Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Fierce Gale World Survivors


“Fierce Gale World survivor, Lin Chao, pays respect to Your Excellency!”

After that bushy-bearded burly man burst into wild laughter, a person came forward to salute. It was precisely Lin Chao!

And how was the present Lin Chao some Crystal Formation Realm martial artist? He was shockingly already a Sea Transformation Realm expert!

Turned out that when he was traveling together with the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he had been concealing his strength all along. Even Ye Yuan surprisingly did not perceive it!

That bushy-bearded burly man shot Lin Chao a glance and said in a booming voice, “Was this Six Extreme Seals Grand Array broken by you?”

Lin Chao replied respectfully, “Yes! Us survivors have been lying low in this Endless World’s Southern Domain for thousands of years and finally found the way to crack the formation and the location of the seal! Today, the fortune of cracking the formation is truly my Purple Mansion Sect disciples’ several thousand years’ long-cherished wish!”

The bushy-bearded burly man chortled with laughter and said,“Hahaha!Also considered that you guys have the heart! Back then, leaving you all in the Endless World was the divine stroke of the previous generation’s Wind Emperor! To think that it finally bore fruit today! You’re called Lin Chao, right? Good, I’ve remembered you. I’ll report your contributions to the higher-ups!”

Lin Chao was overjoyed as he said, “Lin Chao dare not claim credit for himself! My Purple Mansion Sect all swallowed humiliation and shouldered heavy burdens to reside in the Southern Domain land just for today!”

The bushy-bearded burly man nodded and said, “Alright, you don’t need to say anymore. I know well in my heart! Your strength is decent. It’s just that such an appearance completely became this Endless World’s wuss-like look!”

Lin Chao smiled and said, “Didn’t our Fierce Gale World want to enter the Endless World in order to become like this?”

The bushy-bearded burly man was stunned, but then he laughed loudly and said,“Haha,what you said is correct!Oh,right, I’m called Lan Bao. These three are my clansman, Lan Hu, Lan Feng, Lan Yun.”

Lin Chao clasped his hands and said with a salute, “I’ve seen the three lords!”

Lan Bao waved his hands and said, “No need to be so formal. Your strength is equal to theirs. Just address each other as brothers will do! This Six Extreme Seals Grand Array is unbelievably powerful. Although you broke the formation’s base from this side, only Sea Transformation Realms can pass through right now. I’ve already informed the higher-ups. They will send people over very soon to continue cracking the grand array. Wanting to completely link the two worlds will probably still need half a year to a year’s time! During this period, we have to guard this passageway well.”

Lin Chao nodded and said, “What Big Brother Lan said is right! Actually, the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array is within a mystic realm in the Endless World’s Southern Domain. I snuck inside the team exploring the mystic realm and came together this time.”

As he spoke, Lin Chao briefly summarized the situation after entering the mystic realm to Lan Bao.

Lan Bao was completely indifferent when he heard it and said, “Turns out it’s a bunch of Crystal Formation Realm little bastards. The few of us is enough! Brother Lin Chao, exterminate them together with the four of us brothers!”

Lin Chao said respectfully, “Yes!”

. . . . . .

After a long while, the rocking Eternal Splendor Palace finally quietened down. But it was already in a big mess.

The Eternal Splendor Palace had clearly been reinforced with array formations before. Although the swaying was extremely intense, it was not damaged at all.

“This . . . What on earth happened? Why did it shake so violently just now?” Wu Zhao’s words were directed at Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan shook his head, but suddenly thought of something and his expression involuntarily changed drastically!

His figure moved and came to a Purple Mansion Sect disciple’s side. Grabbing his collar, he asked, “Quickly say! Where is Lin Chao?”

That Purple Mansion Sect disciple was first taken aback. Following that, he also had a sudden realization and said, “S-Senior Apprentice Brother Lin?Ah!Y-Yes, where is Senior Apprentice Brother Lin? When did Senior Apprentice Brother Lin disappear?”

Ye Yuan clenched his teeth and threw that Purple Mansion Sect disciple onto the ground.

He had been eyeing that disciple’s eyes the entire time. If he lied, it definitely could not escape his eyes. That Purple Mansion Sect disciple also did not know when Lin Chao disappeared or what he went to do.

This was even stranger. The things that Lin Chao was going to do, even his fellow sect members were actually unaware!

No wonder the first time he laid eyes on Lin Chao, he had a very strange feeling. Seemed like this fellow had a problem from the start!

When Wu Zhao saw Ye Yuan lose his composure like so, he was also greatly startled. He came forward and asked, “Martial Nephew Ye, what happened? Who is this Lin Chao?”

With Wu Zhao’s status, he obviously would not pay attention to a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist.

Lin Chao’s disappearance made Ye Yuan’s heart give rise to an intense uneasiness. He had a feeling that the earthquake earlier definitely had a link to Lin Chao!

What in the world did he do?

Ye Yuan briefly described Lin Chao’s identity. In truth, he also did not know who on earth Lin Chao was.

Looking at it now, Lin Chao most likely had some undisclosable identity. And his goal of entering the mystic realm was different from his group of people!

When Wu Zhao heard Ye Yuan’s words, he also could not figure it out and was somewhat uncertain.

“We’d better leave this place quickly. I keep feeling like something is about to happen.” At this time, Wu Zhao clearly also sensed trouble.

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “Already too late. I’m afraid that our exit is already blocked off!”

His words had yet to fade, only to see a flash of light. Five silhouettes appeared in front of everybody.

When the eight sects’ disciples saw these five people, they all felt an intensely oppressive feeling. The visual shock that Lan Bao and his three brothers’ wild form gave everyone was too strong!

When Wu Zhao saw Lan Bao, his eyes involuntarily became intent!

“Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm!” Wu Zhao sucked in a cold breath.

A Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm expert was simply not somebody that they could contend with!

One Lan Bao could take care of all of them!

But Ye Yuan’s gaze stopped on Lin Chao’s body and similarly felt a wave of inconceivability!

Turns out, presently, that the Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm Lin Chao was actually already Third Level Sea Transformation Realm!

Lan Bao’s group of five. One Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm and four Third Level Sea Transformation Realm!

How were they going to fight?

Seeing such a line-up, everyone revealed despairing looks.

“Brother Lin Chao, are these people the Endless World people that explored the mystic realm together with you?” Lan Bao asked as if there was nobody else present.

Lin Chao nodded and said, “That’s right! A hundred of us came on this trip. The majority of the Sea Transformation Realm elders have already been smitten down by the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array. Only these people are left.”

Lan Bao said with a disdainful face, “A bunch of ant-like existences! Are the Endless World’s people all this weak?”

Lin Chao smiled and said, “How can the Endless World’s natives be our Fierce Gale World’s match? Back then, if not for the Grand Yan True Sect sacrificing the entire sect’s strength to seal the realm passageway, the Endless World would have been our Fierce Gale World’s long ago. How could they have the opportunity to wander these several thousand years freely?”

Lan Bao guffawed when he heard that and said,“Hahaha!What Brother Lin said is right! But before long, the Endless World will be ours!”

At this time, a Purple Mansion Sect disciple asked weakly, “Lin . . . Are you Senior Apprentice Brother Lin? Y-You said something about Fierce Gale World just now? What is happening here?”

Lin Chao looked at him and said with a smile, “You probably don’t know yet, right? Our Purple Mansion Sect’s upper echelons are all Fierce Gale World survivors! Our mission for staying in the Endless World is to open up the two world’s passageway to welcome the Wind Emperor’s arrival! Junior Apprentice Brother Wang, you and I are fellow sect apprentices. If you pledge allegiance to my Fierce Gale World now, I can give you a way out.”