Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Battling Lin Chao


Junior Apprentice Brother Wang clearly did not know what Fierce Gale World was. But even if he was any dumber, he also knew that Lin Chao was not an Endless World native currently!

Hearing Lin Chao’s words, Junior Apprentice Brother Wang’s face involuntarily became the color of dirt. For a moment, he did not know what he should do.

But at the moment, Lin Chao’s gaze landed on Ye Yuan.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, we meet again! This entire way, I’m really indebted to Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s care!” Lin Chao said with a smile.

Everything that was happening right now seriously far exceeded Ye Yuan’s expectations.

Even if Ye Yuan calculated everything, it was also impossible to predict such a drastic change.

During this trip, the greatest adversary from start to finish was the Heavenly Sky Sect. Ye Yuan’s focus would naturally be placed on Wu Zhao.

Ye Yuan obviously would not think that an Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm could stir up such a large storm, let alone think that this mystic realm trip would actually involve the dispute between two worlds!

At this very moment, Ye Yuan finally understood what the contents of that jade slip fragment meant!

‘Invasion’ did not point to a powerful opponent in the Endless World, but the invasion of the Fierce Gale World!

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun was born in the Divine Realm and grew up in the Divine Realm. Most of what he knew about the Lower Realms were understood from records.

There were countless lower planes. Some worlds did not intersect with other worlds, while there were worlds with a realm passageway to other worlds.

Once this passageway opened up, the two worlds would frequently have a fierce battle!

There were even realms that would have a large-scale war erupt every few hundred years if things continued this way!

Living in such a world was unfortunate. Because they did not know when they would die.

The origin of this sort of war was normally to plunder resources. But later on, it would become a mortal feud.

Very clearly, the Fierce Gale World attempted to invade the Endless World several thousand years ago, but the passageway was sealed by the Endless World.

And now, this seal was broken by Lin Chao!

The passageway opening up again could mean that the Endless World would be plunged into an abyss of suffering from now on!

Ye Yuan’s current expression was not too good either. Lin Chao suffered quite a loss at his hands. Looking at it now, seemed like he was enduring it patiently. His goal was in order to infiltrate the Eternal Splendor Palace!

Right now, Lin Chao had already completed his mission and even displayed his true strength. Using one’s toes to think and one would also know that he wanted to regain face.

In truth, Ye Yuan knew that not a single person here could escape. It was just that Lin Chao was probably going to place heavy emphasis on him, right?

If it was Lin Chao alone, then things could be settled. But that bushy-bearded burly man was simply not who Ye Yuan could presently match, even if he possessed 18 sword puppets currently.

At this time, Ye Yuan was already spinning the gears in his head at full speed to think of a strategy to escape. He quietly entered Heart Like Still Water State.

Under Heart Like Still Water State, his thoughts would become even calmer and more acute!

Ye Yuan had no way of making himself maintain the Heart Like Still Water State all the way. That would exhaust too much mental strength.

But with the passing of time, Ye Yuan’s cultivation in heart realm already advanced further.

The time he spent in Heart Like Still Water State now was already far longer compared to during the Dan Wu Academy’s time.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Lin concealed so deeply. If Senior Apprentice Brother Lin displayed your cultivation sooner, I also wouldn’t dare to show off my inadequacy in front of you. However . . .” Talking up to here, Ye Yuan’s gaze became sharp. “Since you concealed your cultivation back then, then Senior Apprentice Brother Pang’s score, I’ve noted it down!”

Looking at it now, back then when Lin Chao lured the wolf pack over, it was clearly because he did not wish to expose his strength in front of his fellow sect members.

No matter what objective Lin Chao wanted to achieve, since it was intentional and it harmed people close to him, then this was completely a different case!

Lin Chao’s scheming was deep. Presently, their side had the absolute overwhelming strength. Why would he take to heart Ye Yuan’s threat?

“Hur hur,what a coincidence. I also came to find Junior Apprentice Brother Ye to settle scores,” Lin Chao said with a chuckle.

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and put away his cold expression, changing into a smile and said,“Oh,right, I nearly forgot. Looks like Senior Apprentice Brother Lin wants to take back the soul jade on me.”

But these words from Ye Yuan were said to Lan Bao.

“Mm?Soul jade!”

Lan Bao had clearly also heard of the name soul jade before. Hearing Ye Yuan mention it currently, he could not help showing a curious look.

But Lin Chao was secretly alarmed and wished that he could tear Ye Yuan into pieces immediately.

This move from Ye Yuan was too ruthless!

To Sea Transformation Realm martial artists, soul jades were essentially an irresistible temptation!

Even if Lan Bao did not know the function of soul jades, Ye Yuan would likely say it out too.

This was a blatantly open plot, an undisguised sowing of dissension!

But Lin Chao was also somebody with an exceedingly sharp mind. The expression on his face did not change at all as he said to Lan Bao unperturbedly, “Prior to this, I was fortunate enough to acquire some soul jades. But along the way, the greater part of it was extorted by this brat! I was just planning on killing this brat to retrieve the soul jades to offer up to Big Brother Lan Bao!”

Although Lan Bao’s strength was powerful, in terms of mind games, he clearly could not compare with Lin Chao. He involuntarily nodded and said, “Then what are you waiting for? Leaving such a priceless treasure like soul jade on a Spirit Condensation Realm brat’s body, isn’t that a waste of God’s good gift? Quickly kill him and be done with it!”

This Lan Bao evidently had a violent and tyrannical personality. He could not even be bothered to waste any breath on these people.

Lin Chao sniggered coldly and looked at Ye Yuan. Third Level Sea Transformation Realm aura was suddenly released as he attacked Ye Yuan!

But what awaited him were sword puppets!

18 sword puppets appeared abruptly. Lin Chao instantly fell into the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

Lin Chao was frightened by this scene at first and thought that Ye Yuan unleashed some mighty move. After he saw that these sword puppets only had late-stage Crystal Formation Realm strength, he involuntarily sneered coldly and said, “Paltry tricks!”

But he discovered very soon that he was too nave!

These dense sword shadows forced him until he simply did not have the strength to counterattack!

Lan Bao’s aura locked onto Wu Zhao, Mei Zhen, and Elder Zhu, these three people the whole time. As long as the three of them dared to move, he would give a thunderbolt-like attack,

In Lan Bao’s opinion, Lin Chao, a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm, dealing with an Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm was definitely gave an instant kill as the conclusion.

Who knew that Lin Chao was actually blocked by a bunch of late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets?

“Did Brother Lin Chao stay too long in the Endless World and your combat strength fell until you can’t even beat a group of Crystal Formation Realm puppets?” Lan Bao said with slight displeasure.

Fierce Gale World martial artists all revered their own personal strength and completely did not understand profound things like array formations. Hence, he totally could not see through the actual situation with these sword puppets.

Lin Chao was crying bitterness in his heart. There was simply no way of talking reason with this boorish fellow!

Even a fool could tell that these puppets were extraordinary. Are you poking fun at me?

“Big Brother Lan Bao, these puppets are controlled by Ye Yuan using an abstruse array formation. It’s very powerful! I . . . I can’t handle it alone!” Lin Chao said while dealing with the sword puppets.

Although he really did not wish to admit it, he truly could not take down these sword puppets within a short period of time!

Even if this was not Ye Yuan’s true combat strength, Lin Chao still felt very disgraced to ask Lan Bao for help.

He originally even thought about showing a good performance. Who knew that he lifted up a stone to smash his own feet!