't his control over soul force too precise? The radius it covers is only that small patch in the array formation?" Tian Yu cried out in shock.

"What's the point of talking about that now? No way, I have to go save Ye Yuan!" Mei Zhen could not sit still any longer. He could not watch Ye Yuan being dismembered by a mass of swords helplessly.

Without any hesitation, Mei Zhen wielded his sword and was about to charge into the grand array.

But just as he reached the borders of the grand array, Ye Yuan's voice suddenly sounded out, "I'm fine! Don't come over!"