Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Relying On One's Own Ability


Ye Yuan sunk his divine sense into that storage ring and checked over the number of essence crystals and medicinal herbs inside.

“Only the three of us elders have high-grade essence crystals. Tallying it up is merely around 30. The remainder has all been converted into middle-grade essence crystals and low-grade essence crystals. Not a piece is missing!” Wu Zhao said with a somber look when he saw Ye Yuan checking over the inventory.

Ye Yuan’s calculation abilities were very heaven-defying. He just briefly scanned and knew that what Wu Zhao said was not false.

“The Heavenly Sky Sect is indeed loaded. Carrying so many essence crystals on a trip to a mystic realm.Hmm,looks like you’re short of ten pieces of low-grade essence crystals, but forget about it. Everyone says that the wealthier one is, the more miserly. It’s certainly true. Then. . . many thanks to Elder Wu for gifting these,” Ye Yuan clasped his hands and said.

Wu Zhao was stunned. He did not think that Ye Yuan just swept a glance over it and finished checking it. Furthermore, he actually even caught the missing ten pieces of low-grade essence crystals. One could see that Ye Yuan’s tallying earlier was not done carelessly.

The essence crystals that they gave the Tranquil Cloud Sect was pooling together all the low-grade essence crystals, only using middle-grade essence crystals to make up for it if it was insufficient.

But the number of low-grade essence crystals was just nice missing ten pieces. Wu Zhao obviously did not wish to use a piece of middle-grade essence crystal to substitute it. Moreover, it was also not possible for Ye Yuan to check so attentively.

Who knew that Ye Yuan just scanned once and caught it.

This punk really had some capabilities!

Since Ye Yuan already said forget about it, Wu Zhao obviously could not really haggle over ten pieces of low-grade essence crystals with him. He snorted coldly and said, “Since that’s the case, can we discuss the issue regarding the distribution of treasures later?”

On the surface, Ye Yuan did indeed thrash the Heavenly Sky Sect brutally just now.

But in reality, both parties could only be considered evenly-matched in strength right now.

If not for Ye Yuan being ruthless with his actions and reaped many Heavenly Sky Sect disciples’ lives, Wu Zhao probably would not have agreed to Ye Yuan’s terms either.

The Heavenly Sky Sect had three Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses here!

If he really forced their hand, Zhao Yuyang’s combat strength was not for show either, even if he was not a pure martial artist.

But the combat strength of formation masters when compared to alchemists was much greater.

If both sides really refused to stop unless they achieved their aim, the Tranquil Cloud Sect might not gain any advantages. This was also the reason why Ye Yuan agreed to stop.

Although the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was powerful, when facing the peak Third Level Sea Transformation Realm Wu Zhao, it was at best the conclusion of both sides suffering heavy losses.

Hence, this negotiation also embodied the argumentation of the main topic.

But Ye Yuan said, “No rush. There’s still one other thing not taken care of.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned around and went in front of Yu Feng.

The present Yu Feng was already like a dead dog.

That move previously, Yu Feng did not hold back at all, but it struck himself in full force. Now, he was on his dying breath.

When Ye Yuan recalled that ripple in the void earlier, he involuntarily frowned a little.

Since the beginning, he had a feeling like he was being watched. But he completely could not detect the other party at all!

This sort of feeling made him very uncomfortable.

However, Ye Yuan also did not expect that that person hidden in the dark would actually make a move to help him!

The method of making use of spatial laws to draw the other party’s attack into the void was an exceedingly profound spatial concept. Its strength was definitely mighty beyond imagination!

Why would such a character target him? Also, why would they help him?

Ye Yuan could not figure it out no matter how he racked his brains. He had rebirthed for close to a year. The strongest person he met was merely Skymaple. When did he provoke such a formidable existence?

But looking at it now, the other party did not seem to have any intention of being detrimental to himself. Otherwise, with his current pathetic bit of strength, he would not even be enough to fill the crevices between that person’s teeth.

Since that mysterious person would not harm him for the time being, Ye Yuan did not think too much either. Anyway, thinking so much was also pointless.

“Yu Feng, I originally have no grudge nor enmity with you, but your High Clarity Sect is bullying others too far. You reap what you sow. You only have yourself to blame for today; don’t blame me for it. Go in peace. As for the other disciples, I won’t do anything to them. As for whether or not they can walk out of this mystic realm, that will have to depend on their fortunes.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan spat out essence energy. A palm landed on the top of Yu Feng’s skull. He died straight away.

Everyone’s hearts quivered. An exalted Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse was killed by an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm just like this.

Although many Sea Transformation Realm experts already died inside this mystic realm, they were all struck to death by heavenly thunder.

A Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse was killed in front of them. This sort of feeling that shook the soul was totally different.

Sea Transformation Realm experts were the mid-level pillars in sects. Every one of them was very precious!

And the might of Sea Transformation Realm was even more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Sea Transformation Realm and Spirit Condensation Realm were two realms that simply could not be linked together. But now, a Spirit Condensation Realm killed a Sea Transformation Realm!

Other than Ye Yuan, there was simply no one who detected Li-er making a move. The way others saw it, the one who used bizarre means to severely injure Yu Feng was precisely Ye Yuan!

This also intensified their fear towards Ye Yuan.

But when the High Clarity Sect disciples heard Ye Yuan’s words, they could not help letting out a sigh of relief.

They did not tag along with Wang Fan and Yu Feng previously to find trouble with Ye Yuan. If Ye Yuan settled the score with them, they could not get angry at all.

Unknowingly, the only Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist present became the most terrifying existence!

This was probably something that nobody thought of before entering the mystic realm.

After dealing with Yu Feng, Ye Yuan dusted his hands and came in front of Wu Zhao. He said with a smile, “Elder Wu, we can talk now.”

Wu Zhao’s expression was clearly not very good. When he was trapped in the formation earlier, he completely did not notice that Yu Feng already ended up like this.

He only found out what happened after enquiring about it just now and could not help becoming even more fearful of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan was able to detect the minute ripples in space by relying on his knowledge and experience that surpassed this plane. He believed that apart from himself, it was simply impossible for the rest present here to perceive it.

Hence, he went to finish off Yu Feng personally earlier just so to awe everyone. Especially Wu Zhao, to make him even more fearful of him.

If he did not do so, how could he take the initiative during the negotiations?

Wu Zhao’s face quivered, and he said, “I wonder what brilliant ideas Martial Nephew Ye has?”

Wu Zhao originally already thought of a plan that was beneficial to the Heavenly Sky Sect and planned on saying it first.

But seeing Ye Yuan kill Yu Feng with one palm, he somehow became slightly mortified. That was why he changed his words at the last moment.

He asked Zhao Yuyang earlier, Yu Feng ended up like that due to being struck by his own attack. Such methods were seriously unthinkable, leaving him unable to grasp Ye Yuan’s foundation.

If Ye Yuan really had such means and did this at a crucial moment, wouldn’t he also be beaten to death by himself?

Looking at Yu Feng’s appearance, Wu Zhao felt that this sort of death was seriously too vexing.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Far from a brilliant idea. Everyone relies on their own abilities then! I feel that since everybody went through life and death to come here, we can’t very well let everyone return empty-handed, right? Therefore . . . after heading up to the second level, everyone will rely on your own means and own capabilities. Whoever finds anything will belong to them. What does Elder Wu think?”