Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Nameless Black Bead


Ye Yuan casually waved his hand, and that jade slip fragment flew into his hand.

He sunk his divine sense into it but discovered that the information inside was incomplete.

Especially the content towards the back tended to only be a few short words. It did not even form sentences.

Only ‘invasion,’ ‘bloody battle,’ ‘death,’ these simple few words attracted Ye Yuan’s attention.

“Looks like this Eternal Splendor Palace seemed to have suffered a catastrophe back then. That’s why it met such an end. Or perhaps Lu Linfeng exhausted the sect’s destiny alone, resulting in the Eternal Splendor Palace bearing such an undeserved calamity,” Ye Yuan sighed and muttered to himself.

Ye Yuan put down the jade slip and came to the Tier 5 medicinal cauldron’s side, only to see the word ‘Square’ on the side of the medicinal cauldron.

“This should be the medicinal cauldron’s name, right? Square Cauldron. Very fitting,” Ye Yuan said smilingly.

Ye Yuan used divine sense to sweep over Square Cauldron and could not helping praising again. “Indeed well-deserved of the Dao teachings that Lu Linfeng left behind. The array formations inscribed on this medicinal cauldrons is also so extravagant!”

The previous owner of this Square Cauldron had clearly already passed away a long time ago. Now, it was an ownerless object.

Ye Yuan just had to leave his own divine sense imprint on it to be able to utilize the medicinal cauldron.

But when Ye Yuan was planting his divine sense imprint, the Square Cauldron gave off a series of roars. It actually appeared to be rather opposed.

This made Ye Yuan feel quite astonished. He sighed emotionally and said, “Profound artifact’s spirit link. Looks like you had very deep feelings with your previous owner! I wonder . . . How is that Limitless Cauldron of mine now.Sigh. . .”

Above spirit artifacts were profound artifacts. This Square Cauldron was a profound artifact!

Spirit artifact already had spirituality. Profound artifacts were naturally even more attuned.

The owner of the Square Cauldron already passed away for several thousand years, but it still did not wish to acknowledge Ye Yuan as master. It could be seen just how deep its feelings for its former owner was.

Seeing this reminded him of it. Medicinal cauldrons were no longer an artifact item but like their family members.

A paltry Square Cauldron had such spirituality, let along Ye Yuan’s Tier 9 Limitless Cauldron.

Seemingly sensing the sorrow in Ye Yuan’s heart, the Square Cauldron’s tremoring sounds became softer, sounding like whimpering. It actually produced a resonance with Ye Yuan.

This made Ye Yuan stupefied. He smiled and said, “You staying here will only let a fine artifact be covered in dust. Do you want to lie in this place for thousands of years? I know that you have very deep feelings for your previous owner. But if you bump into another owner who treasures you, wouldn’t it be a hundred times better than you lying here? Rest assured, I’ll let you give off even more dazzling brilliance than before!”

The Square Cauldron obviously could not understand Ye Yuan’s words. But it could understand Ye Yuan’s meaning through Ye Yuan’s divine sense.

Ye Yuan’s confidence regarding the Alchemy Path simply did not need to be feigned. Because in this world, he was one of those strongest few people!

Of course, if he was given time, he might perhaps be the strongest and not one of!

Or maybe Ye Yuan’s lament before moved the Square Cauldron, or perhaps Ye Yuan’s powerful confidence infected the Square Cauldron.

All in all, it did not resist this time and freely allowed Ye Yuan to leave an imprint on its body.

All of a sudden, the Square Cauldron shone brilliantly. The dust on the cauldron body all fell off.

A profound artifact that was covered in dust for thousands of years came into being once more!

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and put away the Square Cauldron into the spatial spirit artifact. Then, he patted White Light’s tiny head and said, “Come, let’s continue.”

To White Light, seeking treasure seemed to be a very enjoyable thing. He jumped up joyfully and led Ye Yuan to set off again.

This time, White Light ran a very long distance and arrived at a room again.

But what made Ye Yuan surprised was that he was just about to push the door and enter when the door opened from inside. It was actually Wu Zhao who walked out from inside.

He did not think that this room was actually grabbed by Wu Zhao first.

And just as Wu Zhao was about to appear, White Light vanished with a swoosh. He actually hid inside the spatial spirit artifact already.

When Wu Zhao saw Ye Yuan, he was also stunned. Right after, he said delightedly, “So, it’s Martial Nephew Ye. You arrived a step late. I just found a 32 restrictions spirit artifact inside. You don’t need to go in anymore,haha!”

Wu Zhao suffered losses at Ye Yuan’s hand repeatedly, but this time, he gained an edge over Ye Yuan. He immediately felt his spirit become refreshed.

Ye Yuan smiled lightly and said, “Then I’ll have to congratulate Elder Wu. Since this place has already been searched by Elder Wu, I’ll go look elsewhere.”

Presumably, Wu Zhao would not leave him anything either. Entering again was naturally a wild goose chase.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan knew that the Heavenly Sky Sect surely had their own method to retain treasures. It was just that he did not expose it earlier.

Since everyone was relying on their own means anyway, whoever found it, would belong to that person.

Ye Yuan believed that with White Light this treasure seeking expert, the things he found would naturally not be inferior to the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Finished talking, Ye Yuan left straight away.

Wu Zhao saw that Ye Yuan had no reaction at all and unwittingly felt like his punch struck the air; incredibly depressed.

Seeing Ye Yuan leave, Wu Zhao also left uninterestedly.

But after Wu Zhao left, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared at the entrance of this room again.

Ye Yuan also thought that this room already had nothing much to search for. But after he had just left, White Light appeared again, biting his pants as he dragged him over here.

Could it be that this room still had some good stuff?

But towards White Light’s judgment, Ye Yuan was still very confident.

This room was rather like a utility room, piled full of all sorts of things inside messily.

Sweeping a glance across, some places were already emptied out. Clearly, it was taken by Wu Zhao.

White Light took three steps as two steps and came to the corner self against the wall, holding a shiny black bead, and came in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan reached out to receive the bead and involuntarily furrowed his brows slightly.

This bead was too inconspicuous. At a glance, it was simply unranked. It was no wonder that Wu Zhao did not notice it at all.

Ye Yuan could not refrain from playing with this black bead and tried inserting a trace of essence energy. But there was still no reaction at all.

The unresigned Ye Yuan probed his divine sense inside again, but there was still no reaction at all.

With this, Ye Yuan was completely bummed out.

Presumably, the Eternal Splendor Palace person most likely tried all sorts of means after obtaining this bead as well but was fruitless in the end. That was why it was cast aside like an old shoe. Otherwise, it would also not be placed in a remote corner like this.

With Ye Yuan’s knowledge and experience, he was also unable to tell what on earth this bead was, let alone other people.

Could it be that White Light made a mistake this time? This was just a very ordinary bead?

Ye Yuan could not help looking over at White Light and noticed that he was currently wagging his tail to claim credit. He involuntarily laughed and said, “I’m afraid that you misjudged this time.”

White Light protested immediately when he heard that. He bounced up and down and bared his teeth, just short of roaring at Ye Yuan.

Speaking of it was strange, White Light was already middle-stage Tier 2, but his physique actually did not change at all. He still looked like a kitten.

Ye Yuan was helpless and could only put the black bead away in the spatial spirit artifact.

But right at that instant, a wave of stabbing pain flooded Ye Yuan’s sea of consciousness.

The golden characters gave off a blinding light, then that black bead vanished with a whoosh!