Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Underground Sudden Change


Ye Yuan’s divine sense fell into a trace briefly but recovered swiftly.

He was secretly alarmed and quickly inspected his own sea of consciousness and could not help being taken aback.

That black bead was currently suspended within his sea of consciousness quietly!

And those golden characters were revolving around the black bead, appearing very serene.

What kind of situation was this?

Ye Yuan was dumbfounded for a moment. He had never encountered such a bizarre incident.

What the hell was this black bead, to actually arouse the golden characters’ covetous eyes?

It was very clear that the golden characters forcefully snatched away the black bead from his hands just now.

Looking at it now, this black bead was more than just special; it was simply a heaven-defying object!

But when Ye Yuan checked his body over, he did not discover any sort of changes. He could not help heaving a sigh of relief but was also somewhat faintly disappointed.

If this bead were really some heaven-defying item, it would be good to bring some changes to his body!

Letting out a long sigh, Ye Yuan brought White Light and exited the room.

Different from the other people searching blindly, Ye Yuan had White Light’s help. Everything he found was top tier treasures.

After two hours, apart from the Square Cauldron, Ye Yuan’s spatial spirit artifact gained many more things: large quantities of spirit medicine, over 20 sets of spirit artifacts, magic artifacts, as well as large quantities of essence crystals!

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan felt like he became an overnight millionaire.

White Light brought him to an herb storehouse. Inside the herb storehouse were spirit medicines of every rank. Just the Tier 4 medicinal herbs were over a dozen.

But the most peculiar thing was that this second level actually had no danger whatsoever. Everybody returned to the gathering place perfectly all right, as if this second level was a place especially for people to seek treasures.

Ye Yuan casually summoned the things in the storage ring. Only two or three spirit artifact and some medicinal herbs that he had no use of.

When Wu Zhao saw the things Ye Yuan found, his face could not help showing an odd expression. “Martial Nephew Ye Yuan only found these?”

Ye Yuan sighed helplessly and said, “Yes. Luck wasn’t very good. I didn’t find anything good. The way I see it, there probably isn’t anything good here. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be no danger at all here.”

Wu Zhao was actually very dejected too. The best thing he found was that 32 restrictions spirit artifact. He even showed off in front of Ye Yuan.

But this did not seem quite right no matter how one looked at it!

This mysterious sect was plainly very powerful. A 32 restrictions spirit artifact should not be the best, right?

Thinking up to here, Wu Zhao could not resist observing the Restrictions Compass secretly. But there was no reaction at all.

That also meant that Ye Yuan did not cheat. It was really quite abnormal.

He obviously did not know that the good stuff here were all lying inside Ye Yuan’s spatial spirit artifact quietly!

Tallying up the final count, two 64 restrictions spirit artifacts and seven 32 restrictions spirit artifacts showed up.

As for 8 restrictions and 16 restrictions, there was naturally plenty.

Apart from this, the most that everyone found was still cultivation methods and martial techniques!

Of course, that was because Ye Yuan did not take fancy to them . . .

These were mostly Tier 3 or 4 cultivation methods and martial techniques. They were simply pretty useless to Ye Yuan.

The final thing was the issue of distribution. The Heavenly Sky Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect two sects possessed the greatest right to speak!

After a round of intense discussion, the two 64 restrictions spirit artifact were split evenly by the two sects. As for the 32 restrictions spirit artifacts, four to the Heavenly Sky Sect, and three to the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Additionally, the Heavenly Sky Sect compensate the Tranquil Cloud Sect four pieces of 16 restrictions spirit artifact. Among that included the Restrictions Compass.

This was fought for by Ye Yuan.

This Restrictions Compass was rather interesting. It seemed to be able to replicate inhibition array formations. This made Ye Yuan rather interested.

As for the other spirit artifacts, there were divided up by the other six great sects.

The Heavenly Sky Sect turned their noses up on these low-rank spirit artifacts, while the Tranquil Cloud Sect was also considered to have gained enormous benefits. They obviously would not haggle over this either.

Those cultivation methods and martial techniques, the Eight Great Sects followed the ratio discussed beforehand. The Tranquil Cloud Sect also got to pick several Tier 4 cultivation methods and martial techniques.

So far, the Tranquil Cloud Sect could be said to be the greatest winner this mystic realm trip!

They did not lose a single man, but obtained the most natural treasures and riches!

Looking at the Heavenly Sky Sect, on the other hand, the line-up sent out this time was the strongest, but presently, only a mere ten people were left.

Although the three elders were all here, after they were extorted a sum by Ye Yuan, their gains probably did not even match the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Everything was distributed properly. A new problem appeared in front of everyone: where was the entrance to the third level?

There were still around 30 people left among the eight sects. But these people all said that they did not see the entrance to the third level after returning!

Now that things came to this, everyone each had their own judgment in their hearts. This Eternal Splendor Palace should be a sect possessing Tier 5 experts at its prime!

But the things found by the eight sects now were basically all Tier 4 and below Tier 4.

Then . . . where did the Tier 5 articles go?

This was the key point!

To the Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sects, Tier 5 was absolutely an enormous temptation!

If they obtained a Tier 5 cultivation method, their sect’s strength would surely have a qualitative leap!

One had to know that the Heavenly Sky Sect’s strongest expert at present was only at the Third Level Soul Sea Realm.

“Martial Nephew Ye, I wonder if you have any way of entering the third level?” Wu Zhao was also at a loss as to what to do and could only ask Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan was also clueless at the moment and shook his head and said, “No idea. Or perhaps, there isn’t a third level at all.”

Wu Zhao said, “How is that possible? Tier 5 experts clearly existed in this Eternal Splendor Palace. And since we entered the mystic realm until now, all we saw were Tier 4 stuff. What about Tier 5 items then?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “What’s surprising about that? The Eternal Splendor Palace had clearly suffered a severe blow. Or maybe the Tier 5 items were plundered away by their foes.”

In truth, Ye Yuan was just saying. Even he himself did not believe it either.

The first level and second level items were preserved very completely. That at least showed that this great hall did not suffer heavy losses. Then, the third level definitely existed.

Except . . . where on earth was the entrance to the third level?

Evidently, all the rooms in the second level were searched through by everyone, and they did not find any obvious entrance.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s heart suddenly gave birth to a hint of ominous premonition, as if there was some danger currently approaching!

But when he surveyed his surroundings, he did not find anything dangerous.

Ye Yuan could not help recalling the contents of that jade slip fragment, could it be . . .

But just as Ye Yuan was pondering, rumbling sounds suddenly came from beneath his feet!

The entire Eternal Splendor Palace trembled at this very instant as if an earthquake was happening!

Many people lost their footing and fell to the ground.

“Ouch!What is it? What happened?”

“Such a violent earthquake, the mystic realm isn’t collapsing, right?”

“Touchwood! You crow’s beak! Saying anymore and Your Father will shred your mouth!”

For a moment, the eight sect’s disciples fell into a disorderly mess.

Deep beneath the earth, a light flashed, and several silhouettes appeared.

These people’s looks were very rugged. Their attire was vastly different from Ye Yuan’s company!

“Hahaha!It’s been several thousand years! Our Fierce Gale World finally descended upon the Endless World again!” A bushy-bearded burly fellow laughed wildly.