Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 335

Chapter 335 Unmatched Scheming


“Miss, quickly make a move! If it continues like this, Mister Ye won’t be able to hold out much longer!”

Yan-er watched Ye Yuan battle four Sea Transformation Realm powerhouses with his own strength and could not help becoming very anxious.

But Li-er shook her head and said, “Mister Ye should have his own plans. We’d better not make a move rashly. Otherwise, he will be unhappy.”

“But there’s still a Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm glaring with hostility. It’s not possible for Ye Yuan to be lucky this time, right?” Yan-er asked.

“That might not be so. Let’s watch first then say. Just a measly little Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm. He can’t stir much of a wave. If he really can’t, it won’t be too late for us to make a move then,” Li-er said.

Lan Bao was obviously unaware that the mantis stalks the cicada, being unaware of the oriole behind. But his present expression was not too good either.

After Lan Hu and Lan Feng, the two of them, entered the battlefield, they still could not break the stalemate!

An Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm brat actually fought to a draw with four Third Level Sea Transformation Realm by controlling a group of late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets.

What kind of joke was this?!

If the Endless World were all as strong as this boy, then what the heck did the Fierce Gale World still had to fight for?!

At this time, Lan Bao obviously would not really be dumb enough to think that Lin Chao’s strength was lacking.

This brat was bizarre!

Having been through these few rounds of great battles, Ye Yuan’s operation of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation also became even more proficient.

When Ye Yuan himself was inside the array formation, the sword puppets were just lifeless objects which would not modify the array formation according to the opponent’s variation.

But now that Ye Yuan was manipulating the array formation, it was completely different.

Lin Chao still had slight knowledge in array formations, but the Lan Clan three brothers were completely ignorant.

Hence, Ye Yuan mobilized the sword puppets to separate Lin Chao and the three of them completely and not let them have any chance to converge.

As long as they could not come together, they would not be able to cause lethal damage to the sword puppets. The array formation would also naturally not be broken so easily.

In a twinkle, another hundred over rounds passed. But Ye Yuan still had yet to show the slightest hint of being overpowered. The people from the Endless World who were watching had shock written all over their faces!

“The Tranquil Cloud Sect really picked up a treasure, to actually groom such a monstrous youth! If Ye Yuan doesn’t die, the rise of the Tranquil Cloud Sect will be in the near future!”

“Yeah! If I didn’t witness it with my own eyes, I simply dare not believe that this is real! He’s only at the Spirit Condensation Realm. After he reaches Crystal Formation Realm or Sea Transformation Realm, how horrifying would he become?”

“What rise is there? No eggs can remain unbroken if the nest is overturned. This Fierce Gale World is going to attack soon. The sect masters are most likely still unaware of this matter! Furthermore, will Ye Yuan be lucky today?Sigh. . . It’s too bad for this unparalleled genius!” another person said.

“This . . .”

That person involuntarily shot a glance at Lan Bao; the despair in his heart welled up once again.

This man was extremely powerful until it made people unable to give rise to the thought of resisting.

And at the moment, Lan Bao’s eyes were staring at Ye Yuan like a cheetah. That unconcerned and leisurely feel was already gone!

Ye Yuan’s heaven-defying performance finally made Lan Bao take him seriously.

A peerless genius like this, once he let him mature, there would be countless Fierce Gale World martial artists who would die in his hands!

Therefore . . .

Lan Bao’s figure moved, vanishing instantly from where he stood!

When he appeared again in the next instant, he already arrived beside Ye Yuan!

Everyone watched this scene in terror. Especially the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples. Their eyes unwittingly revealed despair!

“Ye Yuan!”

“Careful, Ye Yuan!” the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples cried out.

But their cries were not as fast as Lan Bao’s action. That deadly palm of his had already landed like lightning.

Everything . . . seemed to have become a foregone conclusion!

“Ah! No!” Yan-er covered her eyes in pain and could not bear to look at this scene.

But Li-er’s pretty eyes flickered by the side. She still did not have any intention of making a move.

An ugly sneer flashed across the corner of Lan Bao’s mouth. This sort of thing like destroying geniuses made people feel the greatest satisfaction. Especially a monstrous unrivaled genius like this!


A dull colliding sound undulated out across the second level, vibrating everybody’s eardrums until it hurt.

Under everyone’s disbelieving eyes, Ye Yuan’s figure flew out like a cannonball!

And in his arms, he was hugging a large square cauldron!

Ye Yuan did not die!

Facing imminent danger, Ye Yuan actually released the Square Cauldron and defended against Lan Bao’s certain-kill palm move.

At the same time, Ye Yuan even put away all of the sword puppets inside his storage ring!

Very clearly, he had calculated that scene earlier long ago. Hence, he was ready long ago!

Keeping the sword puppets and pulling out the Square Cauldrons were actions done in just a blink of an eye.

Therefore, Ye Yuan escaped this calamity!

Wu Zhao watched this scene dumbfoundedly and dare not believe that this was real. Even he could not quite follow Lan Bao’s actions earlier. Ye Yuan actually carried out a perfect defense!

“Goodbye! Don’t bother to see me out!”

In midair, Ye Yuan’s voice sounded out leisurely.

Ye Yuan’s inverted flight speed was extremely quick. But he was evidently well-prepared. Putting away the Square Cauldron in midair, just as he was about to collide into a wall, he lightly tapped with the tip of his feet and turned toward a passageway. His figure disappeared!

Lan Bao did not chase after right away. He placed his palm behind his back.

If there were people standing behind him right now, they would notice that his palm was currently trembling faintly!

Very clearly, he himself also suffered a tremendously powerful recoil from that palm just now!

“Tier 5 Profound Artifact!” Lan Bao clenched his teeth and enunciated each word.

His face was currently livid with rage. It was apparent that he still could not quite accept the truth. A Spirit Condensation Realm brat actually escaped from his hands!

“Big Brother, what now?” Lan Hu asked.

“Take care of these people first! The passageways here are all sealed off by us. He can’t escape!” Lan Bao said.


Hearing Lan Bao’s words, the people from the eight sects all turned ashen.

Lan Bao came in front of everybody and said in a solemn voice, “I’m very angry right now. So . . . all of you have to die!”

“Hold your horses!” Lin Chao suddenly said.

Lan Bao frowned and said, “What?”

“Big Brother Lan Bao, weren’t you planning to turn into them slaves and send them to the Fierce Gale World previously? In my opinion, it’s best not to kill them. Ye Yuan that brat is extremely cunning. These are all his fellow disciples. Just in case we can’t find Ye Yuan, we can use them to force Ye Yuan to show himself!” Lin Chao said.

Lan Bao pondered for a moment and nodded his head as he said, “What you said makes sense. Do as you say then!”

Although it was just a brief single exchange, Lan Bao could deeply sense Ye Yuan’s boldness and cautiousness.

But when Mo Yuntian heard that, his face spontaneously became ashen. That bit of joy from Ye Yuan escaping instantly vanished into thin air!

“Want to take us as hostages? Dream on!”

Mo Yuntian cried out and was about to commit suicide.

But Lan Bao said coldly, “Want to die? Have you asked me?”

He just casually tapped, but was even faster than Mo Yuntian’s own actions!

Then, Mo Yuntian collapsed softly like Mei Zhen.

“Lin Chao, seal off their dantians and escort them back to the Fierce Gale World!” Lan Bao said coldly.

Following that, he came in front of Wu Zhao and the rest again, saying, “It’s your turn now. You people can choose to die, or . . . become slaves!”