Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 334

Chapter 334


Lan Bao impression of Lin Chao was originally pretty good. After all, to the Fierce Gale World, he performed an outstanding service.

But now, Lan Bao’s disdain towards Lin Chao came from the bottom of his heart!

The Fierce Gale World’s martial era was extremely prosperous. Martial artists all had extremely strong faith in their own combat strength.

Lin Chao, a Sea Transformation Realm, actually asked him for help to deal with a Spirit Condensation Realm!

The way Lan Bao saw it, Lin Chao had stayed too long in the Endless World and already lost the pride that a Fierce Gale World martial artists should have!

But Lan Bao also knew the severity of the matter and said to Lan Yun at the side, “Lan Yun, you go and test out what amazing aspects these lousy puppets have!”

Lan Yun nodded and said, “Yes, Big Brother!”

Mei Zhen saw these boorish men going to join the fight, and in a panic, he wanted to make a move.

Lan Bao snorted coldly and said, “Whoever dares to move will be the first to die!”

The words were brief, but the deterrent was impactful!

That powerful aura from Lan Bao crushed the three people until they were completely out of breath.

Mei Zhen also knew that once this Lan Bao attacked, it would surely be earth-shattering! He would certainly not be a match!

But Ye Yuan was fighting two alone now. Could it be that he had to fold his arms and look on just like that?

For a moment, Mei Zhen’s inner heart incomparably anguished.

Lending a hand, he most likely would not even have the chance to make a move. Not lifting a finger, this ridge in his heart could not be cleared no matter what.

“Calm down, Elder Mei. I can still hang on,” Just then, Ye Yuan’s voice transmission arrived.

Not knowing why, hearing Ye Yuan’s words, Mei Zhen’s anxious mood immediately calmed down.

Lan Yun’s aura was the weakest among the four people, only the likes of early-stage Third Level Sea Transformation Realm.

He came in front of the formation and released his aura. The faces of the eight sect’s people all changed!

“This . . . Is this really the aura released by a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm?” Zhao Yuyang exclaimed in shock.

Elder Zhu’s face was solemn as he said, “I feel that . . . I’m not his match! This person called Lan Yun is definitely someone who is a veteran in battle! His true combat strength is extremely strong!”

Seeing this scene, Mei Zhen’s heart that had just calmed down surged great waves again.

Lan Yun did not hesitate, charging into the formation directly.

Lan Yun’s aura billowed, a set of fist technique struck until it was impermeable.

For a moment, clanking sounds could be heard without end. Lan Yun actually forcefully clashed with those myriad sword shadows with a pair of iron fists!

When experts made their move, the genuine and the fake would become clear at a glance!

This Lan Yun’s strength was truly powerful to the extreme!

Wu Zhao and Mei Zhen had all fallen into the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation before and was deeply aware of the prowess of this set of array formations. Just those sword shadows that might come out of nowhere at any time was enough to drive people insane.

But this Lan Yun could react right away no matter which direction the longsword came from in the array formation and perform an accurate response!

This was completely the instinct of fighting!

Lan Yun’s actions totally did not need to be processed through his head, and his fist would arrive already!

Such formidable fighting instinct made everyone draw a cold breath.

Even Wu Zhao was also measuring himself with Lan Yun’s strength. His realm was that tiny bit higher than Lan Yun. But if they really faced-off, he might not be able to gain an advantage!

Nobody noticed that among these Endless World folks, there was someone looking at Lan Yun inside the array formation with sparkling eyes as if he was absorbed in thought.

Lan Yun’s fist art had an extremely strong personal style. Although he had not formed true intent yet, he was already not far from it.

Ti Wujiu’s eyes were fixated dead at Lan Yun’s fists. A hint of comprehension was gradually born in his heart!

“This . . . This Lan Yun is so strong! Ye Yuan . . . Can he hold on while fighting two alone?” Tian Yu could not help worrying.

“No idea. But at present . . . I’m also at my wit’s end,” Mei Zhen said with a bitter smile.

“Ye Yuan, you definitely have to hang on! You must stay strong!” Tian Yu gritted his teeth and said.

Ever since his divine soul reached the perfection of Alchemy Master, although Ye Yuan’s soul force did not increase much, his endurance soared tremendously.

Presently, facing the two Third Level Sea Transformation Realms within the array formation, while it was somewhat taxing on Ye Yuan, it was still far from his limits.

Lan Yun’s strength also amazed Ye Yuan quite a bit. But this fellow was clearly a moron who knew nothing about array formations.

After he entered the array formation, he was of completely no help at all to Lin Chao. The two of them were fighting their own battles.

If Lan Yun understood array formations slightly and joined hands with Lin Chao to break the formation, the pressure on Ye Yuan would immediately be much greater.

Facing the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, there was basically only breaking the formation using strength this sole path.

Though there were two people inside the array formation now, they were fighting separately and were unable to focus their attacks. The threat to Ye Yuan naturally also reduced quite a bit.

But at this time, Lan Bao finally perceived that something was not quite right.

He was very clear about Lan Yun’s combat strength. While his strength among the four brothers was the weakest, facing these few guys opposite should not pose an issue.

But even so, after Lan Yun entered the puppet formation, he actually did not even stir up a single wave!

In a twinkle of an eye, dozens of moves had passed, but the puppets were still as stable as Mount Tai!

That Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm brat actually did not show the slightest hint of being defeated!

Lan Bao’s face fell. He said to Lan Hu and Lan Feng, “You two go as well! I don’t believe that a puny little Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm can overturn the heavens!”

Once Lan Bao’s words came out, Mei Zhen and the rest were greatly startled.

“You people! You’re too shameless! Four Sea Transformation Realms fighting a Spirit Condensation Realm, do you guys still have shame?” Mei Zhen said in a great rage.

Lan Bao grinned and said, “What? Are you very unresigned?”

Mei Zhen gritted his teeth and said, “So what if I’m unresigned?”

Lan Bao turned to Lan Hu and Lan Feng and signaled with his eyes to make them attack faster.

Mei Zhen was very anxious and wanted to stop them. Suddenly, there was a blur in front of his eyes which involuntarily gave him a great shock. He hurriedly retreated!

But that figure was even faster than him!

“Too slow!” Lan Bao’s words sounded beside Mei Zhen’s ears like a nightmare. Then, he did not know anything anymore.

Lan Bao lightly tapped Mei Zhen’s body. Mei Zhen’s vision went dark, and he collapsed gently on the ground.


“Elder Mei!”

. . . . . .

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples saw that Mei Zhen was subdued by Lan Bao in one move, they could not help being terrified; their faces turned pale as they all cried out in alarm.

Lan Bao grinned and said, “Relax, he isn’t dead yet. You all don’t move. If you move again, my temper isn’t going to be so good anymore.”

Mo Yuntian and the rest felt indignant but did not dare to speak out. Lan Bao was seriously too powerful!

When Mei Zhen saw that scene earlier, he felt he was about to suffocate. It was true that he was stronger than Mei Zhen, but it was not possible to be way more powerful.

Since Lan Bao could defeat Mei Zhen in a single move, dealing with him naturally would not take too much work either!

Although the Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm was much stronger than the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm, it was not to such an extent that Mei Zhen did not even have the chance to retaliate, right?

Could all these Fierce Gale World martial artists be this strong?

At this moment, Wu Zhao and the rest revealed thick fear in their eyes and could not give rise to any hint of resisting in their hearts anymore.

When Lan Bao saw such a situation, he was very pleased. The effect he wanted was achieved.

And right then, Lan Hu and Lan Feng, these two Third Level Sea Transformation Realm experts had also already joined in the fight!