Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 328

Chapter 328 Restrictions Compass


When Ye Yuan finished saying this, the faces of the other six sects could not help revealing great joy.

Presently, only the Heavenly Sky Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect had Sea Transformation Realms holding down the fort among the Eight Great Sects. They all thought that they no longer had anything to do with this. But they did not think that Ye Yuan was actually so kind-hearted to even give them a share of the broth!

While they were thrilled, Wu Zhao was displeased. “How can that do! If that’s the case, what if they obtain some heaven-defying treasure? Wouldn’t there not be our share?”

The six sects were originally unhappy with Wu Zhao already. With him saying these words, everyone greeted his ancestors all the more so in their hearts.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Since Elder Wu doesn’t agree, then you give your opinion.”

Wu Zhao hastily said, “Since only our two sects have Sea Transformation Realms now, then obviously the two of us split the treasures! In my opinion, let’s divide the treasures according to the number of Sea Transformation Realm.”

When Wu Zhao said this, he was even more so cussed quietly by the six sects’ disciples. Except, they did not have Sea Transformation Realm elders holding down the fort now. They dared to get angry, but dare not voice out.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Is Elder Wu kidding me? Your Heavenly Sky Sect have three Sea Transformation Realms while my Tranquil Cloud Sect only has one. You mean that you get three parts while I get one?”

“How so? Although you’re not a Sea Transformation Realm, these puppets you control have Sea Transformation Realm combat strength. Naturally, you also get a share!” Wu Zhao hurriedly said.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Elder Wu, don’t be too merciless when doing things. Since your Heavenly Sky Sect invited everyone to explore the mystic realm together, you got to give everybody an account. We eat the meat, but we got to at least give people some soup to drink. How about this, our two sects take 40% of the treasure obtained. The remainder 20% will be given to their six sects to divide equally. On choosing treasures, our two sects have priority.”

“No can do! We have three Sea Transformation Realms. If we really fought to the bitter end, you guys might not gain any advantage. Why should we split equally with you?” Wu Zhao immediately rejected.

Ye Yuan’s eyes narrowed, but his tone became frosty. “Since that’s the case, then that means the negotiations fell out? Fine then. Let’s showcase our true abilities and talk after we finish fighting!”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan really displayed a stance like he wanted to fight and mobilized the sword puppets again.

Wu Zhao did not expect Ye Yuan to fight at once and was taken aback.

Ye Yuan was fully confident while Wu Zhao was simply unable to grasp his foundation. How would he dare to make a move?

“Hang on, hang on! Already at this time, what’s there to fight about? Wouldn’t we let others benefit if we cause heavy losses to both sides?” Wu Zhao hastily said.

Him saying this was already showing weakness.

But Ye Yuan still behaved like he wanted to risk his life and said icily, “Since Elder Wu say that we don’t have the qualifications to split the treasures evenly, then I obviously have to weigh up my own strength. If we really can’t beat you guys, then there’s no harm in you all taking a bit more!”

Wu Zhao was thoroughly defeated. He could only say, “Alright then, alright, have it your way!”

With Wu Zhao yielding, everyone also let out a long breath.

Especially the six sects’ disciples who were ecstatic with joy. Their gazes when looking at Ye Yuan was filled with gratitude.

They were certain that if not for Ye Yuan, forget about drinking soup, they would not even be able to drink the swill!

Although they only had 20% of the treasures, it was more or less not considered returning empty-handed. This mystic realm was dangerous, but the good stuff should not be few. Perhaps they could dredge out some nice treasures.

“Nice. Isn’t everybody happy like this? Why must you make everyone part on bad terms?” Ye Yuan grumbled as he put away the sword puppets.

Wu Zhao was dejected and thought to himself,I was just fighting with you verbally, okay? Who knew that you would want to attack at a single disagreement?

Wasn’t negotiations all done like this?

You were the one who didn’t play your cards according to convention. Now, you’re actually blaming me?

“But let’s make things clear first. If there are two treasures of the same grade, everyone split equally. But if there is only one, it will belong to whoever gets it. But they must compensate the party that didn’t get it!” Wu Zhao supplemented.

Ye Yuan nodded. He naturally did not have any objection to this.

Everything was set. Everyone naturally ceased fighting and regrouped.

But nobody noticed that in the Purple Mansion Sect’s camp, there was already a person missing since who knew when . . .

. . . . . .

When Ye Yuan and the rest headed to the Eternal Splendor Palace’s second floor, a silhouette appeared in a hidden side-hall on the first level.

If Ye Yuan were here, he would instantly identify that this person was shockingly the Purple Mansion Sect’s Lin Chao!

This side-hall was highly obscured. After Ye Yuan and the rest entered the Eternal Splendor Palace, they completely did not discover this place.

But Lin Chao actually looked very familiar with this place.

He was scanning left and right, looking everywhere in the side-hall, as if he was searching for something.

Roughly the time it took to brew a pot of tea later, Lin Chao touched a landscape painting on the wall and discovered that it could not be shifted and was immediately elated.

Lin Chao took a step back, both hands forming a peculiar seal, and fired it onto the landscape painting. The landscape painting actually reflected that seal onto the center of the floor of the side-hall.


The next instant, a large hole actually fissured on the floor, revealing a passage!

When Lin Chao saw the situation, his face revealed wild elation!

“Hahaha!Our Purple Mansion Sect endured hardships to plan for retaliation for thousands of years! We finally found it!”

As he spoke, Lin Chao’s figure leaped and entered that pitch-black passageway.

. . . . . .

Only after Ye Yuan and the rest headed up the second floor of the Eternal Splendor Palace did everyone discover that the second level’s space was much larger than the first floor. This was clearly the use of some spatial array formation.

One could tell from this that this Eternal Splendor Place was undeniably an extremely powerful sect back then.

In the Endless World, anything that touched upon spatial concept was all extremely powerful existences.

What was different from the first level was that the second level had quite a number of rooms.

Even if these more than 30 people split up to search, they would likely need two hours too.

Due to the hidden nature of the rooms, the division of treasures was also a huge problem. If everyone placed the items inside their own storage rings and not hand it over, what freaking treasure was there to split at the end?

“What do you think, Ye Yuan?” Wu Zhao looked at Ye Yuan and said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Elder Wu probably has a plan already, right? Just say it out.”

Wu Zhao nodded his head and fished out a compass-like thing from his storage ring. Ye Yuan fixed his eyes on it. It was actually a 16 restrictions spirit artifact!

The Heavenly Sky Sect was indeed loaded as hell! 16 restriction spirit artifacts could be casually brought outside.

Wu Zhao surveyed everyone and said, “This is my Heavenly Sky Sect’s 16 restrictions spirit artifact, the Restrictions Compass. It has a function, and that is to plant restrictions on objects. As long as this restriction is touched, the Restrictions Compass will react to a certain extent! Hence, everyone, please hand over your storage rings now to let the Restrictions Compass place a miniature restriction. If you put treasures in your storage rings, the Restrictions Compass will know. At that time, he will be everybody’s common enemy!”

Ye Yuan looked at the Restrictions Compass rather amusedly. This highly obscure auxiliary spirit artifact truly had some capabilities.